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🔴 YouTube Creator AD Crackdown: YouTube Big Changes To Partner Program

🔴 YouTube Creator AD Crackdown: YouTube Big Changes To Partner Program

derral eves calm everybody derral eves here now we had a little bit of a technical glitch I do apologize but I do I am thankful for everybody that remained online now before we get going could you make sure that you tell me if they’re sound or not because the sound kind of crapped out on us and we had to actually reboot our computers so we do apologize from that I wasn’t hat but hopefully you’re able to see that okay today we actually have some pretty interesting things that we need to discuss and this is really important that this really affects all content creators on YouTube it also affects new creators that actually jumping onto YouTube and getting started right now and it all has to do with this crisis that’s going on with the YouTube boycott and then YouTube’s tightening down there’s actually doing the smack down the crack down on a lot of content creators now before we actually get started I do want to tell you a couple things the first thing is we actually have a super chat enabled and this is for individuals that’s looking to give me a little tip you know from there to find it you can go over to the live chat there is a little icon there that’s a dollar amount you go ahead select your dollar amount that you want to contribute for my channel and to put out some amazing content put your message in there and you will be featured and there’s a couple couple things that I do appreciate right now there are content creators right now that just contributed we had ghost ninja crazy day trippers and geeks life thank you guys so much for contributing to this video and for my channel now before we actually get going my question to you and everyone that’s watching this live have you noticed a huge increase or decrease in your monetization that’s the money you’re actually making so go ahead and put that in the chat I’d love to hear from you and over the last couple probably about a week or two I’ve been getting a lot of messages from a lot of friends and and acquaintances and also people just reaching out that they’ve seen a huge decrease in their in their income that they’re actually making day after day on YouTube their their views are actually going up but their their monetization their money that they’re actually making is going down and so a lot of people are literally worried about what’s going on the last two videos that I actually made on this channel talked about the the root cause of the issue and there are some things that are happening right now that that YouTube’s literally starting to put the crackdown on you know for content creators and and having a little bit harsher hand then we’re actually used to now to join the conversation go ahead and tweet tweet it out you can go to youtube crack down as the hashtag and we’re literally pulling up comments right now to put on this live stream so I’m glad that a lot of you have noticed this and I know this is a big issue this is a crisis at times and sometimes we feel like we don’t have control as content creators because YouTube’s pretty much the only one that is providing a way for for us to make money as content creators through a partner program now there are other other services out there like Facebook and there they are giving money to some select creators I think I only know two that are actually doing it there are other services like Amazon that are priming up and I mean that in a pun prime priming up to take on video in 2017 and 2018 and so YouTube’s kind of like the only game twitch is well we’re you know you can make money on your content and so this is there’s a lot of people that this is their livelihood this is their business and it’s being affected so let’s talk about this real quick and I want to I want to talk about the ecosystem of YouTube and I made a couple slides here so that we can really explain and understand this but the YouTube ecosystem is really interesting and it’s and it’s something I discussed in an earlier video but it has everything to do with three partners to YouTube now this YouTube ecosystem is real and if someone’s out of balance if anyone of these are out of balance then it really affects the ecosystem at YouTube and that’s what’s happening right now like right now that’s what’s happening and right now creators are making content and they’re reliant on on advertisers and also viewers so that they can actually support making more content now what the hubbub is all about and what the issue is all about is advertisers advertisers have literally started to pull back on their ads because the Wall Street Journal has a full-on attack at YouTube they really do they really have a full-on attack at YouTube and they literally contacted brands and businesses and says hey why is your ad showing up on hate content why is your ad showing up on on Isis content why is your stuff happening there and then this literally the advertisers pull back the advertisers pull back and they’re pretty much saying look we’re going to pull away our ad revenue until you fix things YouTube’s literally we want you to fix it right now and so they withheld their money YouTube started to scramble and what happened was um the reason why ads and CPMs go up is all upon inventory inventory of the ads and so as there’s more ad inventory you’re CPMs will go up because it has to compete you know with other ads that are there so that’s why in April and May and June you have heyday July just stinks and then August September October is really good and then October November December is amazing because there’s a lot of more advertisers trying to advertise their message to different viewers now going back to this slide I think this is a really important concept for you to understand this ecosystems real and right now there’s two partners out of balance not the viewer but the advertiser and the creator now the advertisers creating some strain on the creators which in turn is really hurting the viewers down the road now then the thing about this is it’s all about timing it’s literally all about timing and you know there’s their YouTube needs competition they really do hopefully somebody will step up to do this but right now brands are really concerned away or their content lies now we talked about this in depth on a video saying look most brands and ad buyers are lazy they could literally place all their ads and it would be safe and it would be okay and there would be any issue now there was a specific glitch I do believe that’s fixed now where if there was a Content ID like someone claimed content and then they put ads on it or claimed the ads that’s kind of where it was broken because if they were claiming it and then they could run kind of the premium ads and that’s why you know coca-cola and and the rest really started to say hey wait a minute our ads on this very hateful comment a Content so their YouTube tried to scramble around and to adjust a couple things now I spend a lot of times in Adwords because part of my business is where we actually work with brands and we work with businesses and help them get the visibility that they actually need online and so we spend a lot of money on Adwords I mean a lot and we take time and adjust the campaigns and you can place you can tweak and so on however there are three new options here to really help brands be a little bit more safe on YouTube but to just a couple hours of go back but yesterday some time YouTube made this this announcement let’s go ahead back go back to the slides I’m going to show you that they made this huge announcement saying that they’re going to adjust a few things and this is where it gets interesting guys this is where it starts to