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10 Most Cringe Worthy Advertisements Hidden In Famous Movies

10 Most Cringe Worthy Advertisements Hidden In Famous Movies

Making a movie isn’t exactly cheap. Sometime
hundreds of millions of dollars are required just to produce it, with a lot more added
for marketing costs. Because of this, studios are always looking for ways to get a little
help financially. One of the most popular methods to accomplish this is incorporating
product placement within a film. This is when corporations strike a deal with the filmmakers
to place their products prominently on screen, offering money to aid with the budget. There
is a place for this practice, but sometimes it causes more trouble than it’s worth.
Here are 10 horrible instances of product placement in movies. Captain America: Civil War One of the most thrilling action sequences
in this MCU installment was the chase involving Bucky Barnes, Black Panther, and Captain America.
The three superheroes outran moving cars during the scene, and Audi wanted to get in on all
the fun. A longtime partner of the MCU, the car manufacturer produced a television spot
to tie into the film’s release, showcasing a family driving in an Audi vehicle that’s
caught in between all the excitement. Steve Rogers is about as American as you can get,
so seeing him pimp out for German luxury vehicles is a bit jarring. Avengers: Age of Ultron In the buildup to this highly anticipated
sequel, Samsung got to premiere an Age of Ultron trailer on their YouTube channel, so
it wasn’t any surprise that the tech company got some screen time in the actual film. Black
Widow using a Samsung tablet to examine data about Loki’s scepter is one thing, but the
brief shot of a Samsung store – complete with an advertisement for the Galaxy smart
phone in the frame – was a bit much and seemed like a commercial in the midst of all
the action. There wasn’t any real need for it to be a Samsung store, and it was arguably
a little distracting. Star Trek The scene where young James Kirk steals his
stepfather’s car was the perfect introduction to the charming rogue of a protagonist. There
was just one detail that didn’t sit well with fans. As Kirk speeds down the road, he
gets a call from his angry stepfather on a Nokia cell phone that’s mounted in the vehicle.
It pulls someone out of the futuristic movie to see a modern day product, and the familiar
Nokia ringtone just sealed the deal. The same could be said about Uhura ordering a “Budweiser
classic” at a bar. In a sci-fi movie, you have the creative leeway to make your own
products, and directors should take advantage of that. I, Robot Will Smith’s character had to drive around
in something in this sci-fi thriller, so the Audi concept car that had nine minutes of
screen time was understandable. What moviegoers and fans of the source material couldn’t
get over were the out-of-place Converse commercials, in which Smith happily boasts about his “vintage
2004” pair of All-Stars. As we learned from Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption,
we don’t often look at another man’s shoes, so drawing constant attention to Smith’s
footwear earned numerous eye rolls. Why would a character so far in the future be sporting
these old school kicks? Jack and Jill Adam Sandler is notorious for product placement,
but Jack and Jill takes the cake for the worst instance in his career. Sandler conveniently
plays an ad executive, so the opportunities for some corporate sponsorship were aplenty.
Everything from Coca-Cola to Pepto Bismol to Sony computers appear throughout the film,
and the crux of the narrative is getting Al Pacino to star in a Dunkin Donuts commercial.
Perhaps the most egregious illustration of product placement is Royal Caribbean, when
the movie stops to showcase all the illustrious features of a cruise ship. Even Sandler’s
biggest fans had to be put off by this one. Jurassic World Colin Trevorrow’s highly popular sequel
took a joking swipe at modern sponsorship by saying the Indominus rex should be brought
to you by Verizon. While this bit of satire was humorous, it unfortunately wasn’t present
through the rest of the film. Part of Trevorrow’s approach was to embrace product placement,
but seeing the logos of Beats by Dre, Verizon, and Mercedes-Benz stripped away the awe and
wonder of seeing dinosaurs come back to life. Yes, in the real world, this is probably how
it would go, but it just doesn’t sit right when a blockbuster film is promoting so many
well-known brands. Transformers The ultra successful Transformers franchise
grosses billions of dollars worldwide each time out, so companies are always eager to
have their product associated with the films. When Michael Bay was working on the first
film, GM offered him $3 million to have their cars serve as the robots in disguise, and
Bay happily took the money. Each Transformer models their appearance after a GM vehicle,
including Bumblebee upgrading his Camaro. They even used GM’s rival – Ford – to
play the Decepticons, highlighting the classic Chevy vs. Ford debate in a tentpole film.
Obviously, cars were needed to make a Transformers film, but this reads as selling out, no? Skyfall The granddaddy of product placement, James
Bond has been selling products since the Sean Connery days. In the 50+ years since 007 first
graced the big screen, he’s driven Aston Martins and worn Omega watches. Perhaps the
oddest bit of product placement came in Skyfall, the first film in which Heineken paid $45
million to be Bond’s favorite beverage. It’s quite a departure from his normal martini,
and the trademark green bottle is so distinct, there’s no mistaking it for anything else.
It’s passable when Bond is relaxing on a beach, but as MI6 tries to figure out their
next course of action, the beer sticks out like a sore thumb. The Internship Google didn’t fund this Owen Wilson and
Vince Vaughn vehicle, but you’d be forgiven if you thought they did. The entire movie
acts as free advertising for the company, constantly discussing just how awesome Google
is at everything. Google even got in on the creative process, aiding with the script and
scratching a scene in which one of their self-driving cars crashes. It came across as too self-congratulatory,
and the overall message didn’t mesh well with the brand of comedy Wilson and Vaughn
broke in with in Wedding Crashers. Many just saw it as one long advertisement, and the
film flopped upon its release. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Zack Snyder attempted to right the wrongs
of Man of Steel’s ending by retconning it from Bruce Wayne’s perspective in Batman
V Superman. The Gotham billionaire watches in horror as aliens destroy his buildings,
and he speeds in a vehicle to get his co-workers to safety. His car of choice is the all-new
Jeep Renegade, but there’s a slight problem. The film’s opening sequence is supposed
to be set in 2013, when Man of Steel was released. But this particular Jeep didn’t come out
until 2016. Bruce was driving a car that wasn’t built yet. Mr. Wayne has all kinds of toys,
but even this is a bit much for him. Speaking of great superhero show downs, our
friends over at the CBR Youtube channel just posted a new video all about the All time
Best Superhero Rivalries from Marvel and DC. Click here to check it out and be sure to
check out all the other awesome videos on their channel. From Deadpool Easter eggs to
Game Of Thrones secrets, these guys are killing it. Click here or check out the link in the
description of this video and you will be in for a treat! Those are our picks for the most egregious
instances of product placement in movies. Are there any we missed? Sound off in the
comments section below and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos like this

