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$0.0005 CPC Facebook Ads in the USA: AWESOME Facebook Advertising Tutorial

$0.0005 CPC Facebook Ads in the USA: AWESOME Facebook Advertising Tutorial

– Thank you very much for watching this. If you want to see how to get Facebook ads for a ridiculously low cost based on what I’m doing right
now take a look at my ads. Here it is, this is an ad set in the USA right now November 19th, 2015. It’s running you can see
over here it’s active, it’s in the newest interface. Here’s the cost per click and I have to look at this,
how many zeros is that? That’s the dollar right there and then point that’s tens,
that’s individual one cent, and then this here that is five one hundredths of a cent per click. I’ll show you the
targeting straight up here. It’s in the USA, 18 to
65 optimized CPM bid. This is over the last seven
days so this is happening today. 126,000 clicks and you wonder how much
did I spend to get that, $62.00 for 126,000 clicks and the reason is it’s running at a CPM of just 10 cents. Now I’ve paid as much as $100.00 CPM in the US before on my ads. This ad is running at a
1,000 times more effective than some of the other ads I’ve done. I’m showing you now how that’s happening. So the first thing you might want to say, how are you doing this? Well let’s take a look, I’ll
show you my Facebook page. I’ll show you the actual post
that’s getting these results and I’ll show you more I’ve
done in different formats that consistently get
the same kind of results. This is my Facebook
page, I’m Jerry Banfield. I scroll down here, I have 1.6 million likes
on my Facebook page and then what I’m doing I’m
making video posts on it. Now this post I made yesterday, this has not been advertised at all. It’s just a post, an
inspirational video I’m doing. 24,000 people reached, 4,000 views on it and this
is all for free on this post. So this is the basic format I’m using. These video posts, this is what’s working to
get these kind of results. $62.00 spent, 126,000 clicks. This format is amazing because people like
watching videos on Facebook. Now this is organic engagement
so let’s scroll down here. You’ll see I’m consistently
doing the exact same thing, there’s very little deviation. A short one line introduction about what the video
is followed by a video consistently gets good organic engagement. Let’s scroll down, I’ll show you the actual
video I’m running here. This is the actual video I’m running that’s getting those
ads at such a good rate. Star Wars Battlefront 20s kill streak first time playing Emperor Palpatine. Now here’s the kicker though, you might say, okay that’s
just a gaming video. Well I’m playing the
game to start within it however if you scroll ahead
in the video a little bit you’ll see that it’s
not just a gaming video. What you’ll see is that it
actually introduces my website and what I’m doing with Facebook ads and all my courses online in
the last minute of the video. So it combines what people
are already watching with an ad for what I’m
doing and a link here. If you go back to it you’ll say, oh well how many people are
really clicking on the link? I’m getting people that
are clicking on the link I’ve got 600 link clicks
out of this one ad set. Now there’s more ad sets to this, this is just one ad set I’m doing. 632 link clicks for 10 cents each even though the click through is very low that’s 600 clicks to my website from a very small portion
of the total viewers who are likely to have
watched the whole video. 10 cents per click to my
website out of this ad also. This is the format and you’ll see it’s gotten
a lot of organic reach. An organic reach is what’s amazing on it. You see all these people
reaching all the video views. What you’ll see down here, it’s got a lot of post clicks. Over here 470,000 people reached organic, that means for free
through all of these shares and all of these comments and
all of the likes on the post. These are people that
have been reached for free and that’s where the real
value of Facebook ads is. The same thing with YouTube ads, it’s that organic engagement
that’s connected with the paid. So I paid a lot to get
people to share this post. Then when they share
the post, they like it, then the organic engagement comes up. This even is getting some Facebook tests for people that are doing
things other than liking it. They’re loving it, a couple of people even
got sad or angry on it. Then you can see the feedback, relatively low feedback that’s negative given how many times
this video’s been shown. You can see the video views on it. 28,000 views to 95%. I’ve made a video that matches what people like to watch here. It shows something pretty cool, it shows me getting a
big kill streak with it. But again I’ll show you
