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10 Detective Riddles Only the Most Attentive 1% Can Solve

10 Detective Riddles Only the Most Attentive 1% Can Solve

Brights side! :3 Ten detective riddles only the most attentive 1% can solve. It has been scientifically proven that you must solve 10 detective riddles every day to develop and exercise your brain You don’t believe it ok ok perhaps we have made this fact up But you can’t deny that entertaining your mind solving cases along with Sherlock Holmes and other famous detectives is anything but boring So if you are ready to check how attentive you are This video is what you need watch a riddle have 15 seconds to try to crack it and move to the next one Remember to give us a like for letting you feel like a real professional and solving crimes Good luck! Number 10 a detective and the blacksmith brothers on a snowy winter night the detective was resting in front of the fireplace Suddenly somebody threw a snowball at his window the hit was so strong that the glass Shattered the detective stood up and had just enough time to notice three kids who lived in the neighborhood running away They were brothers with the name’s Sam Blacksmith Peter Blacksmith and Mark Blacksmith the next day a paper note was left on the detective’s door There it was written question mark blacksmith he threw the snowball the detective knew immediately which brother to question Ok now you have 15 seconds. Hopefully enough time to figure it out The symbol question mark is called the question mark so here we go question Mark blacksmith he threw the snowball Number nine hotel room a Woman was staying in her hotel room when somebody knocked at the door when she opened it. She saw an unknown man He looked surprised and said I apologize. I thought it was my room He turned away and went in the direction of the elevators the woman however returned to the room and dialed security Why was she so suspicious? Have you already figured it out time is ticking? The woman logically decided that if the man had thought that the room was his he wouldn’t have knocked Such behavior is typical for those criminals who break into hotel rooms and steal whatever they can They knock on the door to make sure there’s nobody inside Number eight suicide or murder a Detective comes to a crime scene a man is said to jump out of a window of an abandoned building and commit suicide The detective goes inside the building to the first floor to the room at the front He lights a cigarette goes up to the window which faces the dead man Opens it and throws the cigarette out Then he goes to the second floor and does the same He continues until he has visited all the floors and repeated the action again and again Then he returns to his team and says that it was by no means a suicide but a murder How did he find it out it took the detective much longer than 15 seconds to understand the truth. What about you are you smarter? When a person commits suicide jumping from a high floor They don’t tend to close the window behind them But in this case none of the windows which faced the dead man were left open it means that there was somebody who closed them after the man died Number seven ice-tea Two young ladies were having dinner together they both ordered ice tea one of them was very thirsty and drank very fast She had five glasses during the time the other drank only one Tragically the girl who was nursing her drink and drinking slowly died the other stayed alive But it turned out that all the drinks. They had been served contain poison How is it possible that the girl who drank more survived a strange case? Are you ready with the answer? In Fact the poison was contained in the ice The ice and the tea of the girl who drank fast didn’t have time to melt but the ice cubes And the other girls drink melted releasing the poison into her tea Number six mysterious death in the car a man was found shot to death in his car the policemen were puzzled as there was no gunpowder on his clothes or Anywhere else in the car this meant that the person who shot him was outside? But all the windows were closed all the doors locked and the only bullet. Hole was on the man’s body. How was it possible? Perhaps some mystic powers. Here’s your 15 seconds The answer is actually quite simple the car where the man had been killed was a convertible When the fatal shot sounded the roof was down Number 5 fly and coffee A Woman was having breakfast at a nice restaurant at one moment she noticed a fly in her coffee She was indignant and made the way to bring her another cup of the drink After he returned with a new cup of coffee. She shouted. What is the service in this place? You have brought me the same cup of coffee. How did she understand it perhaps the woman was a psychic. What do you think? She had already put sugar in her previous cup of coffee when she tried the new one it was sweet Number four in court for killing the wife a man is accused of killing his wife his lawyer in his final statement Declares that the wife of the man in fact hasn’t been killed and will enter the courtroom in a minute Everybody in the room including the judge and the jury turns and looks at the door and the lawyer with the defendant looks at them Several minutes pass and the lawyer says it proves that you are not so sure that my client has killed his wife Otherwise you wouldn’t believe me Almost immediately after that the jury comes up with a guilty verdict. Why does it happen? 15 seconds to find the answer The man who had been accused wasn’t looking at the door he was sure his wife wouldn’t enter as he had killed her Number three a case of a smuggler a Man carrying two bags with sand crosses the Mexican border on a bicycle every day Customs officers regularly check the bags and all the time they contain sand it is obvious that the man smuggled something But the officers can’t realize what it is exactly as they don’t have any proof the man crosses the border without interruptions What does he smuggle your time has started? This creative individual distracts the custom officers attention with the bags of sand, but in fact he smuggles bicycles Number two suicide message a Body of a man was found in the flat at some moment he collapsed against his desk a gun in his hand The police found a cassette recorder nearby when they pressed the play button what they heard was I can’t live like this anymore Then the sound of a gunshot was heard However, the detective immediately figured out that it was a murder how did he realize that it wasn’t a suicide? Surely you already know the answer. If not you still have some time If the man had killed himself he by no means would have been able to rewind the tape conclusion there was someone else Number one crime scene A Man killed his wife in their car he used the knife which he later threw away into an abyss Where nobody was going to find it his wife’s body he took out of the car He was very careful and left no fingerprints after that he headed home and a couple of hours He got a call from the police They informed him that his wife had been killed and he had to arrive at the crime scene right away As soon as he got there however. He was suspected for the murder How did the police realize it had been him who was guilty and? 15 seconds for you take your time The husband wasn’t informed of the definite location of the crime scene despite that he came to the right place we Hope you had a good time while solving these riddles, which one was the hardest nut to crack Tell us in the comments and share this video with your friends. You can compare the results afterwards Remember to hit the like button if this video gathers 50,000 likes we will prepare more mind-boggling riddles for you To stay tuned click Subscribe join us on the bright side

