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10 BEST FOOD HACKS (recompilation)

10 BEST FOOD HACKS (recompilation)

Let’s say you need a little bit of lemon
juice. You usually take your lemon and you cut it
in half then you use a little bit of lemon juice and then you’ve got all this lemon
leftover so you put it in the fridge or something. And then when you come back it looks like
this. It’s all rotten and dry and dehydrated and
just rancid, you don’t really want to use it anymore and it’s hard and crunchy like
this one. There must be a better way to preserve your
lemon and still get your juice. Well there is, this is how, you take your
lemon and you roll it and then you want to take a sort of pin and just poke in the bottom
in the lemon, the exact bottom where the point is here, and then you squeeze and all the
lemon juice you want just pours out. Now the great thing is you made a very small
little hole in it now so oxygen can’t really get into it and make it rot so it will stay
fresher for longer. Make Butter Spreadable
Sometimes you want to spread some butter but when you take it out of the fridge the butter
is super hard and really hard to spread. This is super annoying, so what do you do? Usually you just pop it in the microwave but
the issue with this is it always seems to over melt the butter and make it into a big
soupy mess just like this. That can be very annoying so there must be
a better way. Well there is, take a cheese grater and then
you just grate your butter stick. Yes that’s right, grate your butter stick. Now that has two added benefits, one it delivers
energy to the butter by the grating motion which makes it a bit softer, and also the
higher surface area makes it softer quicker also. Lastly it’s in this funny interesting spaghetti
like consistency which now is super spreadable so you can just spread it on whatever you
want and you have nice soft butter. Success! Easy Potato Peeling
You just take a knife and a potato and you put them together and just twirl the potato
around while you cut into the skin just softly in a circular motion, then you take it and
you cook it like you normally would. Now by cooking the skin with the potato you
actually infuse the potato with more flavor because most of the flavor of the potato is
actually in the skin so you get more potatoy mash. Once you’ve cooked it, you can just pull
the skin off just like this and it’s so much more efficient, you don’t waste any
potato and it’s much quicker than peeling it. Peeling Hardboiled Eggs
Take a hardboiled egg, place it in a jar, add a little bit of water to cover then you
just place your hand over the jar and shake it like mad. Once you’re done which is pretty soon, you
just take out and the shell is basically fall off the boiled egg and it’s that easy to
remove. Alright, trick number five staying on the
same shaking idea this is a garlic bowl and I’m just going to place it in a jar and
again shake like mad. Okay, once you’ve done that for a little
bit then you just pop it out and you just remove some of the husks because they will
get in the way. Once you have removed the husks just put all
these garlic cloves back inside, alright. Put the lid back on and again shake like crazy,
keep shaking, just carry on shaking. And now you just pop it out and all the skins
have separated from the cloves. You can just pick them away and put them to
one side then you’ve got these beautiful little garlic cloves and if any of the skin
is still on you can put them in the jar and shake again or just easily pull it off very
easily like that. Make Bread Fresh Again! I hate when you have old bread and it’s
super hard and you can’t use it anymore. That’s why I always keep my bread inside
a plastic bag so it stays soft, just like this one here and then you can still resuscitate
here. I’ve got soft bread but it’s very, very
old and to resuscitate it all you’re going to need is just some water. I’m going to put this here so I can pour
some water over it, basically just pour the water over it and pour it on the bottom also
and then you want to place it into an oven at 180-degrees Celsius, that’s 356-degrees
Fahrenheit. You’re going to want to leave it in there
for about three minutes and after three minutes have passed then you just want to turn it
around and then hit it up for another three minutes. If it’s still soft or not done enough just
leave it a bit longer. But once it’s done you just pull it out
and it’s crispy again and crunchy just like it was from the bakers and the inside is nice
