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๐Ÿ”ต T.D. Jakes 2019 – It Shall Come to Pass! – T.D. Jakes Motivational Video!

๐Ÿ”ต T.D. Jakes 2019 – It Shall Come to Pass! – T.D. Jakes Motivational Video!

I want you to look at Deuteronomy 28 we
might be there all night and it shall come to pass the things that God has
promised you shall not my shall come to pass now your ability to believe that
determines your ability to receive that hear me if you don’t believe that you
won’t receive that you really do have to be fully persuaded in your heart that it
shall come to pass I have never ever in my life believed that I was supposed to
be broke now you know that I have been broke broke so broke I didn’t have all
the letters to spell bro I have never believed I was supposed to
be broke I have never believed I was supposed to be sick consequently when I
ever I was sick or broke I had a violent reaction to either one of them I mean I
don’t accept either one of them very well
I just just like you know all subs got to be done right away I cuz you know
everything but stop I don’t feel good that’s bad because I am not supposed to
feel bad I am supposed to have lots of energy and feel good and wake up in the
morning feeling fresh leap out of bed like a swimmer i warrior throw my
clothes up in the air and jump up under a man run into my day I am supposed to
be that’s that’s in my head and I’m gonna tell you something that kind of
ideology does not just start with Scripture it starts with how you raise
your children it is very important that you raise your children with a faith
filled heart to believe that they are the head and not the tail because many
of us that were getting lots of word we’re struggling to overcome 20 years of
conditioning that we would never be anything or that we would never have
anything or that we would never be able to accomplish anything or nobody will
ever love you some of you are still cursed of under the curse of somebody’s
words spoken I mean nobody will ever love you you’re stupid and your England
you just like your aunt Helen and all this kind of stuff in all of those words
get down in you and and you become pregnant because words are seeds and
they germinate in the womb of your heart and you become pregnant with what
somebody said about you and if you don’t abort those seeds out of your heart you
will bring forth what they said about you and a lot of your time the reason
that you’ve been slowed down some and other people have received more readily
than you some of them didn’t have to overcome what you had to overcome
mentally Bible said in Romans that you had to be transformed by the renewing of
– some people’s mind didn’t have to be ass transformed as yours did because
they weren’t as scarred in some of the places that you were scarred and say
some of us readily received some things that other people struggle to receive
and it’s not just an intellectual thing where you say oh yeah yeah yeah I
believe it should come to pass I believe it you can’t make yourself believe it
you can’t just walk around I believe it I believe it I believe it I believe it I
believe I can fence I confess it has to be a conviction in your spirit something
deep down inside of you that you really do believe it shall come to pass
I didn’t say I’ve never been sick I didn’t say it never been broke I’m not
saying that I have been both but I never did accept that as something I was
supposed to live with I just didn’t believe it I never did believe that’s
why I didn’t like it I didn’t like it one little bit
my wife is to console me maybe it don’t matter where we live long we together it
don’t make no difference there’s no water on it don’t make no difference the
tennis shoes got a hole in it is he got beautiful feet and all that kind of it
and I appreciated the consolation but I just had a horrible allergic reaction to
that because I thought it wasn’t supposed to be that and as a man I held
myself responsible as a man I saw myself as chiefly responsible because my body
goes nowhere that my head don’t think and and being the head of the house is
not somebody who just gives orders see my head holds my eyes since where my
vision is are you hearing what I’m saying and so
there has to be something in your spirit it doesn’t matter how low you start it
doesn’t matter what you have to go through and you’ve heard my testimony I
started out bidding with nothing and and down and went up under the nothing and
couldn’t find nothing and we start to get to nothing all that kind of stuff
like that but there the difference between being poor in your circumstances
and being poor in your attitude you have to believe that it shall come to pass it
shall come to pass you need to put that in your children at that age right there
that little boy right there just right there it’s right there how old is he 4
he’s just right just right to him still in him you are somebody
it shall come to pass God’s going to bless you I don’t care where we start
when it’s all over you’re going to do awesome thing you’re gonna be his stand
up like a man hold your head up you are somebody you started that that injection
of faith starts at that early ages and then as they mature you direct that
faith toward Christ but there has to be something in you
that believes in God yes but also believes in you a lot of