change the effect of of YouTube and the Eco system there and it says starting today we will no longer serve ads on the YouTube Partner Program videos until the channel reach 10,000 lifetime views this this new threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of the channel okay 10,000 views now I know a lot of you are freaking out and saying oh my gosh now we can’t make any money on YouTube because until you make 10,000 views you can’t monetize well I’m here to tell you that you’re not even making money until you get in the hundreds of thousands and millions of views on YouTube you’re not really making a ton of money and so that is the new standard that YouTube’s operating under but if we go back to the statement the statements really interesting it says this new threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of a channel the validity of the channel what that means is this it means that YouTube gathers enough information of where that actually that traffic is actually coming from and if anyone’s starting to game the system by you doing BOTS or buying views that’s where a lot of damage can can happen and they can literally start to ban channels now I’ve seen a huge influx of of channels being banned and I was able to have a conversation this past week with two vice-presidents at Google and they were kind of talking about the hundreds of thousands of accounts that were shut down because they have some new tools to go out and find people that are doing licious or creating accounts in a way of a bot and literally shutting them down and so what YouTube needs is a way to validate is that channel worth putting ads on well here is the new threshold at ten thousand so I want to know what you guys think go ahead and put it in the comments below of what your thoughts are about this and and why you do this you know I think it’s a pretty big issue for all content creators because we need to make money elsewhere and we need to try to do try to bring income elsewhere I’m going to spend all next week and explain to you my plan to bring in money but there are content creators right now that got totally delisted from their monetization that means they weren’t able to monetize their videos and we’re going to talk about that in a second but let’s talk about the 10,000 views is this realistic is this even feasible for YouTube to do is this something that’s too harsh go ahead and put in the comments below and let’s see if we have any tweets out there if you want to join in the conversation just go ahead and tweet it out to Derral Eve’s make sure you put my at Derral Eve’s there and then to use the hashtag YouTube crisis and you know once those tweets come in we’ll kind of put them on the screen live you can see you interact with that and we will get to the point where we you know bring in live chat and deal with that but this there’s a lot of people really upset right now that YouTube’s going way too far they’re frustrated they feel like you know they’re turning their back but this ecosystem is real and they got to do something for the advertisers or the advertisers will continue to ask for a discount and and they’re going to find ways to have creators left make less money now the biggest misconception that’s out there for content creators I want to explain to you this and just the general public is that YouTube’s making hand over and fist making a ton of money and they’re not you know just a couple a couple years ago they weren’t even profitable at all they were losing money time and time and time again and you know they’re trying to bring in more money bring in more initiatives so that people are actually spend money on YouTube content creators can make content and and go from there and yeah I think the game changer for YouTube personally is YouTube TV I think that’s a way to bring an influx of cash in and not really have to have advertising on it and it brings in you know some really net positive income so what do you think guys let’s go ahead and read some of the comments you know there’s a lot of people that really really really upset their said man this is too harsh by YouTube you know we have Jacob Jacob black says it’s fair and also you know a lot of people says man it’s just it’s just way too much way too much that’s there now I do appreciate YouTube trying to fix the issue I really do because right now there are content creators losing a lot of money and some of them lost the complete business that we’re going to talk about that so let’s jump back into the slides itself and I want to explain what’s going on too because if you guys haven’t checked out the Community Guidelines and the advertisers policies it has updated it literally is updated and it’s it’s at a place where it’s getting really interesting and there’s a new new guidelines that we need all to adhere to unless if less we do we lose out on that money and they’ll just D monetize us they continue to explain that this also allows them to confirm that our channels following Community Guidelines and advertisers policies so in the ten thousand in the ten thousand range it literally helps them figure out if they’re you know valid if it’s a real site or if they’re you know connecting with their community guidelines and advertiser policies and some of that’s changed drastically guys really drastically let’s kind of break down and see what happened on YouTube of what’s going on now YouTube literally is going to do a couple things they are are going to crack down on the content that they consider inappropriate now a lot of people think that this is has everything to do with with the you know free speech and so on and so forth but they do need to give advertisers control of what kind of content that they need to go on so it’s kind of a weird balance but right now YouTube states this and this is some of the things that they changed a little bit content that is considered inappropriate for advertising okay and it this includes but not limited to I love the legal jargon they’re big attorneys we’re writing this but sexually suggestive content including partial nudity and sexual humor so you can’t get advertising if you for that also violence including display of serious injury and the event relating to extreme violent extremists that’s really interesting I wonder how that’s going to play for game gamers that gameplay is that going to affect Grand Theft Auto I mean come on inappropriate language including harassment profanity vulgar language so if you swear I guess I I don’t know I really don’t know on that one promotion of drug-related substance including selling using abusing of such item and then also this is the one that where most of the channels get demonetised is because of this next one controversial or sensitive subjects and advanced including you know subjects related war political conflicts natural disasters and tragedy and graphic imagery is not shown wow I think that last one I’m a little nervous about that because here I know there are literally a lot of of youtubers that report the news now that can’t even make any money I mean they’re always talking about sensitive information they literally can’t make money now because you could says look if you’re talking about sensitive things you can’t we don’t want to advertise on you you know we don’t want to make sure the brands are able to advertise now this right here is ridiculous is ridiculous because there’s advertisers that want to advertise on those of content creators I really do believe this YouTube I do I think that this is something that is needed and it’s a really simple fix it’s a simple fix it’s basically saying when someone’s serving an ad you got your brand safe stuff and all that other stuff but we can say these are news agencies these are people reporting sensitive issues like war women’s rights I mean if they’re