how to do different things with this as well. It’s amazing how many
people have watched this all the way to the end and the average person has
watched the first minute of it. You’ll see the retention drops off a lot when I get into the ad right here. You’ll notice right when I go into the ad the retention plummets here but still 8% and down to the very
end a little over 1.5% are making it all the way
through the ad at the end also. This is the key, you want a
video that has good retention through those first few minutes and then if you can slip
in what you’re doing at the end then you
can get amazing results compared to just starting
with what you’re doing. Now I’ll show you compare and contrast, I’ll show you just starting
with what I’m doing. What you can see is that this
makes an impressive ad also, 1.5 million views, thousands
of likes, hundreds of shares. However you don’t have
to do gaming videos. This works on other things too. Here’s one I’m doing,
Introduction to teaching online with YouTube and Udemy. Now I’m advertising this also, now this costs a lot more to advertise than this one does. This one as I’ve shown
here ridiculously cheap, unbelievably cheap to advertise. If I go into the ad you’ll
see 10 relevance score on all of the ads in this ad set. All of the ads are similar to this, they’re all gaming videos. When I’m doing this, this is a straight up ad
the way you might be used to seeing it here. This is an ad where I’m teaching online and this essentially is
like the last one minute of the video before except 25 minutes, it’s the whole thing on here. Same thing with just a link to my website. Now I’m tracking conversions on my website and I’ll show you more on that in a bit. This has 175,000 views, hundreds of likes,
hundreds of shares on it. This has a lot longer watch time too. So if I show you the video
you’ll see that people, the audience retention is
way lower on this video. People have a short
attention span on Facebook. You’ll notice the last video had a much higher watch rate and the cool thing is though
there are still people going all the way through the end, about 1% of people are watching
the entire 25 minute video. There’s 1,500 people on this that have watched the whole thing. That’s the thing you want out of your ads, you want people to stick. You want that sticky audience. You don’t want people
to just click your ad. Here’s what I see on most ads. Something real quick where you click and go to the website
and this is what happens most ads I visit. I click to go to the website here, I look around at their website real quick and I think no, and I leave. What happens when you
do a video ad like this you get the sticky audience, someone who watches this whole video and then they think, okay maybe I’ll actually go
look at jerrybanfield.com here because I already watched his video, I see what he’s doing and I want to learn how to teach on Udemy. So now I’m opening up
this link on his website I’m going to think about
really buying this course instead of just making
a generic ad up here where someone clicks real
quick, bounces, and goes away. The videos get that sticky audience. Here’s a post I’m doing that
is strictly set up as an ad with promoting a product for sale. This is Introduction to ethical hacking, now this is almost a month old. I’ll show you the costs on it. This has 779,000 views, 3.8 million people reached. Almost 10,000 likes on it and nearly 3,000 shares on it. This post is more of what you might
be used to seeing as an ad. This post strictly promotes a course from the very beginning and
yet it includes a free preview of the course built in. You can do your ads, you can do your posts and your
videos however you want to. You can get a lot better results if you set it up to more naturally match what people want to watch anyway, such as something funny,
something educational, informational, gaming, something that people
are normally watching. However if you make an ad
you can do just fine even if it is strictly an ad
for what you’re doing. If you’ll put up a comprehensive video showing what it is you’re doing here from start to finish. I’ve got this with the
link on it right here to the course, so when
someone clicks on it, it goes directly to the course with the coupon code right here
embedded in the course, $25. You can see then the entire
sales page is promoted by Udemy and it’s set up and it’s got all kinds of good feedback on it as
well as some bad feedback. The beauty of this format
is that it’s a simple line to start with, it’s shareable. These 3,000 shares down
here are responsible for a lot of the organic engagement. When you look 167,000 people reached here, a lot of that is through
the shares and the likes and the comments on it. A lot of the sales are likely