people believe in God who don’t believe in themselves I know some of you have
too deep for this and you can’t handle this
but I believe Paul said if I’m not crazy I believe he said I can do all things
through Christ which strengthens me it wasn’t enough for him to say God can do
all things cuz that don’t help me he said I can do all things through Christ
which strengthens me are you hearing what I’m saying
on the top of your notes right it’ll work if you work it it will work if you
work it it will work if you work it nothing works
if you don’t work it nothing’s going to just happen on its own there has to be
that firm conviction in you it will work that’s faith but faith without works is
dead it will work if you work it your business will work if you work it
if anybody opened up a business and they made it you can make it there making it
is proof positive that it will work if you work it they have no more than you
have we all came here with the same stuff to I than two legs two hands and
two feet we came here with the same identical equipment makes no difference
who you are makes no difference in color your skin quit allowing yourself too
many reasons to fail there are people of all colors and cultures who made it in
your city from your background out of your neighborhood against the odds
around people who didn’t like them and they still made it and if they can do it
you better believe it that’s right that’s right that’s right when you go
after something take no hostages take no hostages focus on it in the Bible days
the prophets would ask God before they got into a battle shall I go up if God
said go after they went after it and in most cases when they went after the city
God said take no hostages don’t save anything destroy everything in between
you and what I sent you out to get burn it up set it on fire don’t leave nothing
take no hostages once you’ve got a clear vision of what God has said he would do
in your life take no hostages make no friends do what God called you to do oh
I got chills all over me my God my God my God well I feel the Word of God
coming out of my spirit coming right out of my spirit some of you are messing up
because you’re trying to make too many friends you’re so lonely that you’re making
friends with people that delay you when God has given you an objective you have
to go after it and you have to be careful many many rights as men lost the
battle because of their association you hooked up with the wrong people that
mess you up take no hostages if God said it shall come to pass it shall come to
pass and I don’t have to buddy-buddy with you to get it to come to pass and I
don’t have to play dumb games to get it to come to pass I don’t believe it oh my
god do you hear now I do not believe I don’t have to play politics and I don’t
have to play kissa kissa if God said it shall come to pass it shall come to pass hallelujah I better not start teaching on this
business this is my private stash I don’t know the greatest kind of hallelujah this is my vintage stuff rolling it shall come to pass if you
start getting that in your spirit and in your heart a lot of pettiness will leave
you you’ll start arguing with people about foolish things because your focus
will be sword it shall come to pass you’re looking for it you’re waiting on
it you’re working toward it you don’t have time to be distracted by anything
that’s not relevant to it you are looking for it and not that and not the
other I am after it what in it it shall come to pass the thing that God promised
me that’s what I want to see that’s what I want to see and away with everything
else I want to talk about nothing else I don’t want to hear about it I’ll have
time for even if I’m smiling at you I ain’t listening and trendy the golf seventh roof roof
it’s not about it I’m really not listening
I miss my love I don’t know what you said because I’m looking for you
once you cock your sights on it to get your sights set on it don’t let nothing
move you to the left or the right I don’t care what it is it might be your
GED focus on it might be your diploma it might be your degree it makes no
difference what it is whatever it is once you focus on it God said that thing
is yours take no hostages don’t take no for an answer
keep on climbing until you get it and just because men say no don’t mean it’s
not going to happen it does not baby you don’t hear what I
said it does not it does not mean it’s not going to happen it may not happen to
you but it don’t mean it ain’t gonna happen
it may not happen to her but it don’t mean that it’s not gonna happen
I don’t care how God does it I just know that he’s going to do it and it shall
come the bed test some I say work that thing work it what you’re doing giving up you
ain’t dead don’t give up you know I gave up when I died you say well he’s through
long as there’s a bleep on the monitor don’t count me out
what you doing giving up God said it shall come to pass while you stopped
expecting it he didn’t say it was there yet he said it shall come to pass your
ability to believe it determines your ability to receive it it shall come to
pass are you hearing what I’m saying I can’t hardly stand to teach this kind of
stuff it just does something to me hallelujah thank you Jesus glory to God
I don’t care how bad your dead is I don’t care how bad your credit is I
don’t care how far you’re under you can’t help where you been Jim changed