talking about select sex slavery they’re they’re video could be taken down I mean not taken down but their advertising would be taking off of that when they’re talking about a very important subject and how to address it I mean literally they’re not going to make any money on that and they can’t report it as as the news and so is this going to chant a transform the dynamic of YouTube our content creators not going to report things that are relevant because they are not going to make any money off of ads man the system is is getting really weird and I and I’m really concerned just with that last thing that controversial because I truly believe that that people should be able to state things and make a change and especially dealing with war I mean we got stuff going on in the world today that is ridiculous and we need to stand together and stop a lot of this stuff you know and and you know there’s a lot of agencies that need to report this and now they can’t even make money on it so that’s kind of where things are at I want to jump back into this because it gets a little bit more interesting here because we want to talk about what YouTube content that how YouTube actually checks the content now there’s three excuse me there’s three different types of ways now the first one is automatic checks so here’s an important thing that you need to keep in remembering when you go and put your content out there first off it’s basically saying look we’re going to look awesome Attica Lee at the features of the video like the title if the title has controversial sensitive you know verbage in there we’re literally going to strip that out we’re literally going to pull advertisers off of that however to make it approved you know what maybe you need to make sure you have a good title that isn’t sensitive information or meta information but also they have a visual imagery system or they’re able to see what images are actually being displayed on there and – they have another method which is community flags so this kind of got a little big of a hubbub of upset people saying hey there’s monitors out there people that were you know YouTube heroes that were literally flagging down content and checking if content and reviewing content was approved or not that was a very big deal and this is something that is a literally an issue because you know you have human validations but that human could say do you know what I disagree with what they’re saying and so this is what we’re going to do we’re going to pull the content off of there as well and so you have human review which is kind of weird especially when there’s no set standard the last one is advertiser control and and this is something that YouTube has been pushing for quite some time but advertisers are lazy and they don’t go through advertisers and and ad buyers are lazy and it’ll go through the process of getting everything set up from there so Wow first off Wow that’s all I have to say is it would be very easily solved if YouTube would allow two options brands depict say you know what we want to advertise we want to support news channels we want to be able to add we don’t care about brand safe content let us advertise and they could select a button and then it can go out to the rest of the world that’s a very easy solution and – I can totally see a lot of brands wanting to do that because do you know what maybe they do want to make a stand there are a lot of foundations that advertise you know to promote their their agenda promote things that are going on and they do want to cover some of the sensitive information and so they do want to support the people that are reporting that and so that’s a very easy fix YouTube that’s something that you can do right now I don’t think it would take longer than a day or two to implement across your system you just have to you know divert resources to make it happen I don’t know guys what do you what do you think I mean is this something that’s crazy is it something that that is affecting us as content creators right now I think it is and I think that as content creators we need to look at options to diversify our income coming in and I’m going to spend all next week to talk about that and I think there’s ways to do that too we need to put in in kind of a plan of attack of how to go on other platforms and monetize in different ways as well I think is a very very crucial thing let’s go ahead and I want to do a couple shoutouts to our super chat now I don’t have it available we we actually crash the system so I can’t really show my screen on this oh maybe I can maybe I can pull it over let me let me try something real quick there might be a way that I can do this is that work oh yeah so we can I can readjust this a little bit give me one second guys this is something that you’re not seeing but I’m seeing and we are close to doing this okay we got a couple people that contributed to super chat I want to kind of give them you know some thanks for sponsoring this video so let’s go ahead and and show that screen there we have ghost ninja thank you so much for sponsoring this video crazy day tripper geeks live trainers are fun thank you every day Tech love with newborns also I need to adjust my screen this is kind of weird but I’ll have to kind of go up like that these are people that that in super chat gave some money to us to make make this video possible and I really appreciate it I’m going to appreciate more and more of that as we discuss what’s happening next week – but webhead the Farah reads the driver Mike Nikki and we have our V TV that is impossible Brandon and at reef hopefully you can see the at reef let me make sure that it’s in there very good did I miss anybody all right all right guys thank you so much for coming on and supporting this channel this way and and there’s a lot of things that are happening guys let’s go ahead and go to the next slide here and I think this is really important that there are some things happening that I was concerned with and when I actually had this conversation with the YouTube VPS I’m like well what happens when you know it is sensitive content but it doesn’t go overboard and it’s not flagged if it’s restricted like if we restrict the video itself is it going to be monetized or not because there are some channels that that you know go through it says hey this is restricted you know it’s a little bit different type of information and is that is that going to be d monetized and they said well the videos ability to in restricted mode does not affect its ability to be monetized but how do we actually know that you know I I’m still baffled here how do we actually know that if that actually occurs because you know it we just said a little bit earlier that you know there are some sensitive things that you’re addressing and you could lose advertising revenue for that you know for sure and so that’s something we got to definitely look at what do you guys think on this is this something that you’re concerned with is this something that that you’re like okay that doesn’t make any sense because hey what if I actually put it restricted but it’s not going over the line how do we know if it’s going to make content or not and right now what you can do to see if you actually have any restricted content that’s out there or you’re not getting any monetization basically what you do is look in your channel manager channel chad creator studio come on i like teach youtube and i couldn’t even think of what the name was you had a creator studio and then into video manager and basically you have a little green icon explaining that you’re actually making money on it if it is yellow that means someone at youtube or the automated system or someone can flagged it or advertisers didn’t want it basically it’s a do you know what we’re not going to serve ads to this