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10 Bets You Will ALWAYS WIN! PRANK Your Friends And Family! Amazing and Funny DIY Tricks

10 Bets You Will ALWAYS WIN! PRANK Your Friends And Family! Amazing and Funny DIY Tricks

*Music playing* (Silence) Wengie: Ooo, alright, ah! (Silence) Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie, and, surprise hug! Wengie: And, today, I’m doing some bets, that you’ll always win, and, you guys can, prank your friends, with this, or, whatever you like! Wengie: Don’t forget, to click the bell, and, comment #wengificationsquad, and, make sure, you’re here, in the first hour, up to each upload, and, I could be, replying, your comment! Wengie: Alright guys, let’s just get, straight into the bets! Let’s go! (Noise) Wengie: Hey, Wendy, I bet, you can’t, tie a knot, in this shoelace! Wendy: Anyone, can tie a knot, on a shoelace, it’s pretty easy! Wengie: But, the rule is, once you touch an end, with your fingers, you can, never, let go, of that end! Wendy: Oohh! *Music playing* Wendy: Where? *Music playing* Wendy: I’m getting, tangled, look, it’s cat’s cradle! Wengie: Very good, Wendy, but, that’s not what I asked for! (Silent movement) Wendy: Fine, I give up! *Music playing* Wengie: Okay, so, the trick is, you gotta, fold your arms, first, and then, you pick up one end with this hand, and, the other end, with the other hand, and then, ta-da! (Silence) Wendy: Ahh! *Music playing* Wendy: Okay, you got me, there! *Music playing* Wengie: Hey Wendy, I bet, that, if you put a paper clip, into this cup of water, that you can’t make it float! Wendy: Do paper clips even, float? *Music playing* Wendy: Hmm! *Music playing* Wendy: These won’t float, Wengie! Wendy: What are you trying to make me do? *Music playing* Wendy: If I put, it, in, slowly! *Music playing* Wendy: Fine, I give up! (Noise) Wengie: Yeah, I’ll show you, how! *Music playing* Wengie: First, you need a paper clip, and, bend it, like this, into a right angle, and then, you take another, paper clip, and, sit it, on top, like this! Wengie: But, wait, I need your help, to make this work, take three seconds, find the like button, and, click it, down below, ready guys, 3,2,1; have you done it? Wengie: Awesome, let’s get on, with this trick! Wengie: Just, gotta, lower it, slowly, onto the surface! (Noise) Wengie: Ta-da! Wendy: Ohh, that’s crazy! How did you do it? Oh my god! (Silence) Wengie: The reason, why this works, is simple, by lowering, your paper clip, onto the water, horizontally, you increase the surface area, in contact with the water, which allows the surface tension, of the water, to keep it afloat, you’ll never, be able to float a paper clip, vertically, because the surface area is, too, small, for the surface tension, of the water, to hold up! (Noise) Wengie; Hey Wendy, check out, these coins, as you can see, I’ve arranged them, so, they’re four across, and, five, going down, I challenge, you, to move one of these coins, so, there’s five, going across, and, still, five, going down! *Music playing* Wendy: So, okay! *Music playing* Wendy: Five on the top, four on the bottom, hmm, umm! (Noise & movement) *Music playing* Wendy: Four on the top, five on the bottom! *Music playing* Wendy: Umm, noo! *Music playing* Wendy: Three, and, five, what? (Noise) Wendy: That’s nothing, at all! (Noise) Wendy: Hmm! (Noise) Wendy: I give up! (Silence) Wengie: Yeah, let me show you! Wengie: I’m gonna, take one coin, like this, and, put it there! *Music playing* Wengie: See, you got five coins, both ways! (Noise) Wendy: I didn’t, think, of that! *Music playing* Wendy: Why, didn’t I think, of that? *Music playing* Wendy: Fine, you win! Wengie: Gotta, think, outside the box! (Noise) Wendy: Hey Wengie, I bet, you can’t, drop this toilet roll, on the table, and, have it, land on its end! Wengie: What? That looks, easy! *Music playing* Wengie: Uhh! *Music playing* Wengie: What? *Music playing* Wengie: Why? *Music playing* Wengie: Even, if I do, so, slow, it doesn’t, do it! *Music playing* Wengie: I give up! *Music playing* Wendy: Here, I’ll show you how! (Noise) Wendy: So, all you need to do, is actually, drop it, on its side! (Noise & movement) (Noise) Wengie: Ahh! Wendy: See, magic! (Silence) Wengie: That’s magic! *Music playing* Wendy: Okay, Wengie, it’s time for a race! (Silence) Wendy: Let’s see who can, empty their bottle, first! (Silence) Wengie: Okay, it’s on! Wendy: Okay, ready, 3,2,1, go! (Noise & movement) *Music playing* Wengie: I’m done! *Music playing* Wendy: I was done, ages ago! *Music playing* Wengie: How? *Music playing* Wengie: The reason, why Wendy won so, easily, is because, she swirled the bottle, as she poured the water, out, this allows air, to enter the bottle, at the same same, water flows out, if you pour the water, out, normally, like Wengie, water has to occasionally, stop, for air bubbles, to enter, which slows, down, the process, if we did this bet, with bigger bottles, the difference would be even, more, obvious! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey Wengie, for this bet, you only, have one chance! *Music playing* Wendy: But, if you do it, right, I’ll clean your room, for the rest of the year! *Music playing* Wengie: Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t wait, what is it, what is it, tell me! (Silence) Wendy: Okay, so, I’m gonna, put the cup, like this, and, all you need to do, is, balance this apple, on the cup! (Noise) Wengie: What? This is so, easy! Do you really, want to clean my room, for the rest of the year? Wendy: Hmm! (Silent movement) Wengie: Okay! (Silent movement) Wengie: It’s balanced! *Music playing* Wendy: Err, what you’ve done, is actually, balance the apple, on the bottom of the cup! (Noise) Wengie: What? (Silence) Wengie: Fine! *Music playing* Wengie: How about that? Wendy: But, you’ve already, used up, your chance! (Noise) Wendy: Too, bad! (Noise) Wengie: Hey Wendy, I’ve got $10, here, and, I’m just, gonna, put them, in between these bottles, like this! *Music playing* Wengie: And, without touching the bottles, if you can take this $10 note, out, without, making the bottles, tip, over, it’s yours! *Music playing* Wendy: $10, it’s mine, okay! *Music playing* Wendy: And, I’m just, got to do it! *Music playing* Wendy: 3,2,1! (Noise) (Noise) *Music playing* Wengie: I’ll show you, how it’s meant to be done! *Music playing* Wengie: So, what you need to do, is, a little, karate, chop! *Music playing* Wengie: See! Wendy: Can I do it again? *Music playing* Wengie: No! *Music playing* Wengie: Hey Wendy, this is the ultimate test of balance! *Music playing* Wengie: So, what you need to do, is, attach the two forks, to the matchstick, and then, balance the matchstick, on the rim of the glass, but, the forks, can’t, touch the glass! *Music playing* Wendy: Seriously, Wengie, you always, make me do, the strangest things! *Music playing* Wendy: Okay, I’m gonna, try! *Music playing* Wendy: Yes, this is the kinda, only way, I can do it! *Music playing* Wendy: Mmm, okay, and then, balance the matchstick, on the cup! *Music playing* (Noise) *Music playing* Wendy: Fine, I give up, Wengie, this is too, weird! (Silence) Wengie: Alright, let me show, you! (Noise & movement) *Music playing* Wengie: So, first, you got, to put the matchstick, here, and then, you want to criss-cross your, forks, like this! *Music playing* Wengie: So, by doing this, it can, counterbalance, so, you see, it’s balancing, by itself, and, we’re gonna, balance it, right here! *Music playing* Wengie: Ta-da! Wendy: That’s crazy, there’s no, way, any, normal person, would have, thought of that! *Music playing* Wengie: Cool, right! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey Wengie, I’m gonna, arrange these four, matchsticks, like this! *Music playing* Wendy: And, I bet, you can’t, move one matchstick, to make a square! *Music playing* Wengie: Err, yeah, that one’s pretty, difficult! *Music playing* Wengie: Hmmm! *Music playing* Wengie: I’m gonna, give it a shot, mmm! *Music playing* Wendy: That’s a triangle! Wendy: Hmmm! Wengie: The only, way, I can make it, into a square, is, to move two matches, like this! *Music playing* Wendy: Give up! *Music playing* Wengie: It’s impossible! *Music playing* (Laughter) Wendy: Here, I’ll show you! Wendy: I’m gonna, move one match! *Music playing* Wendy: See, there’s your square! *Angelic music playing* Wengie: Hey, that’s kind of cheating! (Silence) Wendy: Well, it’s a square, isn’t it? *Music playing* Wengie: Guess, so! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey Wengie, check out, these glasses, so, I’ve got three, clear ones, and, three blue ones, I bet, that you can’t move one glass, and, make this alternate, in a blue, clear, blue, clear, blue, clear, pattern! Wengie: Okay! *Music playing* Wengie: This is hard! *Music playing* Wengie: Ahh, why, is this, so, hard? *Music playing* Wengie: I give up! (Silence) Wendy: Give up, alright, all you need to do, is, take this one glass, here, and, pour it, into this glass, and, then, put it back! *Music playing* Wendy: See, I’ve only, touched one glass, and, now, they’re alternating! Wendy & Wengie: Blue, clear, blue, clear, blue, clear, ohh, wow, that’s really, smart! Wengie: I would, have, never, thought of that! (Noise & music playing) Wengie: Alright guys, how cool, were these? Let me know, if you guys do these, and, which is your favourite, down below, and, today, I’m super, excited, to be announcing the winner of the Mac-Book Air giveaway, the winner is, drum roll, congratulations! Wengie: And, also, a huge shout-out to my #notificationsquad member of the week, and, my #wengiecorn of the week, if you guys want to find out, how to get a shout-out, yourself, don’t forget to check out the description box, to find out how, alright, guys, until next week, I’m gonna, miss you guys, so much, so, I’ll see you guys, then, bye, love you!

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