where you’re going now that you’re getting your things lined up just tell
you something this child coming to bed lay hands on every one of them bill say
it shall come to pass I may not have y’all paid off right now but it shall
come to pass call all your creditors and tell her I know I’ve been behind but it
shall come to bear oh you don’t hear what I’m saying we’ve
been silent about what you believe if you believe you’re coming out and start
talking it tell them you’re coming out I know about their hand and I know I’ve
been late and I told you to check within the bend you never got it but let me
tell you something it shall come to pass I’m gonna send you a payment and a half
till I get out of this and I’m a double up and you can count on me when my tax
returns come back – your triple payment but one way or the other I’m coming out
of this if I can’t come out with a shovel I’m coming out with a spoon but
I’m a big my way out cuz it shall come to pass
I’m coming out with a fork I’m coming out with the big scratch my way out but
I’m coming out I’ve never seen such hopelessness and
discouragement you have no right to be discouraged discouraged about what
hopeless about what you’re alive you’re not dead get up you don’t like the way
things are change it change it ain’t no needed you sucking up God’s here if your
ain’t gonna change anything you’re not gonna change it if they just keel over
and die if you don’t keep living every day what are you going to do with these
weeks and months and years if you’re not going to change your situation your
circumstance why are you crying about stuff you can
change get off I refuse to cry about anything I can fix I’m not gonna cry
about I’m gonna fix it I don’t like being around your angle tribe out there
on the leaves it’s been here be all stressed out you go to your corner I’ll
go to mine why are you crying about things we got
control over see God is raising up radical people why would God give you
power and then not want you to use it that’s water that you should have power
after that the Holy Ghost will come upon you no need to give power to somebody
don’t cry you don’t hear what I’m saying to you
you’re in a fight and you getting beat up and I hand you a stick and then they
leave me handing your stick if you will stand there and cry here they’ll think
I’m the Frog and keep my cigarettes you get beat up by hand you the stick I’m
giving you the power of this situation wipe your face and start swinging it’ll
work if you work it it’ll work if you work it v ain’t gonna fight if you don’t
swing it when Moses came to God crying the first thing God estimates what is
that in your hand don’t ask me to do what I gave you power to do I gave you
that stick raise it up raise that sucker in there and watch me deliver you it
will work if you work it don’t keep praying about stuff I gave you power
over it will work if you work it ask your neighbor what is that in your hand
so that means we got to do some gift assessments we got to do some gift
assessments we got to assess what do we have instead of crying about what we
don’t have and who wasn’t there who left us and who didn’t raise us in who for
suckers and who betrayed us and who was different who laugh oh you can’t work
with nothing you ain’t God what is that in your hand
use what God gave you you got to use what you got left you can’t worry about
the years you lost you got to use for years we got left you can’t go back to
being 15 if you fought it but what are you gonna do afford it take 40 and work
it by you some feral baby have some extensions of right if you don’t know what expenses are I’ll
explain later greatly support if they’ll shop hearken diligently unto the voice
of the LORD thy God if thou shalt hearken diligently not half-heartedly it
is that diligence that makes the difference in success if the it shall
come to pass it shall come it not the coming the coming is on it it shall come
to pass the if is on you it shall come to pass if thou not God because God’s
already tell you it’s in the wheel for you if thou shalt hearken diligently whenever it comes to things being
changed in your life nothing changes without diligence I’ve never in my life
fighting anything that’s changed easily many of the things I’ve had to fight in
my life while I was fighting them I was wonder to myself or other people knew
how hard it was to do it oh my god when I jumped on the treadmill and I was
weighing 360 pounds and they said you know how they say eat right and exercise
a little bit you’ll do good well see before I will I was like eating all this
stuff and saying well I better go for a walk and I walked in there to the
bedroom you know or something maybe walk back for from the mall a
couple of times you know something I found that that is what they mean at all
hate me where you are sweating and sweats running down your back and your
hives of bulls out of your head and your thighs jumping your leave knees are
jerking the fat on your ankle that’s falling over your foot they’ve been mean
get down and after everything run you soaking wet three or four times a week
you start seeing a change I thought oh I taught you that you just do something
you know I think whoo I worked out that’s not what they’re talking about at
all any diligence effort nobody builds a business visiting the company they’re