video okay that’s kind of a big deal so go ahead and look through it I know a lot of content creators that talk about sensitive subject literally lost all the monetization on their channel and they went from you know about a hundred thousand dollars a month of income down to not even like a hundred bucks and so it’s kind of getting really really really scary here for this so go see if you are are restricted make sure that you check that out I will have some videos on that as well of what you can do to to dispute that to fight that to work with YouTube to get it happen because a lot of the cases is hey let’s review this because this this falls within your guidelines okay going back to the next statement that YouTube made and it’s really interesting it says look we’ve trained systems that automatically check the features of the videos like video title metadata visual image imagery and decide how appropriate the video is and it’s for general advertising now one one thing that I want to let you know is I’ve had this happen to me I literally have not on this this channel but other type of content that I’m putting out there and there is a process to be approved and the bigger you are the faster you get approved that’s kind of the way it is but the system needs to improve here and right now YouTube has made an update to this so be seeing a video on this of how to actually go through that approval process and what you need to do and how you’re able to connect with YouTube and how fast the process really is because honestly they improved it a little bit I tested it out today but there is still some issues that they’re facing and I don’t know if you guys cruise YouTube quite a bit but some of their systems are updating very fast and it’s breaking some of the some of the code and such but it it is up to date and we’re able to check that out so moving on to the next one this is something that I think we all need to keep in mind but and this is something we talked about but depending on the nature of the the policy violation videos can be removed from the site so they’re actually they can actually remove content from YouTube depending on the nature policy now that’s happened before with some hate speech and different things like that or age restricted content you know monetization is disabled on age-restricted videos and Google will immediately stop serving add to those now what’s really interesting they said wait a minute if it’s restricted they will serve ads if it is restricted they’ll serve ads I mean that’s what they said earlier and you can go into their blog and then that’s what asically they said but now they’re saying look if it’s age restricted so there’s a difference between age restricted and automatically restricted videos you know so there is a kind of an issue here saying okay we will stop if it’s age restricted but if it’s is restricted through are automatically checked you can still get monetization how does that all work well that was the conversation that I wanted to have with these two YouTube employees and VPS and honestly the system is pretty robust it is really smart and it has everything to do with Content ID and I want to kind of explain this is what I kind of explained of why you know as we’re being served but when you actually upload a YouTube video there’s a lot of things that actually happen and and run in the background that you you have no idea and you see it being processed well it’s already processed it’s just going through some check checks and balances as it’s going through it goes through an automated system first off to validate the title make sure the meta information is there and tags to figure out where that video is going to go and how it’s gonna be placed but it also goes through a checking structure of what type of video it is and if it’s potentially harmful or not does it have some of the words that you’re not supposed to use like the n-word or anything like that in the title or in the meta information it also does a transcription where it auto transcribed everything and then that too you know is being flagged and once it’s once it’s up basically YouTube is then checking its content against all the content owners out there to see if it’s duplicate content now keep in mind if you’re a small youtuber this won’t work for you you actually manually have to find all the all the YouTube videos that were uploaded on on someone stole your content and put it up there yet manually find it and manually report it but there is a system called the CMS that there are companies that have you know music labels bigger youtubers and they can actually claim the content that’s out there and they can do it automatically so once the contents you know updated based on the rules that that creator has or the brand actually has in the CMS will depend on how much you know if they if they have a takedown notice or if they charge advertising or what-have-you well this is the interesting thing so now it looks like they’ve added a few features you know they added a few features that that really affects YouTube and they’ve added features in the CMS so that they’re adding more automation to this and they also have been hearing from advertisers and brands about cramping down they’re hiring a lot of new YouTube employees and getting other volunteers to help out as well now lastly on this the little statement that there are some best practices that YouTube put out there which is really interesting they’re very vague in some aspects but you know what it’s going to be interesting it should be an interesting next couple months but as this is some of the things that’s just updated for YouTube creators when they updated their policy but it’s saying look here are some best practices for creating advertiser friendly content so if you want to create advertiser friendly content there are ways that you can actually create content that it won’t get flagged and won’t put down now a lot of you can follow these guidelines but do follow YouTube’s policy guidelines so if you ever click on that and go over there through that policy it is long it’s crazy it changes I I don’t even get a notification when it changes I have to literally check it at least every other week to see if there’s any modifications to it I know it’s crazy but this has also new titles and thumbnails for your video that represents the content so you can’t have content that in a title or thumbnail that doesn’t represent your video do create content that appeals to brands and advertisers that engage with your content Wow that’s why that’s why we need crowdfunding we’re going to take all next week because honestly that’s that’s pretty interesting next one don’t use explicit language or imagery in your title or thumbnail so don’t use the inappropriate words that are there and then don’t embed promotions of your sponsors video because that can create an advertiser conflict and that that’s real so now I really would love to hear your thoughts is this literally discouraging you from putting up content on YouTube go ahead and put it in the chat we got a few people here that are really disappointed of what’s going on a few other individuals that have been losing money some are good friends of mine too just like man you know we’re creating good content but you know we’re losing out because of all this issue so man that is that’s really as the two real chick says it’s really disheartening it is it’s sad it’s sad to see a lot of this stuff happening so what can we do to change you know I truly believe that there are tools there are resources there are abilities for us to help modify this we need to remember the ecosystem though of YouTube because YouTube needs to keep everyone happy and in a balance not just not just a content creators which content creators are are basically the ones that that are