from this organic engagement. However when you do the paid engagement sometimes you can get a sale
right away that way too. What I’ve learned is that
the sales link up here, having it track directly what you’re doing is very important. Especially if you’re using
something like Udemy or Amazon where you can’t track
conversions with Facebook. Having a link in here that
allows you to track directly to offer is very helpful. At the same time you want the video to give some other option. In this video it encourages
people also to go to my website so I’m getting sales here and I’m getting sales
I can’t directly track through my website. Bottom line, however
you’re doing the videos, whatever strategy you do,
doing videos on Facebook and making posts and
putting them into an ad is a very powerful way to consistently get great
results with your ads. You’ll see on my page how
many videos I’ve done. This isn’t something that
just happens on the first try, I’ve made a lot of these videos. The intro the ethical
hacking video’s here. I’ve made tons of videos, I’ve tested out the video
I showed you to start with that so successful. I did an earlier one where I learned a lot from that that allowed me to do then this most recent one here
that’s been so successful. Then when people do click on my page it’s important I have lots of videos for the people who just watch the video and then click on my page to look more. So building up a page, if you want to have an amazing
page having lots of videos, even if they are just a guy talking behind a red curtain
like most of mine are, or if some of them are screen capture or video games it’s
amazing how much you can do with video posts. If I stop down here again on the timeline I’ve got right here an example post. A simple post and if you can
do some kind of screenshot other than your face
you’ll notice this works a lot better and the screen
capture works the very best. I’ll show you next what
it is you can do then to get these ad results
once you’ve made the post because the video and
the post are critical. You can’t do the ads
very well without these. Once you’ve done that
though pretty much any way of doing it you have a great chance to get a great relevance score on it. What I’ll do, I’ll show
you this whole campaign with all these Xbox videos
and I’ll filter out, I’ll just do the ones that are active. Now note there’s lot so of ones that are inactive that
didn’t work as well. The ones that are inactive
and didn’t work as well that’s okay, I don’t use those very long. What you can see here the
ones that are working well $372.00 spent in the last seven days and I’ve got 1.7 million post engagements. Since I’ve got the clicks over here I can show you also on the clicks, 71,000 clicks on this one alone for only $56.00 spent and
all of these are like that. 672,000 clicks, an average of 1/10 of a cent
per click between all of them, Technically it’s less than that. Average of $0.09 CPM. 3,500 links clicks, $0.11 each, and all of this for just 372 in ad spend. This is hundreds of times
more effective than usual and here’s the cool thing. Now these, I showed you these are USA, the ones that are marked USA. I’ve also got ones over here these are other countries, UAE, Australia, Austria, Belgium,
Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Ireland,
Israel, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa. These are countries that also
have a good Xbox audience that are high cost. So this doesn’t just work in the US it works in other countries
that are high cost also. This in the high cost campaign I’ll scroll over to the clicks. The cost in this one is
actually less than the US one at four hundredths of a cent, so that’s 25 clicks per
one cent or 2,500 clicks for a dollar spent. The reason is this CPM is so low here but I also have one
doing global in here too. These are the countries that
are lower cost generally, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, I won’t name all of them again. These are countries where
Xbox also has a big audience. You’ll see the ad is
working so well in here that even this low cost
audience it comes out about the same cost as
the higher cost audience at $0.08 CPM, $0.08 CPM and even $0.07 CPM in
this high cost global. These are very effective strategies. Now let’s compare these, let’s compare this with the hacking video and I’ll do a lifetime
on the hacking video to get more data because this has ran for almost a month now. Now on the hacking
video this has ran a lot in lower cost countries
as well as higher cost. If I go, I’ll go on the total here, performance and clicks, so you can see the summary on the bottom. Now this I’ve spent $3,399.99 to promote this. This has gotten 337,000 clicks and the CPM you’ll notice is about four or five times higher
than that gaming video. Even thought this has been in