100 thoughts on “10 Most Cringe Worthy Advertisements Hidden In Famous Movies

  1. Who notices, or even cares enough about product placement in a movie to more or less watch a video about this?

  2. Just realized, product placement makes a movie seem more lifelike in the real world, like the events of the plot could actually occur in reality.

  3. Okay how could you NOT talk about the Mini Coopers in "The Italian Job"? Like…what? It's so obvious and anoying.

  4. Most of these aren't that bad, however the Jurassic world advertisements (especially the Samsung ones) we're really annoying to me..

  5. Most of these I didn't even notice. It's not like they are the main focus of the scene. Viewers are more focused on the actual movie rather than trying to spot that random Samsung store. Apparently, Screen Rant is the later type of movie watcher.

  6. Please tell me the end was a piss take cuz ye were complaining about ads and then ye advertised another YT channel

  7. How the FUCK is this list "Cringe Worthy"??????…I've seen every one of those movies and I did not notice not one Advertisement…I was more into the movie than looking for insignificant bullshit.

  8. Oh no, not a generic jeep that nobody really pays much attention to from three years in the future! Totally ruined the whole movie for me.

  9. "Speaking of shameless ads let me tell you about my friends who just made a superhero video." Seriously screen rant?

  10. Also to be fair if screen rant were making a movie it would be click baiting their 99999999999900000000000 ads is in who turns down 3m?

