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“10 Hour Bus Ride” — Amy McGrath for U.S. Senate

“10 Hour Bus Ride” — Amy McGrath for U.S. Senate

It was a ten-hour bus ride. We were coal miners with
black lung disease. Going to see our
Senator Mitch McConnell. To try and save our
disability benefits. Ten hours on a bus, and we got to see him
for all of one minute. My stepfather and grandfather
died of black lung. Now I could lose my son. Mitch McConnell let the coal
companies walk away from us. And then after one
minute, he did, too. Our coal miners risked their
lives to fuel our country and our growth into
a world power. I’m Amy McGrath,
and we owe them. I learned in the Marines to leave no one behind. But after 34 years
in Washington, Mitch McConnell left our coal
miners behind years ago. The question for
anyone in Congress is which side are you on? I approve this message because I’m on
the side of miners and
their families. And I’ll never
walk away.

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