and soft and tender and steamy, just delicious fresh bread and this is like an old bread,
this is like a week old really. But it’s super usable again and just great
to use, so give this a try at home and let me know what you think. Crazy Way to Open Wine
For this trick let’s assume you can’t find your bottle opener but you do happen
to find your blow torch. Well just take it and turn it on then aim
it at the little air gap in between the cork and the wine and what will happen is it will
heat up the air and make it expand pushing the cork out the top in a nice little explosive
bang – just like this. Success! Alright now you turn your blow torch off and
pour out your wine like you usually would and enjoy it. There we go, done! The Black Egg
Alright so this next trick is called the Black Egg and for this you’re just going to crack
and egg into a bowl and then separate out the yolk. The simplest way to do this is just with a
spoon, you scoop it out like this and just pop it in the other bowl. Now I’m going to add some black cuttlefish
ink but if you don’t like the savory fishy taste this has you can always just use black
food coloring and just mix it together like this. Once you’ve mixed it together then you’re
going to want to fry it. Here I am going to put some oil on a pan and
here I’m going to pop it in. One thing that happens is when you beat egg
whites they become a bit more runny so they will spread out more than you want. If that happens just simply push the sides
in like this just to keep in an egg sort of shape. Alright now you’re going to want to add
your egg yolk back in, so just add it on like this and put it into position where you want
it to be. Once it’s done cooking there you go, it’
simple, done. Just cook it like you would a normal sunny
side up fried egg. This is just a very simple way to make something
mundane look very, very different and interesting. I hope you enjoy it! Testing Eggs for Freshness
Sometimes you’ve got some eggs and you just don’t know whether they’re fresh or not. It’s kind of impossible to look at an egg
and know if it’s fresh even though most grocery stores these days do print the date
on them just like so, but sometimes these get rubbed off because of some other reason
that we just don’t know. Now in that kind of case what do you do to
figure out if an egg is fresh or not? Well here’s a simple trick, just drop your
egg in some water and the fresh ones will sink to the bottom just like this and the
un-fresh ones will float to the top just like so. Now the great thing about this trick is you
can do it with multiple eggs if you happen to have a big enough tub and then you can
easily detect which eggs are fresh and which eggs are no good. For example here, these two are no good I’m
just going to dispose of them and cook with the rest. Super Poached Eggs
Now I’m going to show you an amazing new way to make poached eggs even better. Start off by taking an egg and separating
it like this, now you want to take some basil and just finely chop it up, so cut it like
this and chop it up like that. Now you can use any other herb you like but
the combination of what I’m showing you is pretty good. Take your basil and add it to your egg whites,
just like this and then add a little bit of mozzarella cheese, but you can add any other
cheese you like or any other ingredients for that matter. You can put little bits of mushroom or little
bacon bits, whatever you like with eggs. Once it’s mixed up take another bowl, take
some cling film dent it into the bowl then spray it with oil so you can un-stick it later. Place half your mixture into the bowl like
this. Now place your egg yolk and cover it up with
the rest of the mixture just like so. Okay now to close it up, you just bring up
the sides and you can tie this into a knot or use a little piece of string and tie a
knot around it, or you can use one of these simple cheap little clamps and just clamp
it shut. You can get this everywhere, it’s no point
mentioning it. Now to cook it, I’m going to place it in
some simmering water for five minutes to get a nice runny egg yolk, but you can cook it
a little bit longer if you want to have a more hard egg yolk. Okay so once it’s done just take it out,
and then you just un-clamp it and I’m going to place it here on some bread and it’s
delicious like this but you can also add it in say an Eggs Benedict recipe or some salad,
or just anywhere you want to use a poached egg. This is just way better and more tasty. END

