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๐Ÿ”ดBLOCK ALL ADS ON ALL APP’s & Websites & Games. Firestick Android Devices No root 2019

๐Ÿ”ดBLOCK ALL ADS ON ALL APP’s & Websites & Games. Firestick Android Devices No root 2019

so this is an advert this is an adverb
and here we can just see some more adverts so really guys just adverts
everywhere adverts in your applications adverts in your websites on your home
screen apks adverts are just literally selling your device down plugging up
resources some of these adverts are inappropriate for families how can we
stop all these adverts on our device so in this video today I’ll be showing how
you can install a single apk with a custom block list which will allow you
to block all of these adverts and allow you to take control of your device so
with all of that being said let’s get started so I’m doing my demonstration on
the second-generation fire stick with Alexa but as previously mentioned this
apk works perfectly fine on your Android TV boxes Android phones Android tablets
it’s all good so let me first show you how you can install the apk we’ll then
go through some of the settings we’ll install the custom block list then we
showed the apk working let’s first open up downloader so we can download this
apk now inside downloader we need to navigate to this URL which is HTTP colon
forward slash forward slash bit dot ly ford slash block ads 2019 now this is
actually a dynamic URL which means even if the version of Licata changes as long
as you use this URL this will always take you to the latest version of the
APK so let’s type that in and click on go this should immediately start
downloading the apk for you and we can see it’s doing that okay when you see
this messages I press down a few times and then press write to install IQ and
see this message let’s click on done this will take us back into download and
we can now delete this apk so let’s click on delete and click on delete
again now when you press the HOME key in the remote okay so to find the new apk
let’s just hold down the home button on the remote and let’s click on apps this
will take us to our apps library now when you go to the bottom of this list
by pressing left here is the new apk there okay let’s fire that up so this is
the latest version 3.6 and some of the changes are the
done here is they’ve deprecated some of the features because I think they’re
trying to streamline the application and at the same time they’ve added in some
of the extra features that we can see here let’s click on continue
so as previously mentioned this applicators actually required the mouse
toggle to do the initial configuration but once you’ve configured block order
you can leave it running in the background and you won’t see any more
adverts so the very first thing we need to do is bring up the Virtual Mouse plus
double press the play button there’s a virtual master so the first thing you
want to click on is where it says one in the black list so for the people that
don’t know the way black order works is you have a bunch of files which contain
adverts sites or advert hosts which basically serve adverts now it’s up to
you to go into the settings and say I want to enable these particular files
now if you do enable a certain file which has a certain host the next time
your application your apk your website when it tries to access their hosts to
download the advert to your device because our host is matched in that
father you enabled that will basically be blocked from loading on your device
which means you won’t see that adverb now what that means with you is your
application will probably faster it will save on your data charges if you’re
doing this on a cell phone or on a mobile device and on top of that you can
enjoy your application without those nasty adverts now so by default one file
list is enabled which has 189,000 240 Hertz which will basically block most of
the adverts that you see anyway however certain applications certain streaming
applications certain live TV applications that used as video based
adverts and unfortunately those are not blocked by the default list so what we
need to do is load my special list which will basically block all of those
adverts from all those apks as well so the way we do that is once again let’s
bring up the virtual mouse and at the top right where it says one in the black
list let’s click there now what we want to do
we can see over here that the only one that’s enabled by default eyes blue list
which is a very good list but again it doesn’t capture all of the adverts on
some of those more exotic apks now we need to basically add in a custom apk
now the way we do that is we need to click on the plus icon so either we can
click on the plus icon here we can click here or we can go to the one right at
the top so this is good the one at the top let’s click here now here we can see
it’s asking us that either we can specify a web address
or we can click across to hosts and here we can actually add in individual hosts
so for example if I know there’s an advert or if I know my apk gets adverts
from you know bad hosts or bad com I can type that in and the next time my apk
tries to connect to that block harder will then block here and that advert one
load but now case we’re gonna use a web address so if you go back into link so
this is where it’s gonna get a little bit fiddly so please do pay attention
mediator did actually take me a while to work this out but you see now is asking
us to actually enter in a web address which will have a list of all of the
hosts that we want to block the trouble is when I click here with the foster
c’mon control we can see I don’t actually get a keyboard for me to type
this address in because I’m clicking here and nothing is happening so how do
I bring up the keyboard so I can now she type in the address so the way we do
that guys is we double press the play button let’s do that again because the
mast income up there is now here we have to double click now so one two and we
can see we now have the keyboard so it is a bit fiddly guys but it definitely
does work let me do that one more time guys and
now we can see now that the keyboard is up if I should try and type something in
and then click on next we can see doesn’t actually accept the
neck so here we have to press the HOME key and it’s a bit long-winded guys but
it definitely does work then we go back into then we go back into block order
now we can see we’re now out of the keyboard so let’s not do that one more
time so here we can see once again we can bring up the keyboard I’m clicking
nothing is happening so the way we bring up the keyboard is we double press the