a lot of low cost countries in addition to higher
cost ones like the US. Doing a video like this where as I showed you the ad on it it’s more of a straight up ad. It’s less of a interesting entertaining
video and it’s more of an ad. It’s a lot more expensive
to do an ad that way. Yet I’ve gotten 11,000 link clicks out of this for $0.29 each on average and that includes many of the ad sets that didn’t work as well either. You notice there are 155 ad sets here and these are the ones
if I turn the active on, the best 36 of these ad sets, this is what I’m actually running today so I made 155 ad sets total. I had to make a lot of different ad sets in order to find the ones
that work the very best. You’ll notice the link click $0.21 on the better ad sets for a click to my Udemy course over there. This is a lot lower CPM on these, also $0.36 on these ones working better and I did it by link click, I figured that’s a better
measure of what’s working good. As long as you’re able to do a video post even any kind of video will work better than a different kind of ad. Let’s compare these results. I’ll show you my page like campaign, now my page like campaign is
mostly in low cost countries. If I put the active ones on here and I’ll show you the last seven days for what I’m running if I
go performance and clicks. Now let’s compare this with
my page likes campaign. Now this page like campaign, this is getting likes for $0.01
each in low cost counties. If I scroll over here
though what you’ll notice, look how much higher the
cost per click is on these, look how much higher the CPM
is on these page like ads. $0.81 and that’s still really good. Most of the time in the US
it’ll cost a whole lot more. $0.81 CPM, so the page like
ads are costing double the CPM compared to the educational videos and they’re costing as much
as 10 times as much CPM to run compared to the video
ads in the high cost countries. These page like ads are a
lot more expensive to run. Now I’ll show you one
of the ads that I had that’s more typical of ads you see. I’ll have to go last 30 days on this to get some more data here. I may even have to go
back farther than that, I can go lifetime. So I’ll show you, these are more typical ads that people run and I’ll go this jerrybanfield.com
Udemy conversion. These are more typical
ads that you usually see and let’s compare these. Now these are targeted
to my ideal audience, whatever that is, it’s targeted to things
that I think people ought to respond on. You know what, most everyone
else thinks of that too. I’m not smart enough to just get all these great targeting categories that somehow no one else would think of. Everyone thinks of the
targeting categories you think of to start with. Because you are in a niche,
you’re working whatever it is, everyone else that’s in
that niche knows that too. It’s really expensive so let’s look at how much more expensive. Now I showed you the gaming ones to get people to basically
the same page on my website promoting my courses to my ideal audience in high cost countries, $1.54 each. Remember how it was about $0.10
each it that video game one? Now let’s scroll over
here and do performance and clicks on this. Let’s look at the CPM on this one. There we go $5.80 CPM on this one. That’s more of what we’re
used to and that’s average. Some of the CPM is $13.00, look these are targeted to Fiverr and I’ll show you the ads. Some of the ads are pretty
well received in here too. These are ads with a good relevance score, eight relevance score. I’ll show you the add itself so you can see exactly
what the ad looks like. I can go down here I can
click on the preview of it. This is what the actual ad looks like and I’ve seen someone else
running an ad exactly like this. Here’s the ad, it’s got a picture in it, it’s got thousands of likes and comments and a few shares on it. This is what the ad looks
like on the desktop news feed and in the mobile news feed. In other words a pretty
typical ad you’re going to see. This ad and I’ll go back over
here to the whole campaign, this ad fantastically more expensive than the other one I’m showing you and that’s why I’m not
running this ad anymore. $5.80 CPM, now if you want to do some
math with me really quick and I probably need the
calculator for that. So the video gaming ad
is running at $0.10 CPM. This is running at $5.80 CPM. So what we want to do, $5.80 CPM. Now that’s what the
other one was running by. We can divide that by 10, by there. 58 times more effective, the other ads
are 58 times more effective than doing it this way that
you normally see ads done. In other words I can show
this ad to someone once, the ad I just showed you here or I can show 58 people
that video ad I did before. Which of those do you
