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🔴BLOCK EVERY Advert Firestick, Android, APK, Mobdro, Terrarium TV no ads

🔴BLOCK EVERY Advert Firestick, Android, APK, Mobdro, Terrarium TV no ads

hey guys welcome back in this video I’m
going to be showing you how you can block all adverts on all apks on all
devices now this method works perfectly fine on both Wi-Fi and mobile networks
it doesn’t require route and it’s perfectly safe to do I’ve been running
this method now for the last 4 months and I’ve not seen any adverts on my apks
just to show you how great this is in my last video we reviewed an apk for IPTV I
mentioned how great it was it didn’t have any adverts but when some of my
viewers saw it they did complain that they could see adverts and the reason
for that was they weren’t running the same fix that I was now I’ve been
running this fix for the last couple of months now and it’s one of those things
that we just set and forget and it pretty much blocks everything so I’m
gonna show you how you can do that but before I start I did mention in my last
video that the first three people to leave the comment have a nice weekend
I’ll give you a mention in my next video so all of the names you can see you know
screw you right now I want to give a shout out to and say thanks so make sure
you watch this video to the end to find out how you can feature in my next video
so it all of that being said let’s get started
ok so to install on a fire stick it’s gonna be a four-step procedure step one
is to make sure you go to your settings device options developer options and
make sure these two options are set to on if you’ve been installing apks for a
while they’ll probably be on anyway but just double-check that and make sure the
birth set is on and that’s step one done step two is to download an application
called downloader again you probably have already got this
installed but if you haven’t just press left on the remote on the home screen
click on search and then search for the app download or once you see that click
on that click on download and that should now be ready to use to get the
mouse toggle again use the download your application and navigate to this URL
which is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash bit door ly for /td UK ms
e just type that in and click on go when you get to this page click on download
this will download the mouse tol apk to your device now press down a few times
and click on install okay now that’s installed correctly let’s open that up and the key thing you want to see here
on the bottom left where it says status need to make sure that says started at
the moment we can see SS starting so give that a few seconds and now that it
says started we know we’re ready to use the mouse toggle and the way you bring
up the virtual mouse is you double press the play button let me do that now so
one two and we can see there is a virtual mouse and we’re all set so the
ad blocker I’m talking about is called block order which was updated in the
last week so this new version has even more fixes it’s more optimized it runs
perfectly fine in the background and it pretty much blocks everything and where
we get that is we use the downloaded application and we navigate to this URL
which is http:// slash bit door ly four /td UK no ads to
type that in and click on go this will take you to the picada website so when
you get there press down a few times on your remote and then click on this
download block order this will download apk directly to your device now we can
see it’s only three Megan size say it is highly optimized so press down a few
times and then press write to install and just a gentle reminder guys if you
are finding these videos useful do hit that thumbs up and please subscribe to
make sure you don’t miss out on the latest apks the latest builds and the
latest add-ons thanks thank you many see these messages click on open okay so
when you stop Licata for the first time this is what you’ll see I’ll be my
demonstration on the second generation firestick with Alexa and this method
will need to have the mask toggle which I’ll show you how you can install so
when you get to the home screen click here so you can change the option to
armor power user this will give some more options which I’ll show you how you
can use then press down on the remote and select continue so when you start
look harder for the first time you notice hair is currently disabled so the
wavelet Carter works is it has four lists which contained addresses for
advert sides so any apk that tries to connect one of those addresses to
download an advert this will basically block here so by default one file list
is loaded which we can see here one in the black list so by default one file is
loaded and that farlis contains 42,000 hosts so I will pretty much cover most
of yardley anyway so once your neighbor / kadhai
and you notice you’re still seeing adverts in some apks what you can do –
can come back into this and you can click here it says one in the blacklist
and you could enable some of the extra lists which will give you even more
dresses that will be blocked the reason why they’re not all enabled by default
is there’s a risk that you may inadvertently blocks them that you may
actually want to see but really the main list that’s loaded one has 42,000 host
tower cubby for pretty much everything and that’s the list that I had enabled
when I was using the apk for IPTV and I was blocking all of the other words in
there however if you do want to block the adverse on mobbed row you will have
to go in here and add in a custom list which I’ll show you I can do now so as
mentioned this doesn’t need the virtual mouse so we bring that up so let me
double press the play button because he dares the virtual master it’s now I’m
going to click on one in the black list okay so we can see in here one list is
currently enabled and that’s one that has the 42,000 hosts but as I just
mentioned there are other lists as well so if you do find you are getting more