100 thoughts on “10 Detective Riddles Only the Most Attentive 1% Can Solve

  1. Hey guys! How many riddles did you get right?

    And if you love murder riddles, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJc10xtJHgc&t=2s

  2. I got all of them except for the one hotel one, which I still actually got right but Instead I noticed how he said, he jumped and got a fright, and he walked back to the elevator. Why would he jump? Why would he go straight back to the elevator instead of going to the next room?

  3. I'm 8 year old and I got 9 questions correct I didn't have help I think I did it because my boyfriend help me logan he's os pretty he a

  4. 2:48 I disagree. Sometimes he was maybe in such a rush because he could have been sharing a room with somebody else. And he didn't have time to read the label. Also you can't assume he is a criminal for a mistake.
    4:44 7 Second Riddles had this type of question. This is because she drank more really fast and it didn't have enough time to go into her digestive system in the human bodies.

  5. for the iced tea one, i thought that the girl who had 5 glasses had EMPTY glasses. since it didn't specify glasses of iced tea. the question also didn't say that the girl who had 5 glasses drank. i suspected the girl with only one to be the really thirsty one and drank the supposedly poisoned iced tea. not all iced tea is served with ice, so… didn't expect there to be ice…

  6. there would be his wife in his room or someone else so he may knock…which i think known as good manners

  7. Bright Side:"OnlY tHe mOSt AtTenTiVE peOlPe caN SolVe tHem!"
    Me: Watches 5 different riddle videoes, all sharing the same riddle

  8. On the 13th one: who closed the roof after driver was shot? Ok, I know your answer, but hitman doesn't want to leave his fingerprints there

  9. It is not about attention it is about ill description of yours for example detective only open window at floor 1 and all above windows cant be taken as close implicitly from the words same action.

  10. The man with the recording, many old tape players/recorders auto rewind when they hit the end of the tap

  11. "oh sry, I thought it was my room"
    Me: "wait, why would u knock..?"
    *10 seconds later*: why was the woman suspicious

  12. This felt more like “gotcha!” BS then anything else, these riddles were pretty badly explained tbh, the goal is to leave a LITTLE bit of room for an interpretation not a “guess what REALLY happened?”

  13. Number 6, i came to the conclusion that he was shot from inside the car but the "correct" answer was the car was a convertible. Im pretty sure my answer could be right as well with the lack of information given

  14. OMFG the one in the Ice I remember my teacher asking us about in 6th grade and I was the only person to figure out the answer in my class so I was a bit excited about seeing that one lol.

  15. Btw that coffee thing happened to me.. I got it easily.. only hard riddle was that jump case.. I thought he jumped from the roof.

  16. i could answer only 1 of them…. that courtroom que where everyone looked at the door except the man..

  17. it was nowhere mentioned that the window from which the victim fell was closed…if it was, we would know that somebody threw him and then closed the windows because people who commit suicide jumping from a window do not come back to close it

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