think is a better bet? A lot of people you might say, well I want to reach my ideal audience, I need to be in front of
people that like Fiverr or that like Amy Porterfield
or Google Analytics. I need to be in front
of my ideal audience. Well what does your ideal
audience necessarily look like? I like things, like I use
Fiverr, Google Analytics, I’ve read entrepreneurial before, I’m familiar with everything on here. WordPress, I’m familiar
with all of these on here, that’s why I targeted them. I also play Xbox. I also play Heroes of the Storm. So in other words this same person, me, the same person who likes all these things I also play video games. Here’s the trick, what if there’s someone else just like me who only likes video game pages. They don’t like Google Analytics because if I show you my personal profile I’ll bet you I don’t
like Google Analytics. It’s a lot easier to reach people in an area where they are entertained than it is to reach people on some kind of regular
targeting like this and that’s why it works so much better. We’ll go back to this again,
show you the Xbox videos here. Now the same person who
likes all those other things and uses all those other things the same person may also have an Xbox One. May also have a game console. Would you rather reach 58 more people who like Xbox’s and take a shot that maybe two of them also are interested in what you’re interested in? Well that’s just a guess,
it doesn’t actually matter, because look I can show you my
performance and clicks here. It was a dollar plus to get someone to go to my website before,
do you remember doing that? These are custom reports here. On the last one I showed you and I’ll just show you the delivery active and I’ll show you the last seven days here because I did some other
things here before. So let’s go, the page likes full or the page post conversion report. Now let’s show you all the conversions I’ve got out of this one. Reach, mount, website conversion, here we go. 1,200 website conversions out of this. Now 300 spent, that means I’m actually
getting way more people to go to my website on
these video game ads than I am out of doing it
the way you would think to do it on a direct ad. It’s because if I can show 58 people an ad then I’m more likely to get
in front of the right person at the right time versus trying
to show one person an ad. It’s amazing how much better this works. If you can think of ways to
match your entertainment, your funny videos, your helpful videos, your gaming videos. If you can find a way to match your hobby in with where you make the sales. If you can find a way to
match the kind of video you’d watch in your news feed
that you’d actually watch. Because you’re not sitting there watching this same kind of thing or interacting with the same kind of thing you’re likely to be advertising. If you can find a way to match that up with what you do for making
money then right here, I mean 1,200 conversions on my website. Now that I’ve showed you what’s
working really good for me in my ads today between
making these video posts you might want to figure out, okay how do I go actually make that ad? Here’s how you make the ad. You click on the Power Editor, you’ve gotta start in the Power Editor because the Power Editor
gives you the ability to use the post. You use the post when
you’re in the Power Editor and then you can put your
conversion tracking on and everything else like that. I start by resetting the Power Editor because that allows me to start fresh and I don’t have to mess
with all kinds of old ads in the Power Editor. So what I can do I download
within the past week I hit download and then I can just get
the recent campaigns I’m working on without the
300 plus other campaigns I’ve made in the past. Without the thousands of ad
sets I’ve made in the past. You’ll notice even in the
last week there’s 138 ad sets it ends up downloading
and 700 and some ads. So I go back in here now and what I want to do is on the Xbox, so the remarketing there’s all kinds of different things I can do in here. On the remarketing what I’d like to do is add in a couple of posts that I’ve recently done from the new ones. I’ll add these in to show you exactly how to make a new ad with it. To make a new ad the easiest
is if you’ve already done one of these you can just duplicate the ad. However if you haven’t
done one of these before I’ll show you how to do
one from scratch here. I’ll show you how to make one from scratch and I’ll do it with a new post campaign. What I can do then, I can just do something
for post engagement. Jerry, our inspirational post. Then the objective I want to make on this I want down here, I want
page post engagement because then Facebook will optimize for people that are
interacting with that post. Now then what I can do I hit Create and I’ve got the
