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10 Epic Battle Scenes In Video Games

10 Epic Battle Scenes In Video Games

The Fallout series told us that *ahem* ‘War…pause
for dramatic effect…War never changes’… EXCEPT FOR WHEN IT DOES CHANGE, according
to Metal Gear Solid. ‘war has changed’
One phrase we can probably all get behind though is that ‘war is hell’ …although if
that’s the case, why does it look so gloriously epic and sparkly and magical… You know what, we’re getting a lot of mixed
messages with this whole war business. Yes, it’s a moral and literal minefield, what
with thousands of loyal soldiers facing almost certain death, and many more facing a staggering
amount of admin when it’s all over, but god, there’s something just so enthralling
about watching thousands of people hack each other to pieces in the name of something probably
not actually worth dying for. So, to satisfy everyone’s insatiable battle-lust,
we’ve got a lovely rundown of some spectacularly grand conflicts from the video game world
– from fantasy to sci-fi, from the historically accurate to the frankly ludicrous. I’m frontline fodder Peter from TripleJump,
and here are 10 Epic Battle Scenes From Video Games 10. Battle of Endor – Star Wars: Rogue Leader
Many games have tried to capture the majesty of Star Wars’ blockbuster space battles. From the retro Star Wars X-Wing series, right
through to the modern day Battlefront remakes and their outer space antics, we’ve had plenty
of options in our intergalactic garage, but one of the finest examples of pure, unadulterated
Star Wars space-combat vicariism was the Gamecube’s Star Wars: Rogue Leader, the sequel to Rogue
Squadron on the N64. Taking control of either famed pilot Wedge
Antilles or Luke ‘kissed his sister and
liked it’ Skywalker, you could revisit classic locales like Tatooine’s Beggar’s Canyon,
the rebel stronghold on Yavin IV and Hoth’s Echo Base – the latter even letting you trip
up several AT-ATs. The game’s final mission was the legendary
assault on the second Death Star at The Battle of Endor. Shooting down legions of Tie Fighters and
blowing up entire Star Destroyers , before taking the battle into the Death Star itself,
was truly a mind-blowing experience. Though there are an impressive number of ships
buzzing around by 2001’s standards, this first entry doesn’t make the list for its visual grandeur as much as how much it makes you FEEL like you’re in the movie. We’ll be looking at some much more technically
impressive battles later in the video but man, hats off to this game for being one of
the best ever adaptations of a Star Wars battle sequence. 9. Liberty Prime Assault – Fallout 3
Just in case you’d forgotten Fallout’s stance from earlier, War Never Changes, apparently. Though if that’s the case, the ancient Spartans
must’ve been extremely confused at the battle of Thermopylae, by the sight of Liberty Prime
crashing into phalanxes and yelling about ‘damn communists’. Yes, we had to include everyone’s favourite
Fallout freedom fighter, not least because he’s just so adorable. I’ve seen the Iron Giant. Why are you crying? I’m not crying. I’m fine. Bethesda’s triumphant Fallout debut was memorable for many reasons, although it being
a wasteland and all, you’d think it’d be quite tricky to get enough people together
for a nice grand scale battle Which is why this sequence stands out so much,
having you storm the heavily guarded Jefferson Memorial, handily accompanied by a politically
opinionated Cyberman. Having spent the majority of the game fighting
against rag-tag groups of raiders, the ante is quite considerably upped in the final
act, with explosions and laser fire coming at you from all angles, while you hurry your
puny little human legs to keep up with Liberty Prime. Shame about the original end-game leading
to death, and no further adventures, but still… better dead than Red, right Prime? 8. PvP Cyrodiil Sieges – Elder Scrolls Online
So MMO’s are a strange beast when it comes to large-scale encounters. Despite the huge numbers of players in the
world, and the gruelling, dazzling raids with dozens upon dozens of party members, any example
of team PvP usually falls a little flat, thanks to a slower, pseudo-turn-based combat style
used by many titles. But the Elder Scrolls Online, with its more
action-based system, provides a bit more freedom in how you approach your fights – true to
form of the Elder Scrolls mantra of ‘play how you want’. Their core PvP zone, the central land of Cyrodiil,
is perpetually locked in conflict between the three primary factions, and the novel
siege-based approach makes some of the larger fights truly stand out. Sure, it’s quite often janky, chaotic, hard
to comprehend, and you’ll probably die over and over again if you haven’t already got
a fully-levelled demi-god of overpowered destruction…but damn, is it a spectacle to behold, giving