100 thoughts on “10 BEST FOOD HACKS (recompilation)

  1. So, how does the wine opening trick work on a chilled bottle of wine? Will the neck crack with the sudden heat?

  2. My grandma had a great butter hack: take ice cold butter from the frig, slice off a chunk, rip the bread in half when you try to spread the butter on it, and … bon appetit!


  4. Too much effort to peel garlic. I just pop it in microwave for few seconds and the peel comes off very easily

  5. There is another way to make bread soft again. Use a clean lunch paper bag. Put the bread into the bag, wet (not soak) the bag, place into the oven at about 200-250 degrees for a few minutes and the bread is soft.
    Since most lunch bags are smaller than the length of some breads, cut the bread to the amount you want to fit the bag – unless you use a saved grocery (paper) bag.
    (no it does not work with plastic bags )

  6. Interesting overall, but I wouldn't exactly call using food coloring to color food a "hack".
    Also, just because one egg is slightly older than others, doesn't make it "bad" per se. Throwing away perfectly good food is, however, bad.

  7. I found a wonderful way to store my lemons. I peel them completely (like an orange) then section them out. I put all in plastic container, tuck it in the freezer, and voila, I got lemon juice when I need it, and the lemon sections fit right into your drink frozen and act like an ice cube. I put them in my water bottle when I am on the go. They keep the water cool, and if you refill your water jug, they will add their juice as well.

  8. Very tasty and practical, thank you for the recipe,ฤฐ subscribed to your channel,ฤฐ"m waiting for you on my channel new friend..

  9. The first part with the lemon even though it's a nice way to preserve it you have to be a fucking idiot to leave your lemon in the fridge for more than a week to have it get rotting crunchy and dry.

  10. Way too complicated. You can just take a knife and gently scrape the butter. No problem what so ever with this method. You not to grate so much butter.

  11. 2:16 so much more efficient to cook โ€˜wholeโ€™ potatoes?? ๐Ÿ˜ฃ and โ€˜so much quicker than peeling themโ€™?? on my stove iโ€™d be waiting well over an hour for them to cook. As opposed to five minutes peeling them

  12. oh where the hell is my cork screw?? welp! might as well use this blow torch instead, of course no kitchen is complete with out one! ๐Ÿ˜€ POP

  13. First of all fuck you and yer dam commercial ad, first thing fucker, thumbs down get a real fucking job you scammer, cause youtube ain't going make you rich dummy so kiss my ass moving on, dislike

  14. Question, the first part was about how to get juice from a lemon without slicing it. You stated that once sliced the lemon will become dry and rancid. By not slicing it, how do you know if the lemon has turned rancid?

  15. i cant believe i have been suffering for so long with peeling potatoes when i could actually do that๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  16. cut a lemon, leave it on the worktop, lasts at least 2 days no problem even cut in half, turn down your central heating

  17. You got me with the lemon ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜„, and everything was just great๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  18. Not sure about anyone else but Iโ€™d rather throw out stale bread than water it down and bake it!! ๐Ÿคข
    An otherwise good video tho!

  19. The blowtorch reminded me of Julia Child's helpful tips on how to skin a tomato. "Now suppose you are stranded on a desert island and you only have a fork, your tomato, and a BLOWTORCH…" Not sure how easy some of these are in comparison to other options (for instance the hard boiled egg – you can tap the side on a counter and roll it forward and back to peel it without the mason jar), but overall pretty cool. Thanks – I look forward to trying some of these!

  20. Everything was wonderful ….until you did the black egg thing oh no not for me. I was taught if it's black …throw it out.


  22. Love the lemon hack !
    When I have a bagel or a roll that is getting stale, I just put it in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds
    and then I can easily cut it in half and put it in the toaster. I always toast bagels even if they are fresh,
    so it ends up tasting very similar to fresh again to me.
    I also never buy croutons for salad anymore.
    I always use microwaved/toasted "stale" bagels instead.

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  24. Oh Good … now I must really buy a blowtorch. Not only can I make creme brulรฉe but I can impress my friends by opening a wine bottle without touching it lol… you just made my day lol.

  25. We all want to look beautiful, let๏ฟฝs admit it . These tricks are definitely all worth trying and really simple. But remember " Beauty has so many forms, The most beautiful thing is confidence and loving YOURSELF "

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