building they mean like 16 hours a day diligence you ought to be focused on it
you can’t be building something and vacationing you can’t open up a bakery
and eat up the profits and in fact God isn’t blessing me it’s not the God in
blessing you it is diligence you can’t get customers that you’re taking care of
and come hour and a half late and then wonder why you’re not
successful he means diligence you can’t open up Joe’s barbecue pit and the and
and the barbecue is raw and the sauce is leaking all out of the bag and I’m doing
the best I can child I die my sister didn’t come to
work today and he’ll it I don’t want to hear that Hebrews 11 says God is a
rewarder of them that diligently seek Him the reward is based on diligence the
reward is based on diligence know diligence know reward you know why there
are people in here who got their doctorate agreed they were diligent I
found out it wasn’t that they weren’t necessarily brighter than anybody else
sometimes they weren’t as bright I’m amazed that the people who get degrees here my heart about the back door throw
them out the window but that wasn’t it they would just diligent they did a
little thing a long time till it became a big thing diligence diligence
diligence is what causes rocks to erode the picking of a drop of water on a
stone will leave an impression if it is diligent whatever that spirit is is
telling you that you are not making any difference and you might as well quit it
is a lying demon it is a lying demonic spirit if a drop of water on a solid
rock can make a difference and just by being persistent no bigger no smaller no
heavier no greater just one drop that will not stop dropping on a rock will
make a difference then how much more aren’t you to be able to make a
difference if you are diligent just do not stop I know I hit something I feel
it it’s a spirit it’s a spirit of hopelessness it’s all over this whole
cities this over this whole area there’s a fear of oppression where where you
either up or down and there’s some kind of wall in between the two extremes and
if you’re down you think you cannot get up and the enemy convinces you that it
is hopeless and that you can never change that is the demonic spirit it is
a lying demonic evil wicked spirit you know like your life change it you don’t
like your finances change it I’m not talking about falling on the floor and
prophesy and speaking in turn it up get up baby it’ll work if you work it
safe without works is dead God told your faith without works is
dead being alone read the book of James faith without works is dead being alone
I’m glad you believe God but if you don’t get up and worked it ain’t gonna
happen touch somebody say work that thing diligence checking on your stuff taking
care of your business leaving no unanswered questions find out
call talk to people ask questions oppose it come up against it
educate yourself on it speak out jesus said to the believer in order if you
want to move the mountain you have to speak to it silent faith will move no mountains did
you hear me silent faith moves no mountains it has
to be a speaking faith you have to speak up or nothing happens to silent people all you gonna get by being salad is run
over and a nervous breakdown nervous breakdown holding all that stuff
inside of you you want to see a change open your mouth speak to the mountain he
said to move if you talk to it every day and a move Jesus talked to a tree walked
up to a fig tree it said you cursed you’re not fruitful he said I curse you
when they came back and it withered up and died remember what I told you years
ago about that house I told my sister I said that house is lying on me it was
laying over like that now I have mercy I was living in it I
called the house a liar I look at I said you a liar I don’t believe you I don’t
believe you you can’t hold me all right there either so you have the
advantage of combining your faith with your finances with the formulas I’ve
been teaching you and when you combine that Trinity it becomes a powerful
opposition against the enemy and breaks curses off of your spirit and off of
your life it shall come to pass that if thou hearken diligently unto the voice
of that God hearken diligently what God has spoken unto you you got a heart
condition I’m not just talking about shouting about it I’m talking about if
God said he’s gonna do it for you you gotta line everything in your life up in
alignment with what God said he was gonna do in your life forgot to say this time in your life for
you to have companionship you got to line everything up with it you got to
start thinking for – getting out of debt getting yourself situated getting
everything prepared whatever God said he’s gonna do if he
said he’s gonna do it get ready for it I hope you didn’t coming here all sad
and drained out and depressed and need Geritol stuff because you’re gonna be
uncomfortable in here you’re either gonna get up and get out of here you
either gonna get in alignment or I’m gonna get on your nerves so bad you can
put up your finger in a minute tip out of here it lives and preach the boughs
in the valley till they start jumping and coming together I’m gonna keep
talking to you until so much faith gifts in you that you started hooking up and
making connections people don’t wonder what in the world happened to you since
