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🔥 Shopify Sales with $0 Ad Spend Upfront | Shopify Dropshipping 2018 🔥

🔥 Shopify Sales with $0 Ad Spend Upfront | Shopify Dropshipping 2018 🔥

What’s up guys, this is the Shayla the dropship Queen and I’ve been posted in a little over a month I’ve been very busy working on brand new training and a lot of different projects but today I decided to drop a value-packed mini training on how you can actually start drop shipping With no ads spin or no money upfront So you heard it right? You could start drop shipping with zero dollars No money upfront you could be able to start your drop shipping store and drive traffic to your store for free No money upfront. I want to go through the exact Strategy that you are going to use to drive Sells and traffic to your store without spending any money upfront on advertising So what you’re gonna do step one is you are going to find an Instagram page that offers sponsored posts or shout outs Usually they’re going to say in their Instagram bio is gonna say contact me for shout outs or business inquiries or something like that This particular one really doesn’t say it But I know that this one Offers shout outs because I’ve seen shout outs on their page before and then they also are leaving their email address So they want you to contact them for business inquiries. They have a little you know envelope and then their email address so what you want to do is you want to find a Page in your niche that has great engagement in a good amount of followers for this particular strategy I would suggest using Instagram accounts that are Particularly under a hundred thousand followers. So what you want to do is I found this particular Account the has over two million. I’m gonna use this for example purposes But like I said find one that has under a hundred thousand So what I did was I looked at their in in the recent post and it looks like they have amazing Engagement rates and it looks like they’re probably hitting the Explorer page, which is the popular page on Instagram So this particular post is their very last post very recent posts it Has over sixty nine thousand likes this is a video and the reason why it only shows the likes is because it has multiple It’s like an album so it has videos and pictures So this one has great Engagement on it. Alright, so that’s the reason the one next to it has almost a million views That one has almost 300,000 and a bit less there this one has 15,000 likes this one has 42,000 great engagement rate. This one has over a hundred thousand almost 200,000 likes again amazing Engagement rate why because they’re going viral. They’re hitting the explore page That’s the only way you could actually really that’s another right there. The only way that you could Really? Go viral on Instagram is by hitting the sport page. Okay, so I’m looking at their engagement rate. They have amazing engagement so what I do next is I go to a website called deep social then I type in their username Oh, by the way, you gotta sign in This is free for the first 500 searches so you can create a free account and then you can follow this process So I pasted their username in I looked at their audience data and I see that it has Mostly females on this account go figure. It’s the make up account So I see that they have most mostly females and I see their age group in the age range So it looks like everybody on this page is between thirteen and twenty four So when I’m promoting a product I’m gonna promote something that would be geared towards a younger audience Okay, so that’s good to know. Now. You see the brand affinity you see more information about the you know popular hashtags in the popular pages that are similar and then you can also see the countries the most or the popular countries that are engaged with this account you can get a lot of information from deep social you can see a lot of Different you know insights audience information audience interest all of these different types of things so that you can really make sure you’re really targeting the right people when you are promoting a Product. So after you’ve done that you want to make sure you find your page you want to make sure That you put that page inside of deep social to make sure that it has a good engagement rate than they’re getting high Engagements and that their audience looks good So after you have found a page you are going to contact this page and you are going to instead of asking them For a shout out for them to you know, charge you a flat fee You can incentivize them to promote your products for a small percentage of yourselves you could do something like 20% of each cell that they bring to your store So this is going to incentivize them to want to actually promote your products on a consistent basis therefore you will be receiving consistent traffic in sales because they will be able To promote your products and make money. This is called affiliate marketing now this is not very common in the drop shipping space because no one really teaches this but this is something that could really expose yourselves This could really allow you to get cash flow so that you can scale up with paid advertising on Facebook on Instagram and on Google and things like that So you can actually get free shout outs in a sense Because you’ll be able to get traffic from these big paid By asking them to promote your products for a percentage of yourselves now say for instance We were promoting. Let’s see get my calculator out Let’s say we were promoting or we had them promote a $20 product. Did you say 1999 and The affiliate Commission is 20% So When the times is five point two zero, which is 20% That is 399 now This would essentially be the cost Per sale cuz you’re gonna know you’re paying that Influencer twenty percent of yourselves from that particular of work from what they promoted So whatever they bring in you’re gonna pay them 20 percent which if they promote a twenty dollar product, for example It would be four dollars. Now. This is actually in most cases cheaper than running a Facebook ad because if you’re running Facebook ads a lot of the times it could be 40 percent of the cost of your Product it could be eight dollars per sale or eight dollars per conversion because Facebook guys are really expensive right now So instead of paying $8 per cell you could be paying four dollars If you were selling the twenty dollar product you’re having an influence of promote it for you instead of paying eight dollars you to be paying four dollars and you can Tell the influencer that you pay them every week every day Whatever you want to set aside are negotiate with them. You could do that again this is called affiliate marketing and how you can actually run The affiliate marketing campaigns is with this app called Affiliate Li this is affiliate tracking app that integrates with Shopify. You can be able to create affiliate programs and affiliate links and give the Instagram of fluence, ur for this account owner Their own affiliate link so they could see the traffic and the cells that they’re bringing in and you can see it as well And they see that cells are coming in there money They’re gonna want to keep promoting your products so that is it for this video I really hope that you enjoyed this value-packed training I just pretty much showed you a way that you could pretty much get Instagram influencers To promote your products for free or without any upfront money. It’s not necessarily free It’s without you having to pay upfront So if they don’t make any sales You don’t have to pay them and they can agree upon this if they want to usually the pages that are like a hundred Thousand are a little bit less Probably between I would say twenty thousand to a hundred thousand followers would be the most likely to Agree, something like this. You can try using pages like this because they have more traffic they can make more money You just got to know how to talk to them. So if you want to learn more about Instagram marketing With Shopify as well as Google ads and Facebook ads. I want you to click the link in the description I do go over all three traffic sources in my brand new course that I am releasing this week So click that link so that you could be able to Get a head start if you want to get a head start and keep up with what’s going on You click that link in the description and check out that course. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more free value-packed training

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