play button we go into the line here and now double click again now we can now
enter in address which is HTTP colon forward slash four slash bit door ly
four /td UK 2020 and as we mentioned guys because of that slight bug we can
click on next our compress hair a few times it doesn’t make any difference so
the way we get around this buggy’s we need to press the home button on the
remote this will take us out but a kadhai and we go medially back into it
and we can see now that the dress is there and I could now press down on the
remote and click on save so this is basically how you work around
that slight bug but again once you’ve got this in there you won’t have to
worry about this ever again and this list was updated on the
seventh of November which is today so this will have some extra hosts compared
to the previous list which means now even more adverts than before will be
blocked okay let’s click on save okay so now we
can see that we’ve saved that list but we can actually see on the screen and
the reason for that is all of the custom lists get added to the bottom of the
screen so the way we get the bottom of the screen is if you bring up the
virtual mass again double press the play button and now we need to scroll down so
to scroll down using the virtual mouse we press the forward key on the remote
so let me do that now forward now we can see that’s now scrolling down and right
here on the bottom and right here on the bottom right we can see that we have a
link from bitly which is a TD UK 2020 and because EDA has already been enabled
which is this red sauce which air or this Amber’s which air so now that’s
done we can now go back up here on the top left and we can see now on the top
right it says here we have two in the black list and we can see that the host
number has gone up from before because we’ve now added in the hosts from the
custom list so that’s it guys we’re now pretty much good to go so but just
before we do the let me just take you into the Advanced Settings now here you
can actually disable the virtual mouse and just navigate by pressing up and
down so so here we can specify the frequency that the lists are actually
downloaded so if the lists are being regularly updated you can say download
them once a day or once a week but we can see the default only set to once a
day so we can leave there let’s go further down so the next option is
download and Wi-Fi only so if you’re doing this on a cell phone you want to
make sure that you want to minimize your data consumption
if you enable this option this will only download the list when you’re on Wi-Fi
and over your normal cellular data now one of the key benefits of using black
aura is if you’re doing this over cellular data is because you device your
cell phone or your tablet is not downloading those adverts anymore this
will actually reduce your data consumption so in that way you can
actually save data by using this application which I think is another
great feature so this is probably the main key one which is start on but–so
but default this is set to on by person like to turn it off
now the reason for that is firstly I’d like to be in control but also because I
use ipvanish when I’m doing certain activities on my device now as block
order acts like a virtual VPN even though it doesn’t give you any of the
of a VPN it doesn’t mask you IP doesn’t give you any encryption it doesn’t hide
your traffic but it acts like a virtual VPN just to block your traffic now on
any device you can have 2 VPNs running at the same time which means if blue
coda is running I can’t run ipvanish so for my normal day-to-day activities from
just browsing the web or using certain apks I can enable block harder and then
browsers websites or browsers apks without seeing any adverts now if I want
to do certain activities which I do want to use a VPN for our content block lada
off turnip you vanish turnip you vanish and then do this activity so allows me
to get the best of both worlds on my device so now to keep a live option if
you do notice that your blog heart keeps on disconnecting when you’re using it
you can basically turn this on and this will help your applications stay alive
for that bit longer now the last options I don’t really touch solid we can ignore
those let’s back out off that okay so we’ve checked that one settings
we’ve added in the custom host file we are now good to go and enable block
harder so the way we do those will bring up the virtual mouse and we go across to
the power button here and let’s click on that now the very first time you do this
you will get a prompt saying that you’re not allowed block harder to to create a
VPN connection and as we just mentioned that because acts like a virtual VPN you
need to authorize that the very first time but we can see on my screen I don’t
get that because because I have enabled it before ok so now that it’s enabled we
can see here we gain tons and tons of notification saying that it’s now
blocking adverse which is what we wanted so in the beginning we cleave the
notifications on just so show you that it is working properly but that’s not
turn those off okay so that’s now of okay let’s now
test out some applications of websites and let’s see if this now truly is
blocking all adverts on our device okay let’s try this sports website here
let’s just try one of these things here so normally when you clicked on any of
these links you would actually see adverts on at the top or the bottom or
on the side but we can see here we have a clean page with no adverts let’s try
this link here now once again we can see that the page loads with no address
whatsoever so we can definitely see on a browser it is blocking those addresses
and once again trying this game site over here we can see there’s no adverts
whatsoever whereas previously we sweat words both on the left and the right
side so we definitely no block hada is doing its stuff it is blocking these
adverts and it’s just not allowing them to load which once again means your
applications or your website should load faster and you can also save on your
bandwidth that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching so many fuel
asking for different ways of blocking AdWords so I do hope you like this video
let me know and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks thanks
again for watching guys oh and if you interested in a VPN if you click on that
link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are
worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you
check out VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one

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