inspirational posts on here. So I hit off on that. The next thing I do, I hit
this campaign to get in and now I need to make an ad set. I click on Create Ad Set and what I’m going to do
is call this the just Dogs and I can say USA because
that’s who I’m going to target. So I hit Gog USA and I hit Create on here. That’s who’s going to see this ad and I’ll start, I prefer,
I’ll start it at $2.00 a day. I like to do lots of low cost ad sets rather than any one high cost ad set because the lower cost
ones tend to run better and then if they work really good you can always turn it up. I do this, I’ve set up, I’ve
got the Dogs USA down here and I click Edit Audience. Now what I want to do, I want
to grab the dog targeting. So I can do dogs 2.7 or 51 million people here
in the US that like dogs. So pretty broad interest, that’s good. I’m just trying this, I’m
just giving this a try, and I’ll put English in here
in case I want to copy this. I hit Save and now I’ve
got the interest in here. I’m just doing this to
show you how to do it. So now I’ve got “Get the most engagements for
your post at the best price.” That’s what I’ve selected
to get all of these really low cost engagements
that I’ve shown you. I go back up here now, I’m done with that. Now I’ve got the ad set, now what I want to do is put the ad in it and I’m just making this ad
here to show you how to do it. I call this The One Dog. I’ve got this post from my Facebook page. Now I just made the ad, you’ll notice now I’ve got
nothing else to do yet. What I need to do is
pick my Facebook page. But now what I need is an existing post so what I want to do I
click Use Existing Post. I select this last post I did and then what I can do is
I can track all conversions from my Facebook pixel or I
can choose individual pixels. For this one I’m going to just
include these pixels on here in the future I’m going to
transfer it to my Facebook Pixel. Once the ad’s made then
all I have to do is hit Upload Changes right now. Now when I hit Upload in
here, to upload the changes, I got a random error that said my video couldn’t
be longer than 30 seconds which obviously is wrong since you’ve seen I just did a bunch of video
ads as long as 40 minutes. I was able to work around that I just went into the Facebook Ads Manager and it did upload the inspirational posts and it did upload the ad set. So all I had to do is actually go in and create an ad in this ad set. I hit into, I created an ad and this is how I did it. I hit Boost posts, I picked
this post right here, I hit View Existing Ad Set,
I chose a new creative, I picked the post out right here. Then I hit Place Order. Now I just downloaded that
back into the Power Editor and now what I have to do, I use my existing
conversion tracking pixels and put those back on there
now I hit upload again. Now this actually updated correctly so often when you’re
using the Power Editor you’ll get little errors like that and you can work around
them like I just did. I worked around it, I went back, and put the conversion
tracking pixels I want on this manually. Now I’ve got this, all I have to do is wait
for the ad to go in review. Now I always wait until my ad’s active so I know that it’s going to work before I go scale it up. Once I scale it up then for
example I could put this, I could try Dogs Canada, Dogs Australia, Dogs UK, Dogs anywhere and just try and get the cheapest post
engagement out of it that way. That’s the basic formula
I use to make these ads. I go into the Power Editor,
I make a new campaign. For page post engagement
I go to the ad set I make the ad set with
the targeting I want and I usually err on the
side of more broad targeting. The thing that kills this strategy, I’ll show you the hacking thing to show you what kills this strategy. What kills this strategy is
when you look on the delivery and the frequency has gotten up too high. I end up pausing all the ones where the frequency gets over two because when you’ve started
showing an ad to someone more than twice on Facebook you’re really wasting your money. Facebook is a first impression
or you’re done kind of thing. There’s a lot of advertisers
that run the same old ads over, I’ve seen a few of the
ads five, 10, 15 times on Facebook on my news feed. Those are a complete waste, I don’t go back and check on them again. I don’t do anything with them, they’re a complete a waste at that point. The main limitation of this strategy is if you don’t pick
a big enough audience. In my Xbox videos I’ve picked
a gigantic audience here and that’s why it’s scaling well. Even at $10.00 a day and yet in this one if I go to delivery this one
it just went up over two. So I just cranked the budget
down on it to $5.00 a day. If it goes up much higher I’m going to have to pause this one because then I’m starting to