you’ve been going on old crazy Church at OU pot house you can go to that pot
house over there you have got all crazy and a radical it used to be nice you
wouldn’t say nothing you just take everything and lay down now you starting
to think you could own this joint well why not what’s wrong with me greed all just let
me get he said you got to observe and do all his commandments observe them
respect them study them analyze them and do all of his Commandments all of his
command and not some of them all of his Commandments everything in alignment
everything in alignment I praise God I praise God every day that
I think that he taught me to tired appraisin every day I praise it every
day that he taught me the time because if I tell you over and over again
nobody tires out of emotions tiling in the discipline and in order to do it you
have to have a discipline about it it can’t be where I got to talk you into it
every Sunday and I got to preach you into a fit and finally you say yes Lord
and come crying down now no it has to be a discipline in your life and discipline
is for people who are disciples are you hearing what I’m saying
and women when I finally learn to put God first in the process of putting him
first I had to figure out now what suck it now what’s third now what’s four now
what’s fifth and what he did he called my life to order first things first
he called my life to order he said there’s no way you can be my child and
still have your life out of order order in the court I call your life to order
I’ll call your sexuality to order I call your finances to order I call your
emotions to order I call your mind tour you cannot have a nervous breakdown
I’m calling your mind so Hana bring yourself here somebody shout order that’s what God
wants in your life he’s bringing order into your life no more chaos no more if
it feels good do it no more just running listlessly
as if time was something that you would have forever God said I am calling your
life to order I’ll let you do it your way so you would
figure out your way didn’t work I’ll let you alone and see where it got you
and when you finally humble yourself and seek my way now maybe now I can show you
how to get out of it because before you were listening to me but if you listen
at me now and if you hearken unto my world I will show you how to get out of
the trouble you’re in I don’t want to have hearted attention
where you come in on Sunday and I like you’re doing me a favor when I get
through women you in love I’m going everyday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday you said all the Jesus I saw a ball some of you can’t relate to that cuz you
had no real trouble real trouble is the humbling experience you listen you get
in enough trouble you listen diligently to say anything else you want me to do
what else do you want me to do how do you want me to say it
which way do you want you want me say this way what’s gonna where I sort of go
I mean when you really been in trouble Fifi you have never had any trouble real
trouble will make you listen my god I feel the anointing of the holy go I said
real trouble will make you listen don’t worry about hard-headed people that
haven’t had trouble with you have enough trouble you listen touch your neighbor says she’ll come to
page we don’t listen this day that the Lord thy God was sent Leon high above
all nations of the earth and all these blessings shall come on Dee and all
these blessings shall come on thee wait a minute he said all these blessings shall come
only you know one of the hardest things about being a minister is the
frustration of preaching something that you know it’s true to people who have
ignored the truth of it it’s frustrating oh it’s right it’s finally winning
something you know it’s true and everything yeah you know and it just
makes you just want to slap somebody just say did you don’t do it but you
feel it when the Bible said all these blessings all these blessings all of
these lights shall come upon you they just gonna come on you that alone
is enough for you to bring your whole life into alignment that you would just
be walking along and bless it will just come home have you ever been talking to
some man just got chill bumps that’s how the blessings out of just
come on just they say what’s wrong with you nothing it’s just blessings coming
over he just bless me again just for no reason just your diligence and your
focus and your commitment God said all these blessings shall come upon you now
give me that next one and over and take over you say overtake it fetch it a
little English word that it doesn’t really have the impact until we switch
it around he says it’ll take over you the blessing will take over you the
blessing will take over you the blessing will take over you it’ll take it literally means it’ll tackle you it
means it’ll run you down tackle you over in the floor your blessing to knock you
off your feet tell your neighbor say neighbor if you
focus in the year 2000 your blessings are gold tackle you your blessings are going to tackle you
they are going to take over some of you’ve got sort of hooked on trouble
that you’re not even glad to hear that because you have become so implanted
with grief and pain and feeling sorry and make it everybody else feel sad and
don’t like it feel good around you if they come around you feeling good how