  11. One of my favorite movies of all time had the best product placement scenes where they acknowledged the shameless promotion and made fun of it. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. At Ricky's family dinner in the beginning they sit down to a feast of Domino's, KFC, Wendy's, and wash it all down with Powerade. Ricky prayed and said he contractually obligated to mention the Powerade during all his prayers. Then his dinner with kids mom and dad they have to eat at a "real nice place" and go to Applebee's. In the reck at the end of the movie they went to commercial in the middle of the crash and it was an Applebee's ad.

  12. The BVS one was terrible not because of the part that the car is from the future. It is really bad because just because he is driving a jeep renegade. Now i would understand if it was a lifted wrangler, but a renegade? Do you really think the multi-billlionare Bruce Wayne would drive a little car like that?

  13. Kingsmen Secret Service dinner scene is the biggest cringe I have ever seen in a movie where they advertise McDonalds

  14. transformers 4 easily should've had number 1 spot michael bay always riddles his movies with product placement

  15. I honestly didn't give a shit about product placement in these movies. I don't see how they're meant to affect me

  16. He seriously took 7 minutes to talk about product placement and he then proceeded to advertise his friends channel…….

  17. i never notice product placement. you say it's off-putting and it ruin scenes. i don't understand your brains.

  18. you forgot to put the part where there's a transforming MOUNTAIN DEW vending machine and a little transforming XBOX 360

  19. How was the samsung in age of ultron distracting? I never noticed it till this video. I honestly didnt mind or notice most of these cause I could care less except for the jeep one because renegades aren't fast or be called a jeep at all so that was bad product placement.

  20. Ads make it easier on the design team because they no longer need to design a car or phone or shoe. Seeing these popular brands make the movie much more realistic anyway. No big deal

  21. There should be a list of just cringey beats product placements in music videos. One especially cringey one is Coldplay adventure of a lifetime xD the ape moves his fingers so you can see the logo xD

  22. How long did it it take them to pick apart those movies I didn't notice them I mean who cares

  23. Honestly, I only noticed all the car related ones. But then again I am a petrol/gear head. But seriously thought, do people actually get upset by product placement? How else are producers/directors supposed to fund movies?

  24. Lmao they talk about hating ads then have an ad for another channel at the end, as well as those stupid clickbaits.. I might actually have subbed if it weren't for those

  25. No offense, but how does a Samsung store feel like a commercial break?

  26. Stop being so whiny most of them are really hard to notice if you're paying attention to the movie and not looking for things to complain about

  27. By far the worse case was transformers age of extinction. That should of been in the list should of even been number one on it

  28. one you missed was from night at the roxbury when chris kattan and will ferall are arguing in traffic there are lik 6 or 8 product placements in that scene

  29. did anyone else notice how, after talking about the un-needed advertising, they literally advertised another youtube channel!

  30. The product placement I hate the most is super hero films where people are hero fans and have the merchandise that we the audience have .. I like it better when they make merchandise for the movie itself but not that commercial shit

  31. You're so stupid .. the jeep car wasn't supposed to seem like a car newer than 2013.. it's just a car in the movie world …

  32. I don't fully agree with this video, it takes a little bit more than simply seeing a recognizable brand in a movie to piss me off (and TBH I didn't really notice the Beats in JW).There are some cases where you know a movie or show is sponsored by a brand, for instance ever since Lost World (where they introduced their first non-G-Wagon SUV), Mercedes has had some stock in the Jurassic Park franchise, and it was no secret. Some you can tell early on like with Hawaii 5-0, Chevy and Microsoft. A couple jarring examples include:

    – Designated survivor – where an agent uses her phone to start up her Ford Fusion, and there's a good 30s sequence where we watch the process on the phone screen, and cut to the startup sequence of the car, including the Ford logo animation on the infotainment display.

    – Hawaii Five-0 – is known as a shameless product placement platform.There's cringeworthy sequence where Daniel Dae challenges Grace to "Bing it", after which we cut to her phone screen and watch her look up and find exactly what she wanted on Bing!

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