waste my money at that point. When you’ve seen the same ad twice and you haven’t engaged with
it then it’s not doing much. Now if you have more than
one ad in that actual ad set you’ll see most of the ads
here have not been shown twice. They’ve just shown each of these ads here. If you have multiple ads in
the ad set you can handle that and with the Power Editor, for example in this one all I’d have to do if I wanna make another
one I just duplicate this and then I can pick a
different post right here. I can pick this post out and now I can show this
ad in here just as easily as the first ad. Then I can do the same thing, I can duplicate and show this in here. Then I can put another post in here and that’s what’s great
about these video posts. These video posts you can
promote them all in one ad set. I’ll show you how I’m doing
that now really quickly. If I go over here and I just
go out to the campaign level and I’ll show my remarketing, what I’m doing in my remarketing, I don’t want to hit
people over and over again on my remarketing with the same ads. What I’ve got, I’ve got a whole bunch of different ads in this one ad set. People go through and see
different ads all the time. I’ll show you in the Ads Manager here. If I go to Delivery you’ll
see on this the frequency on some of these gets up fairly high. For example two on my
remarketing from my website, six times people have seen the average ad. Now if I click the ads themselves
it’s a different story. Then you’ll see most of the ads have only been shown once or so, the people who visit my website then are getting consistently
shown lots of different ads and that keeps things fresh,
it makes a deeper relationship. I don’t want to bet that someone’s going to just like one ad in particular. That’s why this strategy works on my page because you make all these videos and then you can advertise
all these different videos to the same people. So that I can show people this video and then show them all these
other different videos. Yes, this strategy takes a lot
of time to get started with. Yes, it’s not something
anyone can just do easily and that’s why it works so well and that’s what makes it amazing. I’ve shown you this here
to give you a chance and now I’m thankful
this ad’s active already. Well it said it’s active here, sometimes you have to refresh, there now it shows it’s active. When it gets approved immediately then I’m clear, I could create more, so if I wanted to create more of these I could just make one
for Canada or the UK. So what I’ll do is reset the Power Editor to clear out whatever I did before. I’ll show you how I copy that real fast and to make another one of these because ultimately you’re going to want to be able to scale your ads up. You’re going to want to be able
to try different strategies, try different countries,
try different audiences. Once you’ve got that first ad approved all you have to do is then quickly copy it and try it in another
place or another country. So I go to my inspirational posts here I go duplicate this one really fast and then I go down to the audience and instead of doing Dogs in the US this time I’ll do Dogs in Canada. Now this audience is a lot smaller so then I will go over
here, I can edit this now. Dogs Canada and now I’ve got a Dogs Canada ad set up and we’ll see if this
ad takes it correctly when it’s copied off
of another one or not. Good, that exciting, it looks like there
was no error this time. This uploaded and now if I
go refresh the ad set in here I’ll take a look at it and show you now this
has to go through review but it’ll get through really
quick since this one’s active. Now I have a Dogs Canada ad set up and then whichever one works the best I can leave it running. Whichever one doesn’t work the
best I can quickly pause it and then I can just keep
doing the same thing. I can copy this and if I want to do a Dogs UK one I can just change the ad title here, I can go down and change the country here, and now I’ve got a Dogs
UK one right there, eight million people I can advertise to. Done that easily, upload changes. This allows me to see which
actually works the best. I don’t assume I know. Now you might ask, why would
you want to advertise a video where you’re talking about dogs? How is that going to make you sales? It all goes back to this. I have all these videos on my page, just like this video I
showed you the cheapest video that brings the most people to my page and gets the most people to
know about what I’m doing for the lowest cost wins. It’s worth trying to see
this video’s done good on organic engagement. It’s worth trying to see if this video will work good on ads also. That’s what I’ve done, that’s