us one of the closest ‘boots on the ground’ siege experiences of modern gaming Elemental powers, AoE effects, trebuchets
and Ballistas hurling projectiles into the fray… war may be hell, but at least there’s
a lot going on. 7. Planetside 2
Sticking with MMOs for just an MMMoment, Planetside 2 (and it’s prequel) created something few
game have managed, even with today’s technology – a true massively multiplayer shooter experience,
with a persistent world and heavily populated battlefields. Hmm, what’s that, Destiny? up to 12-player fire-fights? HAH! PATHETIC! Try several hundred, with thousands populating
a server at any one time… In Planetside 2, 3 factions are vying for
power in a never-ending fight, on one of four vast continents. The frontlines change frequently, based on
a grid-like system of control points – a bit like a sci-fi version of Elder Scrolls Online,
actually, but with lasers instead of lightning. And similarly, with so many people focusing
their efforts on certain flashpoints, it can lead to some truly epic clashes, with land
and air vehicles blasting away at each other, while ground troops scurry about capturing
objectives and doing the day-to-day face shooting duties. While the player base has dwindled somewhat
since its glory days, numbers still hit 2-3 thousand regularly, and with updates still
happening to this free to play title, it’s well worth experiencing these gargantuan battles
if you haven’t already. Err, after the video, of course… 6. Battle for Helms Deep – The Lord of The Rings:
The Two Towers Ok, it’s one of the most epic battles in cinematic
history, so of course we’d find a way to include this somehow, but this is far from a shoe-horned
entry. This movie tie-in was surprisingly good, in
fact, featuring some fun hack and slash gameplay that mirrored many of the film’s iconic moments. But defending a certain mountainside fortress
was the highlight of this PS2 title, facing off against an army bred for a single purpose
– to make sure we have a really fun time… and something about the destruction of men,
but… mostly fun times. The game cleverly interspersed clips from
the film with gameplay, making up for the limited hardware capabilities and maintaining
the sense of grandeur, while we played through the classic moments of the battle itself and the textbook
banter between Gimli and Legolas… “I got nineteen!” … “Then we are level!” HA HA HA, numbers! 5. The Battle of Jakku – Star Wars Battlefront
2 (2017) Now I know I’m the Star Wars guy, but in
my defence, I did not write this script. I’m just reading it. But come on, if you look past the shady lootbox
shenanigans of Battlefront 2’s launch, which most people seem unable to do, there’s still
a pretty impressive single player campaign hidden in this package. I promise. Come on, the Battle for Jakku was quite impressive,
wasn’t it? Warming up with a bit of X-Wing action surrounded
by fighters? Fighting on foot through the wreckages of
multiple Star Destroyers? Blowing up AT-ATs with orbital lasers that
Rey will be able to live in 30 years later? Ok, you don’t play as a lightsaber-wielding
Jedi at any point in this fight, but sometimes it’s nice to get the point of view of the infantry. That said, we were tempted to replace this with the chaotic Heroes Vs. Villains from the original Battlefront
2, or that game’s take on the Battle of Hoth but EA’s efforts were definitely-… I mean, it’s quite… Right, yeah, okay, the lootboxes…you know
what, let’s just go on to plan B… The Real 5. The Battle of Hoth – Star Wars Battlefront
2 (2005) There, better? Who could deny the epicness of OG Hoth, stomping
across the field in a near-unstoppable walker or cutting down your enemies in the boots
of Vader himself. That was our real entry all along, and definitely
not a last-minute WILDCARD change to avoid eternal internet damnation… 4. The Covenant – Halo 3
S-117, or the Master Chief, or John, or Jonny-Boy, as he prefers, has made it through so many outlandish events
by now, he’s likely desensitized to it all. Returning a Covenant bomb back to its owner? Fighting off unending waves of the Flood? Destroying an entire Halo ring? Just another day at the office. But the player’s exploits in Halo 3’s eighth
level ‘The Covenant’ was epic enough to make even jaded John look back and think, ‘huh.
pretty cool I guess’. Starting strong with an aerial assault on
Covenant forces, the stage is immediately set for all-out war against the alien aggressors,
not least by the Spartan laser that Chief pulls out as soon as he disembarks. Throughout the level you’ll hop in and out
of more vehicles than an indecisive customer at a car showroom, before destroying more
vehicles than an indecisive customer at a car showroom who’s never allowed back on
the premises. Facing an abundance of both Covenant and Flood
enemies, you lead the push with fellow (not quite as badass) soldiers, putting to use