you gonna lead during that time to hear all if I’m going through you just got so
in the pain that you don’t want to be delivered but a few of us are sick and
tired of being sick and tired oh my god somebody holler tackles that’s why we’re
getting you ready that’s why we’re talking about getting God first in your
life getting your finances in order to get out of debt so you won’t be a slave
cable bless us tackle no slave and you coming down with all kind of waste and
not ready to receive what God has for you he had to get you out of seeing nice
getting you out of debt y’all out here can you see God is taking you somewhere
little by little he’s just preparing you from faith to faith and from glory to
glory because the kingdoms of this world are about to become the kingdoms of our
God and of his Christ oh you got into church at the right time
cuz the Church of God is taking over baby first and Republicans was talking
about faith-based entity now the Democrats are talking about faith-based
entity was all over here back gonna be talking about faith faith faith over
talking about faith touch my hands are talking about faith they don’t know how
to define it but everybody’s talking about faith with us all of the churches
go so you call my name Here I am I am faith in God look at how
it brought me out look at what it did for me you should have seen look at this
is before this is a stir check me out no hitman I got a move on I’ll tell you some of
the stuff you’re suffering with now you need to take pictures of it because if
you don’t take pictures of it when God gets to bringing you out of it nobody
will really believe that you ever went through with your weather you need to
get a photo album to convince him or where you came from because your
testimony is going to look ridiculous when God gets me blessing you nobody
would ever believe that says I know you don’t vasin folks in here right now if you saw
where they came from it would blow your mind you two got a
Brit now and start acting all wonderful now let me take you back to one of your
family reunions uncle Georgian them come out Willie James a sweet back and if
they may after lien and the rest of you know you
don’t forgot huh you just dr. for so now real miserable words thou shalt hearken
unto the voice of the LORD thy God blessed shalt thou be in the city he
said if you will listen and me it will make no difference your geographical
location he said I will bless you irrespective of where you are
the blessing won’t be on the place the blessing will be on you I don’t care
whether you in the city or in the field he said when I get through blessing you
they’ll move you from place to place and you’ll be just as much blessed over here
and it’s your world over there I’ll bless you coming in and going out I
bless your driving and your down or your don’t believe this word when God blesses
you I don’t care who you are I don’t care what color you are I don’t care
whether you graduated or agitated if God get ready to bless you he will bless you
and leave everybody talking about stomp your foot you need to put your
foot on some things that’s out of control in your right and I’m saying
that the blessing is not in your economy it’s not in your community the blessing
is on you and whether you’re in the city or in the field it don’t make no
difference if God said he’s gonna bless you no weapon formed against I just want
to throw you show you that little bit back there is that alright this is a
little something just go back to Deuteronomy 28 from them just read down
in there a little bit blessed blessed shalt I’ll be in the city and blessed
shalt I’ll be in the field blessed shall be the fruit of thy body
and the fruit of thy ground and the fruit of thy cattle the increase of thy
kind and the flocks of thy sheath blessed shall be thy basket and I store
he said when I bless you he said I will bless everything you are involved in and I was excited when he said he
blessed the food of my body that’s my children and he said he blessed my
children I understood that but when God started saying he bless your goats I’ll bless your property i bless your
washing machine and dry I’m blessing cuz it’s yours I’ll keep
the company open because you work there do y’all hear what I’m trying to get in
is me that when you this this is this is why you gotta focus you gotta focus
because God has blessed you and when you know you’re blessed I don’t care how
crushed the ground even if a blessed man get a hope to it you can break the curse
if you are blessed test somebody tell him I’m blessed enough to break this
curse I am blessed enough to break this curse I am blessed enough to break this
curse I am blessed enough to break this curse I am blessed enough to break this
curse I am blessed enough to break this I am blessed enough to break this I’m sorry I interrupted you again I’m
sorry we blasted shaft I’ll be will now
punished in and blessed shall I be when thou goest out the lordship house thine
enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy things do not fight
them do not fight them the Lord shall cause yo enemy to be
smitten before your face he said don’t fight them
just watch me kill them that’s why when Israel talked about God they said God is
terrible because if God gets on your case he will devour you God’s judgment
is so strong that you God you will have to stand outside and intercede for your
