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🔥 How Do Solo Ads Work? + (The Solo Ad Provider I Use Exclusively!)

🔥 How Do Solo Ads Work? + (The Solo Ad Provider I Use Exclusively!)

Alright guys, welcome back to the channel Victor PI that this here and this video is gonna be about real talk about solo ads There’s not gonna be a bunch of hype. I’m just gonna get straight to the point Okay, because I’ve been asked already how those solo ads work I think the real question is do solo ads work, and I’m gonna answer that question in this video so the first question is what is a solo ad solo ad basically is somebody who has built a list of people of emails of traffic and They are sending that traffic and that list of people that are Interested in the niche that you’re promoting they’re sending that traffic to your offer there are people with huge lists out there of emails and traffic that they’ve gathered over time and they are Offering to send in their traffic the traffic that they own to your offer Now not all solo ads are created equal Now I’ve done videos on you to me and you know do solo ads still work You can see the thumbnail here on the screen and I’ll leave a link up there if you want to check that out but as I said in many videos before not all solo ads and solo ad providers are Created equal what I ran into And I used to go to you to me all the time and I am NOT bashing you to me at all I’ve actually had good opt-ins and some decent conversions using some of the solo ad providers on udemy However, I’ve also had very little opt-ins and zero conversions with using some of the other udemy providers So if you’re going to use you to meet for your solo ad provider I’ve done videos on how you can select the best way to select a solo ad provider And I give you a step-by-step tutorial if you’re absolutely certain. That’s the route you want to go I’m just trying to help put you in a position where you have the most chance of getting the most often and the most conversions as possible based on my own personal Experience but here’s what I found out the problem with solo ad and solo ad providers A lot of them are using BOTS a lot of them are using recycled Email addresses email addresses that they should have gotten rid of a long time ago. That’s a lot of times. That’s what you’re paying for So really you’re throwing your money away, even though that it’s might sound like hey I’m gonna I’ll give you a thousand clicks per, you know, a hundred bucks But you’re basically just throwing in a hundred bucks away because you’re those clicks are useless I found that out not all of them are the same you want to find a solo a provider? Who not only gives you Tier one focused and targeted traffic But also can help you with the conversions and the opt-ins Looking at your offer looking at your fear of your funnel looking at your opt-in page. All of those things are very very important They’re very critical to your success as a business of the online business person. So the way this works is this you go you find your solo ad provider and You decide? What kind of traffic you want tier 1 traffic? Which is the only traffic I recommend because tier 1 traffic is going to be traffic from the nation’s the countries that have money I had to take there’s no other way of putting it These are the countries where people have money to spend on offers that you’re promoting So you’re gonna pay a little bit more for tier 1 traffic but in the end it’s gonna be worth it because I would rather have 200 people in a tier 1 as a tier 1 traffic as opposed to 500 people that are from countries that I know can don’t have the money to spend on my offer I mean, it’s simple economics guys. You want the most for your dollar you want the most bang for your buck? you want the you want to put yourself in your offer in a position where you’re gonna get the most often and you get the Most conversions possible. I want to put a disclaimer here though It is very important that everybody understands and I learned this as well is that just because we pay for traffic to our offer does not mean you’re automatically going to get sales a Lot of people have that mindset. Well, I hey I pay for this I should be getting sales. That’s not true don’t fool yourself into believing that you’ll have a Responsibility as a business owner and an entrepreneur to take care of your business and to take care of success of your business The only way to do that is to do the follow-up You have to have a follow-up system a follow-up sequence in place You’re going to need an autoresponder like aweber or get response or whatever your choice is you’re going to need two email sequences for whatever offer you’re promoting at the time and it’s gonna be your Responsibility to have these things in place before you purchase the traffic you can buy the absolute best Traffic people that are ready to opt-in and ready to buy Whatever it is that you’re promoting, but if you don’t have this in place You’re not gonna get the conversions that you’re hoping for. Most people need to see an offer more than once Most people need to see offer seven eight nine ten twelve times before they opt-in. That’s where your autoresponder comes in It is not the solo ad or the ad or whatever Advertising you’re buying it is not the responsibility To do the follow-up or to make sure you have your follow-up in place They’re doing their job that what you paid them to do They’re providing you with Tier one outstanding traffic targeted traffic You have to do your job and do the follow-up and make sure that you’re giving yourself and your business Every opportunity to succeed and to make sales so that you can get those commissions. I told you guys this is real talk today I promote a couple of high ticket items and one of them is a completely automated system Does that mean that all I have to do is pay for it? And it’s automatic. You’re gonna make me money. No When they say automated that means it it’s it’s a done-for-you system where everything’s in place Okay to help you with your success you don’t have to do much you all you have to do is send traffic though constantly all the time and Follow up. So that’s you’re going to be your responsibility every offer you’re promoting to do that back to the solo ass So at the bottom line this guy’s at the end of the day Not all solo ad providers and not all of the traffic are created equal You have to be really careful out there. Now. I have found somebody that I have used Her services more than once with great success. I even have a brand new Marketer who signed up under me under one of my programs. He’s never done this before He’s never been in an affiliate marketer before until like a month ago So he’s very very new and he wanted to know what solo ad provider I would recommend for him Well, I sent him her link and I’m gonna show you