the loudest but they really pay more attention to advertisers because advertisers are ones that are paying the creator’s to create content they’re putting their ads on there and the viewers are clicking on it and supporting the advertisers and so that’s something that they’re really really concerned with on that but I truly believe that there are some things that are happening on YouTube and let me pull in this real quick that can really benefit us as content creators and you know we got to just kind of change this system we’ve got to change the way that we actually make money on YouTube now I’ve never really made a ton of money on YouTube I did it for other ways I didn’t make money other ways like through consultations and you know you know furthering my brand but ad revenue now I mean I didn’t even make enough to make it worth it but for me you know things are going to change and I’m going to introduce a couple things this next week that can help everyone and it’s something that I think we all need to do we all need to rally together and and really support each other through putting out great content and then what I am bowing to do is to teach you guys how to really make money outside of ad revenue for your YouTube channels we’ve had some very small channels that made a ton of money through other other resources with a very small audience and so they can take a small audience and they’re able to support themselves and create a business and go from there and it’s completely independent from you know an advertising placing ads on YouTube now I want to put a special thanks and then we’re going to open it up to a couple questions here but let’s go ahead and roll it over to super chat these are the people that have donated money right now for this video coming out to you and I really do appreciate the the money that’s contributed here we have we’ve had some others that we talked about before but we have mic and we have a toxic Diesel and Sparky and for eg boss and and the list goes on freight train what the fro that for okay we have some really good stuff and you know I really do appreciate everyone that has contributed to to this so let’s go ahead and go back and I’m going to I’m going to literally pull in some questions here and I I think the the big thing is is this a YouTube crisis well here’s what’s going on I mean PewDiePie just literally said just as of late that he’s gonna actually start putting some content on Twitch and he had a plan for that and there’s some content that he makes no money on he basically showed his account and it was like a hundred bucks and he had million you know millions of views on it and so I truly believe that there are some interesting ways to generate revenue but we also need to diversify I’m going to tell you something that I truly believe is going to happen I’ve been saying this for a while but things are starting to prime up here and it has everything to do with Amazon I think Amazon is the dark horse in the race and I think Amazon has the power and the ability to bring the money in because they are a powerhouse and it’s going to be amazing what you’re able to see and do with with Amazon and I think that’s going to be a complete alternative if they can literally put to plan the plans together that they’ve been talking about for years and I think they’re making step forward so this next week I’m going to share a video with you what Amazon is doing right now to change the ecosystem with content creators and making money and it’s outside of their affiliate program guys it’s really exciting that comes back that comes out to you next week but this is this is something that we need to do so let’s kind of jump in and I’m going to look at some of the questions so if you have questions put it in there if you want to have some comments also you know getting tweet out you know we got the hashtag there and that you know we’ll pick a few tweets to to feature there as well alrighty there is a lot of people that really are concerned [Laughter] Wow so this this one right here comes from a super chat and the TV show says Google and YouTube uses voice recognition during live streams for bad words and determine the monetization and it’s true I’m here to tell you that they do trend there is that the automated system that that tries to figure out what you’re saying in the stream itself and you could have monetization shut off like that in your broadcast but to advertisers have the ability to go in and hit one little checkbox that says look I don’t want my content show up in a live stream because there is the variable of that delay so the ad could still show up until they get flagged or whatever but advertisers say hey look I want control I don’t want to be on a live stream which I would recommend most advertisers to do is look if you’re worried about it click that because you don’t know what you’re going to get with live stream okay very good thank you appreciate you for the super chat my friend let’s go ahead and I think geeks life had a really good comment is just scrolling pretty fast guys but yeah the geeks life was talking about PewDiePie and the PewDiePie actually had an all-out war with the Wall Street Journal wait stop that reverse it The Wall Street Journal had an all-out war with PewDiePie and pewdiepie kind of told them hey you know you can’t get me type thing and I don’t know if there’s a vendetta or what but I think they’re really trying to stir the pot and honestly I am disappointed you know in Wall Street Journal and you know creating an issue that wasn’t necessarily there or wasn’t they made it bigger than what it really is and it causes a lot of money losses so personally you lost my business my friend I guess we weren’t friends you lost my business Wall Street Journal but anyway let’s see we got some more questions here so Marty’s garden says hey you know Amazon is taking the step forward they’re actually making video content you know you can have a video channel and you know you can put content on that video channel which is true they are having some stuff that happened there but I want everyone to realize a couple things and most people don’t don’t understand this but number one twitch is owned by Amazon think about that for one second they purchased a few years ago and YouTube tried to buy Google try to buy it you know and they went with Amazon for a reason why number one Amazon agreed to keep the ecosystem of twitch the way it is but to YouTube and I’m sorry Amazon now has some data and also platform information that they can to put out a system a service pretty pretty easily so this shirt might switch from a youtube shirt to an Amazon shirt because I do have an Amazon shirt I think I don’t know alright moving on to a couple other questions here man there is a lot of of concern with money and making money so I’m definitely going to spend the time and go through this where we can actually make videos that would be you know helping you make more money on YouTube outside of ad revenue I think that’s kind of the big thing so guys I want to thank you so much for coming on this is a live video I do appreciate your patience when we have the technical issue we did get the audio fix after we rebooted the computer but thank you so much for coming on if you haven’t subscribed to my channel go ahead and hit subscribe I have a lot of new content coming out from next week next week forward you’re going to see a shift in the channel I’ve been talking about it for quite some time this shift is about to change you’re able to see that and I’m gonna explain my plan so please look forward to the video on Monday that is the big announcement and we’re going to go in-depth on how you’re going to get better content better service for me and make more money on YouTube guys thank you so much and have an effective wonderful