all your prior training and knowledge of Gravity Hammers, Energy Swords, Plasma Cannons, and
reading other people’s emails. And the icing on the cake, of course, is the
constant exhilarating music that we’re probably not allowed to play on YouTube. Seriously though, this level’s opening cutscene
alone is enough to get your blood pumping into places it’s not been pumped into since
before you were born, and that musical score does 99% of the work. 3. The Normany Landings – Medal of Honour & Call
of Duty Back in the peak of World War shooters, before
Call of Duty had considered any silliness like laser rifles and wall-running, the Medal
of Honour series delivered us a ground-breaking example of what the genre was capable of. The ‘Operation Overlord’ mission in Medal
of Honour: Allied Assault and ‘Your Finest Hour’ in Medal of Honour: Frontline, captured
the sheer brutality of the D-Day Normandy landings in a terrifyingly immersive manner,
for its time at least, mirroring iconic scenes from Saving Private Ryan, and putting you
in the middle of one of World War 2’s most horrific engagements. Admittedly, this entry is less of a thrilling
sci-fi or fantasy battle scene than a humbling, harrowing representation of an appalling historical
event. The sight of allied soldiers dropping immediately
after the transport doors open, either in the bottleneck of the exit or submerged in
the water, still puts us on edge from the get-go. Some may consider these levels tasteless but they’re arguably an important immortalisation of the real events It might all looks a bit empty by today’s
standards, and therefore not very historically-accurate but when we returned to Normandy
in 2017’s Call of Duty: WW2, improved hardware made the battle even more shockingly gruesome. If Medal of Honour deserves the recognition
for making an iconic scene in the first place, then Call of Duty also deserves kudos for
updating it into a modern visual spectacle, albeit an emotively horrific one. 2. Battle of Kaer Morhen – The Witcher 3
Poor old Gerry from the Riviera has the worst luck, always finding himself in the middle
of grand battles between rulers that he doesn’t really give two Forktails about – a bit like
Forest Gump if he had a side-business of slaying monsters. There’s the impressive siege at the beginning
of the Witcher 2, introducing us to Temeria’s charismatic King Foltest – I’m sure nothing
bad will happen to him – or the reliving of The Eternal Battle of Brenna, fighting the
absolute unit that is Draug – again, he’s probably fine… But the standout fight has to be the battle
of Kaer Morhen in the Witcher 3. Sure, numbers-wise, it’s a relatively reserved
gathering, but the context, the setting, and the set pieces make this confrontation in
the Witcher HQ an unforgettable moment Given the many, many hours of build-up, running
from the Wild Hunt, chasing Ciri across several continents, and recruiting plenty of friends,
old and new, along the way, this is a main event that’s worth the wait. You’ve got invisible hit and run tactics and
magically assisted artillery blasts, with some of the finest trained warriors holding
back waves of evil assailants, and in the end, coming out victorious, with Absolutely
No Casualties- he’s fine, they’re all fine ok! 1. The Total War Series
Literally, just all of Total War. Any game, any battle. The Total War series is the embodiment of
grand battle scenes. The appeal of the game lies in the real-time
pitched battles from varying time periods, the grandeur of forming up lines, and the
spectacular chaos of two clashing armies. Every player will have their own unique war
stories to tell, but you can also relive ready-made Historical Battles, helping you appreciate
that commanding an army in ye olde times was proper difficult like. Honestly, those poor contestants on hit BBC
series, Time Commanders, never stood a chance… You had Rome 2’s Battle of Cannae, for example,
where an outnumbered Hannibal tries to overcome Rome’s legions. But if that’s a bit too ‘history class nerd’
for your tastes, then say hello to Total War: Warhammer and its arsenal of chaos. Goblin-launching siege equipment? Rickety Dwarven helicopters? Dinosaurs with death lasers? A pirate-ship transformer? Rattling Guns? (that’s literally what they’re called). Whatever floats your fantasy battle boat,
Warhammer’s got you covered, and while the final Vortex battle in the second game’s campaign
provides a suitably epic finish to proceedings, the sheer variety of insane match-ups makes
pretty much any fight an absolute delight. And that’s our list Let us know any of your favourite epic clashes
in the comments. You can follow myself and Triple Jump here,
and if you’d like to support the things you enjoy, why not check out the rewards on our
Patreon? Finally, don’t forget to like the video,
share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel. I’ve been Peter from TripleJump, and thanks
for watching!