how I’ve gotten here with you. I’ve tried over and over again, video after video after video, these are four across so you can see video after video after video and the organic engagements continue to go up the whole time. I want to get in front of people who like watching my videos. If you can make videos it’s the highest form of media
right now and it’s amazing. It’s amazing because you
can easily translate it into things like blog posts. Once I’ve got this and that’s ad’s active so if I go to jerrybanfield.com/blogposts well you’ll find all
these videos I’ve made also are blog posts on my website. I’ve got all of these
videos are in blog posts on my website. For example here’s one from YouTube and this is the same thing
that’s on my Facebook page. It’s in as a blog post on my website. Now if I wrote that as a blog post and tried to make it into video
it doesn’t work that good. It also takes me most
of these videos are only about 10 minutes long now. That is a couple thousand
word blog post there at least 1,000 words
in just a few minutes. It’s so much faster to make that. This is the business system
I’ve set up right now. It’s working really well and I’m sharing it here with you so that you have the
opportunity to do something that will work amazingly
well for you today. If you want to continue learning with me if you’ve enjoyed this video, I’m going to guess you might enjoy continuing to learn with me. There’s good news if you
like listening to me talk and seeing what I’m sharing. I’ve got thousands of videos online, not just all these on my Facebook page. I’ve got a lot more organized
videos in my Udemy courses. This is my Facebook ad Udemy course if you go to my website
at jerrybanfield.com you can then get a coupon to the course for $25.00 here. You can see 27,000 students
have taken it, 190 ratings. If you have any questions for me the only place I answer questions and I even have a lot of other students who are good with Facebook ads in here. The only place you can get your question answered is in this course. There’s 162 lectures, 22 hours of video. If I scroll down here there’s just tons of lectures you can see. All kinds of different topics starting off with there’s a $200.00
contest I have every week in the course just for being the student who participates the most. This is one of the only
places if you take this course and are determined to use it
and determined to help people and determined to talk about it you can actually get $100.00 every week just by posting in this course. There are several people right now who paid to take this course and who are now earning at
least $100.00 every week just to participate. I do this because then it
helps the course sell better. It helps give you a better
experience as a student in it. These are the kinds of things I’m offering and making online. If you wonder how did you get to teach all these courses on Udemy, I’m teaching 40 plus courses on Udemy. It’s paid for the ad budget here where you can get here. I’ll show you exactly how I’m teaching all these courses on Udemy and this is The Complete
Udemy Instructor Course. If you look at my profile you can see 90,000 plus student here all kinds of courses on
all kinds of subjects here. You can teach courses online too using what you’ve learned
here with me today. Just to get motivated and get started. If you’ve ended up
watching this on YouTube I’ve got a YouTube course here that will allow you to see exactly how you can repeat this
process on YouTube. You can take this course, now Udemy is doing a temporary
coupon on this course. You can take this course
here and learn exactly how I’m able to get you to watch this if you’ve seen this on YouTube. Now there’s a little special
thing I’ll show you here since you’ve watched to the very end. I’ll show you my secret little page here, maybe not so secret now. It’s my jerrybanfield.com/thankyou9. I have $9.00 coupons to all
of my courses on this page. So if you just click on
these it’s a better deal than you’re going to get anywhere else. $9.00 to take the course, it’s better than Udemy’s
$10.00 Black Friday deal they’re doing. It’s $9.00, you pretty
much can’t lose on it. If you’ve watched this much
you know you like learning with me enough that you
might want to keep going. I’m honored you’ve watched so much, I hope this tutorial is helpful for you. I followup with these things in my Facebook course all the time. I continue learning and growing every day and showing you exactly how all these things I’m doing
are working out for me. These ads are active, we’ll
see what happens with them and you can get access to more
of my courses at any time, jerrybanfield.com, $25.00 coupons or if you want the $9.00 ones /thankyou9, $9.00 coupons right here. All the courses I’m teaching. Thank you very much for watching and I hope you have a great day today.

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