100 thoughts on “🔴 YouTube Creator AD Crackdown: YouTube Big Changes To Partner Program

  1. I am a new creator and to be honest I am not very worried about this. Being the new kid on the block I feel like not having ads play with my videos is more enticing to my viewers. I might have an easier time getting more subs and views due to lack of ads. I am not really worried about the money making part right now. I feel that this is allowing me to concentrate on the content of my videos even more.

  2. It just goes to show that it doesn't take only bombs and guns for terrorism to make a dramatic impact on the world and be victorious.

  3. I think it should be left up to the advertiser if they want to place their ads on any particular channel

  4. This is too harsh. When I didn't even had 50 views, I had 0.001 dollars then when I had 100 views then I had 0.003 dollars but for like 30 days I am not getting money while I got 335+ views. Getting 10,000 views is not so easy now. People would just want to go to channels who have more subs even though a smaller channel has much more information and the video is better. I am really upset from this because it kinda demotivates me.

  5. 16:20
    If these rules are followed 100%, then there would be only educational and non-suggestive comedy channels on YouTube. The top YouTubers have done or even still do at least one of these on their way to online success.

  6. This is like my 5th try at a youtube channel. 😀 Been watching your videos to try to do better with my channel this time around!

  7. Yes as a content creator I have seen my monetization funds decrease by over 60% and this is without them taking any of my videos down also I have over 100% more videos over when I saw the drop begin….Really sucks…Increase of subscribers by far increase watch time and huge decrease of earnings. Thanks for the video Derral! Way cool…

  8. I disagree with you on the check box for advertisers and the News because you will have the legitimate News youtube channels that take the job seriously and professionally and then there are the so called channels labeled News who will mess it up for everybody. I think it may be best for youtube not to have to deal with it at all at this time. You will always have people trying to push the envelope for views/fame until it breaks open.

  9. Everything on that list still gets advertising on cable channels. This is ridiculous and it's a deceptive and unrealistic excuse to keep real news and information from the public. If I want the real story on something, I go to YouTube, because the mainstream media either lies or withholds information or doesn't even cover it. This is nothing more than a big stinky pile of bull crap. Big networks get away with all kinds of content and still get all kinds of advertising. This just seems like a huge lie. I blame liberals and political correctness.

  10. pretty sure I've already commented, but I have to comment again. It's getting so much worse. watch time is up and revenue is still down by a third. I officially have no hope of getting a paycheck. I've actually been thinking about taking down ads altogether since I don't make money that way anyway (or at all, for that matter). what's your opinion on that?

  11. I had to stop watching because I couldn't stand the constant and completely unnecessary use of the word "literally" !! Super annoying.

  12. We are a little late to finding out this info, shows our dedication! But thank you so much for the info and help, as a new channel this is a really big deal and hopefully we can actually get to the minimum 10k views so we can get in the door. If anyone likes Cats, games and tech go give us a look plz! thanks again, gave you a month late like!

  13. Hi Derral, I think it sounds fair and I think that maybe it will raise the level of quality of videos from new providers

  14. Thank you for asking,, yes! It is really pushing my resolve, I am just starting to compile my 100 show ideas. Great tip btw.. I was hoping to do an edgy comedy to try to entice an older demographic to YouTube and also to bring messages of power and hope to those afflicted like myself by mental illness. How do I compile my list? Do I stay true to my ideas which are my passions or do I change to make sure I can endure until they fix this?

  15. I guy is the Best teacher..but there are still thing he say i don't undersand What funny about that is The thing he say i don't undersand I been do it all long I just did not know there was A name for it UMM am I stuppen or what…

  16. Hello Derral Sir, I have created a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching English. I wish I can somehow get views and subscribers because I firmly believe I can teach English extremely easily and help people in getting their grammar better. More views will mean more confidence and income and hence better videos. Help me out if possible.

  17. some things there cracking down on they have stuff on network tv. like need and controversial issues.

  18. Does the 10k views are on each video or on the whole channel? Thanks for helping clarify whats been happening

  19. That they are losing Money is only to not give out Money to the Stock holders, that u should know better!

  20. This is sad to hear! I don't make content for money I make content out of enjoyment. And the appealing thing to me about YouTube is the freedom to post what I like.

  21. Hey Derral, I'm about 3-4 months into actual content creation and just a few weeks into starting to learn about the backend of YouTube. I've come across your videos in just the past 48 hours and you've already help me clean up a lot of misconceptions I've been having about how all this works.

    I'm still locking down what I really want to do for content, but it's been a fun ride so far. So essentially I wanted to say thank you and I'm curious to see where things go 6 months from now with the Ads issue.

  22. Very greatful for the info. I have changed a ton of stuff on my channel. Let's see if this works. Hope to see ya'll drop by my channel and check out my stuff.