28 thoughts on “10 Epic Battle Scenes In Video Games

  1. I always thought closing the great gate in Oblivion was pretty epic, or at least it had the potential to be and was in my head

  2. Thanks for the Awesome Video,Tiny Pete! Luv watchin Ur videos! Its helped me out today. Havin bad week. My Moms b day was yesterday and shes been gone for 5 years and my Father-in-law passed away today.

  3. That opening cut scene from Warhammer 40K Dawn of War blew my mind. So epic.

    Also there's a few levels in LotR: Return of the King that were bloody amazing.

    Honourable mention to Dragon Age: Origins for the Grey Wardens v Darkspawn.

    Agreed with the battle of Jakku and Halo 3.

  4. Rogue Leader was such an amazing game. I remember playing the demo in a Toys 'R' Us before I owned a GameCube and being blown away by how the light cast shadows over my ship as I flew around. It's good to see that it still looks great after all of these years (I just checked, it has been 18 years… that game is 18 years old).

  5. I love that you guys will give shoutouts to the writers (when you don't write the scripts.) It's a good way to distinguish your lists from others' because it shows personality. There are real people behind these things and real work that's gone into them, rather than lists that are just churned out for list sake (if that makes sense).

  6. I know the finale is not very good but cmon 99% of the final battle to Mass Effect 3 still gives me chills as its the final result of your 20+ hours of building an army not including how long you spent in ME 1 and 2 just means it should at least get a honorable mention 🙂

  7. My vote goes to many, many awesome levels in the brilliant EDF series of shooters for the PS2 and Xbox 360. Two levels in particular for the first one I played featured you and a buddy trying to take down this giant walker that constantly plops out enemies. Another has you defending a beach while wave after wave of gigantic robots walk out of the sea and rain fire on you. In both, you're just constantly under assault from powerful enemies who will kill your ass dead if they catch you slipping. You're just constantly running for your life and pouring infinite ammo from badass guns and explosives weapons at tons and tons of enemies. You stop moving, you die. You stop firing, you die. So you do neither and it's just goddamned glorious.

  8. I'm fine with you picking Hoth over Jakku — I actually prefer Hoth, myself. What I'm not fine with is you changing from Jakku to Hoth for irrelevant reasons. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I have no objection whatsoever to business practices that explicitly target stupid people.

  9. The battle of mordor in the first lotr game was pretty good. IIRC, enemies would respawn infinitely until you actually did your objective, so from the start of the game you can just spend ages fucking about

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