enemy until God stop it that’s enough I’m okay you don’t have to hurt them
anymore because God will go off on that enemy that’s trying to penalize you
because you God’s child and you ain’t seen nobody
fight til you mess with their children read that verse about the enemies
there’s somebody come out against you one way seven he said I’m ghost adder
then and you gonna see them going all different kinds of ways trying to get
away and you don’t even have to do that Nagel coming you they’re gonna be
focused will they come against you but when I get through hitting them I’m
gonna divide them so that they can’t even focus and all through the Bible God
confuse the enemies of Israel till they kill themself God will confuse your
enemy they’ll have so much trouble in the whole life
don’t forget what they were gonna do to you and have to scatter sit down almost finished say god then once you fightin your enemy
cuz if you do that you’re gonna lose your focus you’ll lose your focus and
your strength within your diligence and if you stop doing what he told you to do
and start fighting someone else you won’t be diligent some things you don’t
even answer you don’t even respond to you know you act like you don’t even
know they said it you don’t even let her know that you know she’s after your
husband fix us some coffee make us some cookies say consider when you get mad you look
scared I’ve never seen so many Church folks out
on me just here but this our generation that their church for the church was
four years and don’t know a thing about spiritual warfare it’s amazing a whole
army chess folk who don’t know how to fight barely have know how to fight
they’d be just going back into their old nature talking about the weapons of our warfare are not
carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds
– them down imaginations every high thing that exalts itself against the
knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every top unto the obedience
of Christ that’s not how you fight you don’t go in
there offer the fit not about you giving me this raid oh you go in the bathroom
set yourself up in the stall and say God I mean if you believe you’re really
right promotion them come from the east to the west promotion comes from the law
I don’t have to go up and ask you for no promotion that’s God for the promotion
gotta talk to you and they got to go around you I get a promotion you won’t
even go I got it my cousin Elias send me some money baby resources you’ve never
seen anybody got any faith in here some I tell them it’ll work until working vory me a little bit more the lord shall
command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses and in all that thou settest
thine hand unto and he shall bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God
giveth thee he said I will bless everything you put your hands on now I
know when I teach stuff like this until everybody won’t get it I can accept but
if ten percent get it justice then get it just ten percent it forever I get a
path to get it he said everything if you will just obey my word and do what I
told you to do do it like I told you to do it he said everything you put your
hands on I’m trying to say here’s the process of
laying on of hands the transfer of blessings it’s on you the thing you
touch said I will bless the works of your hands I bless you to do stuff with
your hands that other people couldn’t do so you got to stop being intimidated by
other people’s failures because other people are come and say I tried and I
mean you’re trying that I tried that it can be done but that was your hand I feel sorry for the old devil he’s
gonna be in trouble some of y’all gonna wear him out you
goes out there yes and everything he’ll put your handle you’ll be stomping on it
look speaking to it stomping on it and touching it you know what that is that’s
empowerment empowered what what I’m attempting to do is empower you for the
21st century to get you away from a defeat if a defeatist mentality to break
the cycle of victimization where you are always the victim somebody then Derby
Road what they have done done me wrong song you’ve been singing that done me
wrong song for 28 years tied me again every time I turn around
it’s a spirit don’t like your life changing
Christian’s you save you feel what the Holy Ghost you gonna reboot cancer and
you can’t reboot debt you all speak to nations and you can’t speak to your car
payment thank you Lord the Lord said to me just
now to remove the spirit of fear I come against the spirit of fear and the
spirit of intimidation that has bound the people of God you’ve been a pharaoh
in the lives of this people you’ve held them captive intimidated them locked
them up in their houses locked them up in their jobs locked them up in their
relationships lock them up in their faith but I come against the spirit of
fear right now and intimidation you will not hold them another day
I command handcuffs and chains to fall off the life of this people right now I
speak of radical revolution right now in the name of Jesus fear you are dismissed
I command you to go brake off for their minds brake brake brake off of those
knots break all those minds I command you to go now in the name of Jesus
somebody give God praise right now giving praise tesslar man telling I’m not afraid
do it it will work if I work it it will work I’m going to do it somebody lift your hands just worship