  23. When or if we post a Pic/ Vid clip, or subject that might be offensive. upsetting to some viewers before showing we always post a warning in big clear letters on the screen that it might be offensive to give our viewers a chance to look away or fast forward though that image. I work as site MOD and put a ton of work into MODing the Chartroom due to Trolls just looking to cause trouble, make nasty comments and try to mess with the host during live shows. I have had to work with the show owner to create clear policies on how to deal with things like this and keep it safe and friendly for everyone. We are a Paranormal Channel in a talk Interview format and not everyone likes what we do. They can have issues with things that conflict with their personally held religious beliefs but we try to accommodate everyone and not take sides or pick one side over another. Our channel is growing at a steady rate but I would love to see it grow faster get larger. We do have to deal with others copying out content and posting it as if they are us, I did a search this morning and found 9 more of them. And its hard to get them taken down even though the content is copywriten. We have gone from doing a show every week to every other or every 2 weeks even hit or miss depending on what we have the time and Guests can appear. We have slowed down and are looking at things from a different angle not putting as much energy into the channel as before at least not until this is all resolved. Thanks for the informative video

  24. so what does this mean for smaller youtubers? are we screwed or what I'm kind of nervous not just because I'm not making money but as a content creator I want to grow as a channel and connect with viewers and brands and put positive content out in the world

  25. I dislike very much the sad fact that its not advertizer friendly to discuss the terror attacks and say they are Islamic Jihad.I took my laptop computer to Philadelphia to film a vigil in support of Orlando and that LGBTQ club shot up by the Muslim ISIS sympathizer…don't you know this video was demontized…i WAS attempting to be "journalism" though i admit i blabbed some about the folly of gun control and the bigger folly of political correctness.I think YOUTUBE is suppressing free speech…especially when we KNOW there are advertizers who would LOVE our content, namely the companies who advertise on Fox News Channel …also i got a marijuana video demonetized that was a how to and yet they did NOT demonetize my videos about the marijuana smoke- in at the Trump Inauguration. Seems to me the " standards" are capricious. I think there are orgs such as CAIR pressuring YOUTUBE to crackdown on political speech.

  26. Even though i upload at least once a week avideo, i still get cricket video's. Makes me wonder, do i make bad content or is it YouTube Algoritm :/

  27. Thank you Derral for that I am a Citizen Journalist I will probably never get paid for this but I still will continue to report my local news and go about this a different way thanks again

  28. I haven't seen this question – my (other) channel is nearing 10k views, which tells me content must be good. But only 47 Subscribers?!? What's going on? Also, I suggest "how to" videos should be created that are slower paced & more detailed for beginners.

  29. I have no interest in watching TV on YouTube… That's why I'm on YouTube and not "TheirTube"! Or they should just rename it to "Tube" Their new rules are like mist in the wind and just mean whatever they want it to mean to push a political agenda.

  30. LoL had audio issues, well hate to say it but that's going to happen when you use apple… PC MASTER RACE! lol j/k

  31. I'm doing my content as a passion hobby. I have my channel with almost 130 videos on my channel, 15360 views total, and 70 subs equal of 14 Cent

  32. The thing is, people who watch "distasteful" videos still buy cars, mattresses, eyeliner, burgers and everything else advertisers advertise so who cares what the content is? I watch alot of offensive stuff but I still need toilet paper to wipe my ass.

  33. Pretty much a Dictatorship. They're definitely hurting themselves. And if Advertisers don't like any particular content. Why can't youtube MATCH particular Ads with particular content (let's say you have a creative video with action, be it fake blood and guns, acting. Match it with a Video Game AD)…This is just more harmful to them as it affects Too Many! I personally just little stupid wannabe Movies. Allowing myself and others to Act. Sure, it's definitely Not the best acting, music, effects, etc. But it's a Creative thing. It's all FAKE. Nothing horrendous beyond effects. It's all Creativity. Original projects, Artistic, the usual rhetoric one will find on YouTube. Apart form that, I've been wondering, if at all this may also be a ploy to get users to move onto YouTube Red? Many of these Advertisers sponsor a LOT of professional projects outside of youtube that have the very content youtube is wiping out.This is just very, very Wrong. And this whole site used to be insightful and Fun.

  34. as a watcher, not really a creator, i say this. money shouldnt have been made form this anyway!.. seriously.. this is your job? no..its not. and it shouldnt be. I m all about creativity and making cash, but, YouTube is just one add after another, that are ALL skipped, and most of the videos are pointless attempts at making cash.. cleaning this out will bring it back to core, good content

  35. I was gearing up to make some content related to art. Now I'm just not as motivated. Was that wall street planned all along? Are there just too many creators? It looks like if I do get started, I won't even plan for monetizing. Then my folks won't have to sit through crappy ads that I'm not getting paid for. If people want to see upgraded content from me I'll ask them to subscribe to a Patreon channel. This way they STILL get to avoid ads.

  36. Happy New Year,  Nick and Dee! Plus, the same to your wonderful families that support you!  I've learned so much from watching your channel, Nick.  You've made me a 1000% better YouTuber since I found you, because you cared enough to make finding you so easy, because you're smart that way.  The love, genuineness, kindness and intelligence, yet realness, is amazing I love your brothers and your banter. I look forward to it e every Saturday.  I only wish I could get up early enough to watch you live. 6 a.m. is a bit earlier for me, U.S.A. Some of the things you encouraged me to do that got me feeling confident enough to grow my channel: you told me to clean up my thumbnails, make them legible.  You told me to be consistent.  You taught me to focus on providing value to my viewers.  You showed me how to use the tools right in front of my face on YouTube, itself.  Thank you.  I love you two. Keep up the great work.  Always.