her website here in a second and he bought 100 clicks Tier one and not only did he get a high opt-in rate, but he got conversions He got sales on his very first solo ad campaign. So he was elated he was ecstatic I’ve done the same thing I’ve purchased these solo ad clicks from this person and I’ve gotten opt-ins high opt-in rates and I’ve gotten conversions But more than that she was able to help me. Look at my funnel look at my opt-in page and look at The wording and tweak it and help me tweak that so I can get the highest conversion of highest opt-ins possible Let’s check out our website Okay guys, so this is the person that I have been referring to her name is Janice Peterson she is an outstanding solo ad provider and I say this like I said earlier because of experience using her services her leads and her clicks are Some of the best I’ve ever purchased a lot of the things that she does that separates herself from a lot of the other solo Providers are are basically she’s buying leads From being Google on a regular basis. Her lists are always fresh and They’ll have high opt-in and conversion rates because they’re always fresh not everybody Does that a lot of solo ad providers some on you to me that I’ve found? And I’m not bashing you to me. I’d like I said previously I’ve had some successes with you to me, but it’s hit or miss But I have found that a lot of them Recycle their leads that it’s the same lead over and over that is seeing the same offers on so many different lists So you’re paying for leads that have seen that same offer Many many times the chances of you getting them to buy from you are really really really really slim Okay, so don’t waste your money if you’re gonna invest in solo ad traffic invest in Tier one traffic and Invest with a solo a provider who has a proven track record whether it be Janis and I’m going to leave Janis is link Down below to her website so you can go visit it and you can kind of check out more than what’s us This is what you’re gonna see here Okay on her website and this is gonna answer a lot of your questions. Click on the link Go check it out read a little bit about her and what she offers now one thing that I want to impress upon anybody who’s watching this video is that some of the other things that Janice has helped me with along the way aside from the Tier one incredible traffic and By the way her traffic again, I’ve made I’ve made sales with I’ve had high opt-in rates And it’s because of the things that I mentioned earlier, she buys leads from Google and a regular basis Her lists are always fresh. So you’re gonna have high opt-in and conversion rates. She also removes unresponsive leads and cleanses her list regularly, and rigorously that’s that’s the term that she used when I was talking to her about this and she Provides a hundred percent tier one traffic, which is what you want Okay but some of the things that that some of the things that I didn’t realize when I was purchasing the leads from I’m sorry from the clicks from Janice is that she was more than willing to actually evaluate my Landing page my funnel herself. She actually helped me tweak my funnel Now I’ve never run into a solo a provider who was willing to do that. She spent time looking at my funnel Helping me tweak it give me suggestions And then she wanted to look at look at it after I made some changes now. Why why would she do that? First of all, that’s over and above in my opinion That’s going over and above. So the service that she provides again aside from the actual clicks and in the traffic the actual service that she’s offering to her clients is second to none simply because her goal and her priority is to have you get as many Opt-ins and conversions as possible like any good business person, of course I want to help you be successful if you pay for my services Because I want you to come back and buy more. I want you to come back and do business with me again So if I can help you by using my experience with funnels and landing pages and capture pages If I can give you my suggestions and you can get higher conversions and higher opt-ins well it’s a win-win so having that mindset in that philosophy is another reason why I Feel Janice has separated herself from a lot of the other solo ad providers. So basically you can ask this question Why should you choose to work with her? Well, she’s reliable which I can definitely attest to I Understand over-deliver very true. I understand how to meet your expectations and I can customize your order 100% tier 1 traffic you need faster delivery. I can do that you can count on me You want to improve the sales of your offer page? I will show you how Ok, that’s how she helped me also She looked at my offer page and she helped me tweak it so I can increase the sales and increase the opt-ins Ok need someone who consistently provides high volumes of good traffic to you. That’s her You want to make sure you do not receive fake useless bot clicks then work with her. This is so true and that’s one of the things that I mentioned earlier about fake and useless bot clicks that I have run into before and I think I truly believe that that’s given solo ads a bad reputation and a bad name when there are Outstanding solo ad providers like Janice here who can provide in it an incredible service An incredible traffic to your offer and also help you in other ways To optimize your funnel and your capture page and so forth guys I don’t want to hard sell you on her services because I’ve had great experience with them. You need to find out for yourself I’m trying to sell you on at least visiting this website and Looking at what she can offer you if you’re if you’re looking to do solo ads if you’re looking to buy clicks You would be doing yourself and your business in my opinion a disservice by at least not Looking at what she can offer you she has testimonials down in here. Okay, incredible testimonials I’m sure I’ve done one or two of these myself She even offers a business breakthrough bonus claim your free 30-minute one to one Skype chat consultation with me on your first order If your landing page is underperforming Let’s fix it can use can your sales page be improved need a follow-up sequence critique? She’ll even look at your follow-up sequence. That’s why I’ve gone back to her I’ve gone back to her many times already and I’ve actually Sent some of my team members who have actually had conversion sales with her traffic So check out the link that’s down in the description If you’re in the market for solo ads and you want to buy clicks check out that link right now visit this website See how she can help you other than just providing you with Tier one amazing traffic that converts that opt-in See, see how she can help you if you’re struggling right now with your offer

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