him a minute in the Holy Ghost I feel a spiritual dimension coming upon
this place focused on the dlci and the recent a son
Daniel goes the under fish charity
you are God the corella bohol shocked you are God the calorie of the
chandelier syndication along you are God I am doing and the country of Sita the other kids under you
Ella box videos Ella bakashot area spirit of fear his work to the health several people
captive in a lot of different ways fear fear and threatening spirit a voice
of intimidation a voice of intimidation a voice of intimidation a voice of
intimidation a spirit of fear a fear of failure a fear of not succeeding and not
accomplishing what what God would have you to do a sense of being in prison a
feeling of disenchantment a loss of interest in life falling off of you
falling out of you it’s a strong spirit sent to hole you bewitch to betray you
by and you limit you isolates who alienate you spirit of fear spirit of
fear every time you would stand up and would say sit down get in your place hallelujah strong spirit personal war
secret conflict people don’t even know what’s going on
you don’t even look afraid it’s not an outward timidity this is an inner
struggle born from inner voices I hear voices talking to you limiting you
threatening you intimidating you hallelujah thank you Jesus thank you
Lord the anointing of God is here to break that yolk in your life you

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  1. You all are blessed and highly favored! Thank you all and God bless you ALL in any and all that you do. I definitely needed every word, every ounce of energy, inspiration , and every drop of that living water. You ALL are my fiends and Family and it means the ๐ŸŒŽ to me!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ the universe wouldn't be the same without you all!! Much love and respect! Till next time, take care and know that you always have a friend in me… Doesn't matter rhyme or reason๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ

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  3. This message was so right on point. so powerful Oh my, I love it, Thank you Bishop thank you God for blessing TD Jakes.

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  5. There is chains in my family that I need to break, I'm getting help,I believe, I'm holding on to my lil faith. I only have my mama,my oldest child, myself and my BBY girl. We are broke at least serverly bent. Lord fix all this.. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  6. My Living Situation, Being Treated Bad, Being Used, and My Mental State!!!!! I CLAIM IT!!!! THIS TOOOOOO SHALLL PASSSS, AMENNNN๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  7. I needed to hear this message today.ย  because I sit here so broken, but this is not just aย  reminder but a confirmation that the promises of God are real and we just need to hold on to his word, to his promises, to his fruit. The wait is long.ย  The struggle and hurt at times are unbearable, but deep down inside of me, I believe that he has my back and he lives within me and he will deliver me out of this broken spirit.

  8. Mr Jakes I don't know if you read these comment's, but sir can u pray for my friend Nigel. He gets these headaches, and they are so bad that he blackout when ever they come on. We can't afford to come to America to see the best doctors, because we live Trinidad. But if u can ask God to save my friend . please.

  9. Please pray for me to receive motivation to have a positive state of mind during the day. I feel like I've been affected greatly by the negative thinking of others.

  10. I believe it shall come to past. I am the First African American woman to become the top transformational speaker in the world! I am a New York Times best selling author several times over. I am a Real Estate mogual. It shall come to past, it's in my DNA!

  11. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Holy! Neighbors O Neighbors shall come to pass in the mighty name of Jesus.Holy! Amen! Hallelujah! God bless you Bishop Jakes for this sermon.
    Shalom and blessings!๐Ÿ™

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Holy! Neighbors O Neighbors I'm blessed Abundantly to break this curse! I'm blessed extraordinary to destroy this yokes! I'm blessed enough to break this wretched curse from off me in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen! Amen! Amen! Deut 281:1-14. Amen Hallelujah! God bless Bishop Jake's. Shalom and blessings!

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  14. Bishop Jakes l want to get back to life. I've been dealing with health challenges that has kept me from making future plans because l don't want to fail. Please pray with me to over come this fear. Amen

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  17. So true words are seed I was told so much negative things when I was going up but I continue to say myself I will never be that person and I thank God I am a his child things have changed the enemy is put to shame,I am striving against all odds

  18. I agree, believe that the spoken words shall come to pass over Kay Brown .
    The lord is blessing me this moment to
    Bless this curse Glory hallelujah
    Amen and Amen

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