  37. like I said to everybody else get a job a real job iPhone will not I for one will not pay for YouTube and will not subscribe to no one I'm watching free videos I watch free television no cable TV bollocks

  38. Find advertisers outside of YouTube. Break the monopoly. A huge need for an outside advertisement company exist. If a company provided ad revenue outside of Youtube's control, this would break the strangle hold.

  39. ***A creator should be able to talk directly with the advertisers and work with them outside of YouTube's control.

  40. I bet all this censorship has collectively cost people millions of dollars. A class action suit maybe helpful.

  41. The problem it is, my Channel have 30.000 view now for 3 weeks now and they still not review my account ! My Account it is in review and it say 1 week but i wait 3 weeks now and no answer from youtube !! What you think guys ??

  42. I just want to share videos for my disabled son to watch. He loves watching our family videos and special Olympics stuff he is in. I get threat emails from them frequently and I am about at wit's end. I am willing to keep submitting, but they need to stop the threats.

  43. I have over 48,000 hours of YouTube minutes in the last year! But I only have 48 subscribers😥🙏😥🙏HELP!!!

  44. You won't see me monetizing my channel. I am having too much fun. Besides an extra twenty bucks a year in my pocket is not needed. Not worth the trouble. You-tube keeps me happy. And that is priceless!

  45. I lost it tonight and started crying over this news. I can’t get the number to work for my ad sense and they haven’t sent me a new one but I have $$$ in my account but not enough views to stay partnered. Do you know how I can get my money?

  46. My email said 1000 subs and 4000 hours viewed in the past 365 days. My money slowed down over the passed 365 days. I just received a no more YouTube Partner email last night. To keep YPP my videos need to reach another 550 hours viewed before Feb 20, 2018. The email basically tells you your not big enough and not worthy of any monetization. In a round about way basically saying that by dropping smaller channels ability to earn they can pay the big channels more money. Video of email is on my channel from last night

  47. This new policy is outrageous and ungrateful. I've spent plenty of money on Google AdWords and Facebook to promote my YT videos and in turn they slap me in the face. It's time for YouTubers to get together and work toward building alternate channels. YT is punishing good, honest creators while they continue to collect revenue off the work of others. Personally I will now contact advertisers myself (in collaboration with other creators) and sell them advertising on my channel (not YT) on better terms than those offered by YT. YT will lose more revenue because of this totally unfair policy.

  48. Hi Derral Nice video today. My channel is kind of in the middle of this whole new monetization thing as I will hit 4000 hrs in about 10 to 12 days from now but my subscriber count might not make it. I made a shout out video to my viewers yesterday to let them know my situation, and I had the best day ever for subs with 20 joining in. So the countdown to 1000 is on…610 subs in 30 days to go here we go! Your channel has helped so much thank you Bruce👍

  49. yes, I heard they were "hurting"… facebook for musicians with CD baby is coming soon!.. please sub.. I need 1000

  50. I just start in one month I get 82 sub and 57 hours view that is normal my channel about photography with Arabic language

  51. Thanks Derral! I've been watching and learning from your videos these past few days. My subscriber count has went up as well as watch time. Thank you so much for all the valuable information you've learned and share.

  52. I need tour help darrel its jan 24 i just got my revenue $435 this month now my revenue shows $250 will this get back to normal soon or is tou tube not going to pay us anymore alltogether

  53. Hi there great vids, I heard u say u had trouble with your vid sound once uploaded, I;m having the same issue, not on every vid and not all the way through, have you got any suggestions on how to sort this out I've re recorded re uploaded rebooted and nothing works, any suggestionb, I do a Gaming channel and am branching into how tos. I was also wondering if u could support my channel as its new but up and coming its 2 mths old have a loo, c what u think if u dont mind, thx Amanda Emery

  54. Derrel, that last, overly broad clause about 'sensitive or controversial matters' is a broad based lie.
    YouTube's management is simply being true to Marxism. I spoke to a channel creator who is suing YT for demonetizing their videos, falsely claims that Conservative views are contoversial, yet the channel has noticed some videos get stolen and reposted WITH monetization to the thieves.
    I can name a creator who is satirical towards leftists and SJWs who has over a Million views the day he posts videos, and his 8 year old channel is demonetized.
    No one at YT can name any such demonized Marxist channels. They are pathetic hypocrits, and frankly, I am to the point I want them to fail. So much so that EVRRY advertiser I see, I call and email complaints to regarding incorrect demographic applications to me. As a nonsmoker, the last I contacted, and will follow up with Monday is Pfizer, about Chantix. I don't want to see product ads for products I can NEVER use, and I further want Pfizer to drop ads on YT.

  55. Here is an answer: Create a YouTube video. Next, direct the viewer to your website business where you can monetize the website. That is, make money on the website instead of YouTube views.

  56. I don't have 10k as a new channel but, i have 3 videos with add on it. Will i receive the watch time? I did spend my unpaid time to make, edit, and upload my videos. i believe i at least deserve the watch time. i only used segments of the song only . Everything else is my personal property. I believe there should be some level of farness . I was okayed to use the content and sent a official request form to via email to the copyright holder.

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