adverts you can enable some of these lists as well so say for example I want
to label this list as well so I’ll go across with the virtual mouse and I just
click here and once it goes orange that means that list is now also loaded so we
now have two lists that were using to block adverts sides so the key thing is
for mobbed row you have to use a custom list because they use random sites which
are not mentioned on any of these sites so the way we add in a custom list is
once again we use the virtual mouse and we click on the plus on the bottom right
let me do that now okay so once we click on the plus we now have the option to
either we add in a host directly said you know adverts are calm or bodyside
calm we can type it in here and now it automatically be blocked now we also
have the option to upload a file so if you have a file which contains all of
the addresses that you wanna block you can also do it here but in our case
we want to link to a file that I’ve created myself so the dress for that is
if you click on link and the dress you want to type in is HTTP colon 4 / 4 /
bit door ly 4 / TD UK no ads 3 so we’ve topped the dress in but you notice when
I click on next nothing happens and a lot of my views
did have this problem and I managed to find a workaround which is bill for
fudge but it does work so just to confirm look a conflict or anything
nothing is working so the way we fix that is once you type your dress in just
press the HOME key this will take you back to your normal Amazon screen now
once again let’s bring up look harder so go down to your app and games scroll
all the way to the right stop look harder again stop look hard again now
we’re back into book harder and we can see now we now have the option to click
on save so it is a little bit fiddly it is a bit of a fudge but it definitely
works so again press down and click on save and we’ve now added in the custom
list another issue here now so people are saying once if I did it in where is
the list of cons here because it’s not here where is the new list and the
reason we can’t see it is it’s actually at the bottom of this list so you have
to scroll down and again with the feisty remote control it’s not easy to scroll
down but you have to use the mouse toggle so once again let me bring up the
mouse toggle double press the play button so there’s the mouse proble s and
what we need to do is we need to hold the select button and then press up at
the same time with the other hand and we can see that stimulates me scrolling up
and here is a new disguise so this process definitely works it is a little
bit fiddly it is a bit for fudge but this is definitely how you can add in a
custom block list on to block harder on your fire stick with just the normal
remote control okay so once we’ve done all of that we now want to click on back
and here we can see now we have three files in the place so we have the
default file we have the second for which I just get one just to show you
then we have my custom block list so three in total which gives us a grand
total of eighty four thousand three hundred and thirty three hosts in the
blacklist so really a dress will have no chance now so now that’s all set all we
need to do now is actually start block order so we can see up here it still
says it’s disabled so again let’s bring up the virtual mouse there it is now
let’s press down a few times scroll to the right and click on this orange power
button let’s click on that okay we’ll get this prompt saying
Jona set up a VPN so bla cada uses a virtual VPN connection to connect so
it’s perfectly fine to click on okay and we can see now it says Lakota is
active now let me go back to the apk and we can see already it started blocking
adverts which is fine let me just go back to the apk that recently reviewed
where people complaining you had adverts so here’s the apk which is a great apk
for live TV guys so how do you recommend it ok so because you straight away IP
TVs playing so let’s back out this let’s try one of these channels let’s
try Sky News and we can see here you see it blocked the advert now this is great
in the beginning because it just shows you how great the cauda is and it’s
blocking everything but after a while you can turn this notification off
business for another channels so MSNBC just looking fine let’s back out this
see again I’ve got blocks and Alice turn off this notification so the way we do
that is press hamburger menu this will take you back into the car door and
where it says here are notifications we want to turn that off so let’s double
press the play button go across to notifications and let’s turn that off so
that means now we’re not going to get any notifications block artists just
gonna run in the background this option here start on boot means even if you
restart your fire stick or fight TV or any Android device but a card is gonna
start matically and it’s gonna be blocking all of your adverts first time
every time till the end of time so so really guys I think this is a great
application and I highly recommend you check it out
right it does anybody still watching my video at this stage I want to need the
comment below CD UK you rock and the first three people to do that I’ll give
you a mention in my next video so let’s do that that’s all for this
video guys I hope you find it useful definitely give this a go try against
your apps like terrarium TV free flicks TVs ion or any app that’s chronic or
adverse see if this fixes it leave me a comment below let me know and I’ll catch
up with you guys real soon thanks that’s it guys I hope you found that video
useful give me a thumbs up if you did comment below let me know if this worked
for you and please subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys
oh and if you’re interested in VPN if you click on that link on the bottom
left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your
privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out a VPN
thanks again guys see you on the next one

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