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10 Egg Tricks

10 Egg Tricks

10 amazing egg tricks / hacks
New Style Fried Eggs: Take an egg, now take a knife, now cut that
egg, now just crack it open and move the egg yolk from side to side until you separate
from the egg whites. There we go, now I’m going to reserve this
egg yolk for later. Here I’m going to herbs to my egg whites,
chives in this case and some mozzarella. Now you can add any herbs or any cheese or
anything for that matter to your egg whites, it’s just your preference but this is a
pretty good combination. Now I’m going to add this to an oiled pan
and add my egg yolk and cook it like I would a normal sunny side up egg but it’s anything
from that. Once it’s done just put it on your toast
and this is just a beautiful, beautiful combination of mozzarella, chives and eggs that just works
so great. I urge you to give this a try at home. It’s just something very special. You can do any combination you want but this
one is pretty damn good. I would suggest you try this one. Eggs Devaux aka Airy Eggs:
Here I’m going to show you how to make Eggs Devaux aka Airy Eggs. For this you need one egg white and then you
just want to beat it with a whisk until it becomes nice and fluffy and airy like this. Now you want to take a ring and place it in
a pan and then just lubricate it with a little bit of oil or butter, whatever you want, and
then you place half your egg whites into it and after that you add your yolk and then
you add the other half on top. You can mix your egg whites with herbs, cheese
or anything you like, bacon bits to make it a little bit more interesting. Once you’ve cooked one side which will take
about three to four minutes then you flip it over and you cook the other side for another
three to four minutes. Once it’s cooked then you just want to separate
the sides by running your knife around, all the way around until it’s loose from the
ring. Then you just want to flip it over and do
the exact same thing to the other side. Just again run your knife around to make sure
that it’s loose from that side as well. Now to serve it up, what I suggest you do
is you take a piece of bread and then add some smoked salmon on top like this, then
you place your airy egg on top and just life the ring up. Now I’m going to add a little bit of hollandaise
sauce just like you would with Eggs Benedict and then a little bit of cayenne pepper. There we go, we’ve got a much fluffier version
of an Eggs Benedict, and I hope you enjoy this recipe and give this a go at home. It’s super delicious. Bacon Egg Basket:
This next trick is called a Bacon Egg Basket; it’s a great way to make your breakfast. Start off by taking some bacon strips and
just place them into a pan like this. Cook them up but you don’t want to cook
them until they’re crispy rather you want to cook it until it’s medium done, still
a little bit soft and pliable, just like this. Once they’re done you just want to take
them out of the pan and let them cool down and after they’ve cooled down properly then
you want to place them into a muffin tray, just line them around the edges like this
and then cut a little piece off for the bottom just like that. Now you want to fill them up with eggs, so
just crack the egg straight into them like this, as many as you need, and here you can
add some cheese or some herbs. You can use any kind of cheese you want, any
kind of filling. Place them into the oven at 190° Celsius
that’s 374° Fahrenheit, and you want to leave them in there for about 12 minutes to
cook to a nice runny core. Otherwise if you want it a bit more hard cooked
then just leave them in there a little bit longer, just always keep an eye on them. There we go, beautiful little egg baskets. Now take a knife and run it around the edges
to separate it and then carefully scoop them out with the knife and just lift them out
like this. Now you can add some chives, some salt, anything
you want and then just enjoy your beautifully delicious egg bacon baskets. Radioactive Egg:
I call this next egg the Radioactive Egg. Start off by taking one chicken egg and then
multiple quail eggs. You just want to cut these open with a knife
on the top like this and then just plop them in. I usually use about one main chicken egg to
five small quail eggs and this just makes for a very interesting way of looking at it. I’m going to put a pan on the fire here
and oil it up. Then I want to take my multi egg yolk egg
and place it in just like this, and cook it like you would a normal fried egg. It looks a little more different and whacky
than a normal fried egg. There we go, the radioactive egg, it looks
like a chicken that survived some nuclear tests. It’s just great for kids and just anyone
who likes lots of egg yolks. Awesome! The Egg Heart:
Beetroot, for this next part you’re going to need some beetroot juice, so place it into
a juicer and make some beetroot juice. Awesome, now put that to the side for later. Now I’m going to take an egg and just crack
it open into the bowl and take a spoon and separate out the egg yolk. Now you want to take a teaspoon of that beetroot
juice and place it into the egg whites followed by a little pinch of salt, and then you want
to take half a teaspoon of vinegar and place it in, or you can use half a teaspoon of lemon
juice. What happens is the acidity makes the beetroot
juice a bright red. This will make a pink egg, if you don’t
use it you end up with a purplish egg. Now mix it and then you just want to remove
any of the air bubbles you created by mixing into a different bowl because you want a bubble-less
mixture of egg whites. Now you want to take an egg heart mold and
place it into a pan, and just spray it down with some oil. Now you want to place your egg whites mixture
into that, and then you add your egg yolk back in. You want to cook this at a very, very low
temperature otherwise it will end up burning a little bit brownish. Once it’s cooked enough then you can to
start separating the sides from the mold, just like that. Then you want to cook it a little bit more
so it’s just finished cooking. There we go; a beautiful pink heart egg and
