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#1 Reason Facebook Ads Don’t Work – And How To Fix Them

#1 Reason Facebook Ads Don’t Work – And How To Fix Them

– Scenario. You’re a business owner. You need clients so you
run an ad on Facebook. The ad gets approved and then, nothing. You’re not the only one. And I’m about to tell
you the number one reason most Facebook ads fail. You see most people go on
Facebook for reasons like stalking their ex, posting selfies, looking at funny cat videos, stalking their friend’s ex, posting selfies, looking
at funny dog videos and stalking. We all use Facebook for stalking. Let’s just be honest here. The issue with this is
that people aren’t actually on Facebook to purchase anything and this is way so many
campaigns go horribly wrong. You see that any campaign that you run is only as good as your offer. Now if what you’re promoting does not seem irresistible to your
audience, then guess what? Your audience is not going to give a shit about you, your product or your ad. Their gonna keep their
money in their pocket while you continue to spend it on a useless Facebook ad. People will not be interested
unless it benefits them. How do you go about creating
an irresistible offer that will have people
begging to buy from you and will turn your
Facebook ads from failure into roaring success. And you need to know what makes them tick. You need to know where they
eat, who they hang out with, how they talk, what they
like, what they hate and hey, who they stalk on Facebook. Now this is called
creating a buyer persona. And without knowing this, you are literally wasting money. This could be anything
like a discounted offer for a service, a trial of a product or a free course. It all depends on what it
actually is that you are selling. Now you’ll never have a
chance of actually succeeding in any campaign unless
you create genuine value. So make sure that you can over deliver on what you’re offering. If you are a dentist, you
could offer a $19 clean for people in the local area but what will make you actually stand out and make you actual clients isn’t your $19 clean. It’s what happens when people are sitting in your chair see, if people come in expecting a $19 service but in actual effect
receive a $99 service, then you’re building massive value. Creating value equals
trust and guess what? People only purchase
from people they trust. So trust equals sales. Damn good copy that engages your audience and makes them hungry for your product. Stats tell but stories sell and you also want to
create some serious FOMO, the fear of missing out. So make sure to limit your
offer to a small number of people or keep it going
for a limited time only. Word of warning, remember
to do this honestly though. You never wanna be caught
telling people a lie. Now, good copy isn’t
limited to written work, it could be an audio or video but which ever one you choose, make sure that your copy leads to a
really strong call to action because even though
human beings are suppose to be the smartest species in existence we still sometimes need to be directed on where to go and how to do things. No entry barriers or hurdles. If we go back to the $19
teeth cleaning example, you would wanna lead people
from the ad into a form that let’s the user provide their name, number and email but nothing more. When they then received exactly what they were offered,
they will be much happier. Don’t also use this as a tripwire where you upsell them or
cross-sell them more products because that part is reserved
for after you have delivered on your initial offer and you do this after the customer already trusts you. Remember to give people
exactly what you promised quickly and efficiently. This means using well
designed landing pages, easy to understand communication and automation software. Now when you’ve nailed this process then you can start making your killer Facebook ad campaigns. So let’s quickly recap
on what we spoke about, know your audience, create an offer that your
audience will perceive as massively valuable or helpful. Create awesome copy, no
hidden surprises or hurdles. Now if you’re business
owner and you’ve tried to create a Facebook ad
in the past and failed, you need to talk to us, we can help you. And the way we’re gonna do this, is by offering a free 45
minute strategy session over the phone or on Skype
to any business owners who are ready to take their
Facebook ads to the next level. Now if you are sick of
questioning were your leads are coming from or you’re
getting those rubbish tire kicker leads that you
have to follow up for weeks just to get nothing back or to get hustled down on your price to a point where its not even worth
it then this is for you. Because in this session
we will help you find your best customers, create
that irresistible offer and tell you the exact method that we use not just for us but also our clients to create copy that sells. And we’re also gonna give you tips on landing page creation and tell you the best software to use for campaigns. And don’t worry, you’ll
be under no obligation to work with us, this
strategy is yours to keep. We do however have limited spots available so make sure that you
click on the link below straight away. See we only have so many hours in the day and we can only service so many people with this free sessions. Now when you click on the link below you’re gonna be led to a landing page that’s gonna give you really quick and easy questionnaire to fill out. And this should take you
no longer than two minutes. You’ll be linked to a scheduling form where you can pick from
the available slots but remember it’s first-in-best-dressed and slots will fill up. So don’t delay, click that button and let’s create some awesome Facebook ads for your business that
actually sell your product. See you on the inside.

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