it wouldn’t be complete without heart shaped toast, awesome. This is great for any time you want to impress
a loved one or Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, or anything for that matter. Enjoy! The Best Poached Eggs:
Alright, so now I’m going to show you an amazing new way to make poached eggs even
better. Start off by taking an egg and separating
it, like this. Now you want to take some basil or albahaca
in Spanish and just finely chop it up. Cut like this and chop it up like that. Now you can use any other herb you’d like
but the combination I’ll show you is pretty good. Take your basil and add it to your egg whites,
just like this, and then add a little bit of mozzarella cheese, but you can add any
other cheese you like or any other ingredients for that matter. You could put little bits of mushroom or little
bacon bits, whatever you like with eggs. Once it’s mixed up take another bowl, take
some cling film, dent it into the bowl then spray it with oil so that you can un-stick
it later. Place half your mixture into the bowl like
this. Now place your egg yolk and cover it up with
the rest of the mixture, just like so. Now to close it up, you just bring up the
sides and you can either tie this into a knot or use a little piece of string and tie a
knot around it, or you can use one of these simple cheap little clamps and just clamp
it shut. You can get this anywhere so there’s no
point mentioning it. Now to cook it, I’m going to place it in
some simmering water for five minutes to get a nice runny egg yolk, but you can cook it
a little bit longer if you want to have a more hard egg yolk. Once it’s done you just take it out and
then you just unclamp it and I’m going to place it here on some bread. It’s delicious like this but you can also
add it in an Eggs Benedict recipe or some salad, just anywhere you want to use a poached
egg this is just way better and more tasty. Egg Toast:
This next trick is called the Egg Toast. For this you take a slice of bread and cut
out the center with a glass just like that until you’ve got a nice little hole like
this. Now you want to place a little bit of butter
in a pan or oil, whatever you want, and then place your bread into it just like this, followed
by cracking an egg into the center, just like that. This has a great advantage of cooking your
toast and egg at the same time. Once one side is done you just want to flip
it over and cook the other side until the point you like your eggs. Once it’s done just take it out, put it
on a plate and enjoy your egg toast which is a great and innovative way to just make
your breakfast a little bit different and exciting. Red Cabbage Eggs:
Time to play with some red cabbage; this is for those that don’t have a juicer. You just place your cabbage into a food processor;
chop it up into fine, fine, fine little bits just like this. Now you want to take these fine little bits
and place them into a sieve or cheesecloth and then you just want to press them to extract
the juice. Now luckily we don’t need much red cabbage
juice, just that much will probably do. Now you want to take an egg and just separate
the egg yolk from the egg white. You want to take a little teaspoon of that
cabbage juice and place it there and then mix it together. That will turn a beautiful blue, bright blue
turquoise color. Now you can play around with this mixture,
add a little bit of lemon juice. The acidity will change the color to a pinkish,
look at that go, awesome. Now you take a frying pan and add your original
mix on one side and then your lemon juice reactive mix on the other side, and then you
put your egg yolks back. Here we go, one egg yolk on this side and
one egg yolk on the other side and then just cook it up like you would your normal fried
egg. Look at that, isn’t that awesome. There you go, you’ve got a very funky interesting
different kind of egg that just looks a bit different and interesting. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Eggs and Vegetables:
It’s important in life to do things a little bit different once in a while so you don’t
get bored. Here I’m going to show you how to marry
eggs and vegetables together in a great way. First start by cutting an onion to get a ring
out of it, not this one that’s the outside one but this one right here, look at that
perfect ring and now do the same to the bell peppers, just cut some rings just like that. Now you want to take some time to remove the
inner connecting tissues so they’re not in the way. Just cut these little things out just like
this and then you want to place all these rings into a pan that’s been oiled. Then you just want to crack your eggs straight
into it, just like that. Do that for all three and then cook it to
the point you like your eggs, whatever that may be. You can serve this up on some toast or just
as is, they are great either way. Delicious little packets filled with egg,
look at that. Just awesome! Black Egg:
This next trick is called the Black Egg and for this you’re just going to crack an egg
into a bowl and then separate out the yolk. The simplest way to do this is just with a
spoon, just scoop it out like this and just pop it in the other bowl. Now I’m going to add some black cuttlefish
ink, but if you don’t like the savory fishy taste this has you can always just use black
food coloring, and just mix it together like this. Once you’ve mixed it together then you’re
going to want to fry it. Here I’m going to put some oil on a pan
and I’m going to plop it in. One thing that happens is when you beat egg
whites they become a bit more runny so they will spread out a lot more than you want. If that happens just simply push the sides
in like this just to keep it in an egg sort of shape. Now you’re going to want to add your egg
yolk back in, so just add it on like this and put it into position where you want it
to be. Once it’s done cooking there you go, it’s
simple, done. Just cook it like you would a normal sunny
side up fried egg. This is just a very simple way to make something
mundane look very, very different and interesting. I hope you enjoy it. END

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