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🔥 $100K During Christmas with Google Ads for Shopify Dropshipping 🔥

🔥 $100K During Christmas with Google Ads for Shopify Dropshipping 🔥

What’s up, this is de Shayla and in this video, I’m gonna show you how you could potentially make $100,000 or more during the Christmas season with Google Ads for Shopify. Now, this is gonna be crazy Nobody else is teaching stuff like this and everybody else seems to be only teaching nothing, but Facebook ads But I want you to stay tuned and watch this entire video Especially if you’re struggling with Facebook ads because this video is gonna be value value-packed. So stay tuned and watch the entire video Now let’s go ahead and just jump right into the training What I’m doing right now is I’m on Google Trends and how you get to this particular landing page as you go to trends google.com forward slash Trends and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you a crazy Trend that pops up every year that you can take advantage of the trend to your advantage on The Google Ads Network. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna type in something that everybody loves to wear During the Christmas season. Now what this is is ugly Christmas Sweaters, so I’m going to type this in and we’re gonna look at the trends for ugly Christmas sweater okay, as you can see right here on October 29th of 2017 is when ugly Christmas sweater started trending last year for the Christmas season So it started to rise all the way up until Its peak in December or it was about December 3rd between December 3rd and December 9th ok and bout Right here with 10th Through the 16th is when it starts to trend down because it got really close to Christmas, so right now is Where this train is about to start going back up. So how I can actually prove this to you is I can click right here where it says past twelve months and I can actually click on Past 30 days so it can show the month of October and as you can see it is actually starting to go up right now this is on the 22nd and it says 79 so that’s the trick is for as of the 22nd of October Ok, so right now I’m gonna go and show you exactly how many searches per month Ugly Christmas sweaters are getting inside of Google Ads So right now I’m gonna go to Google Ads and I am on the keyword planner. What I’m gonna do is I am going to Actually click here where it says find new keywords, and I’m gonna type in Christmas Sweater and we hit get started. Okay so as you can see, let me get this out the way as you can see ugly Christmas sweater gives between 100,000 and 1 million searches per month Ok, and this is only for the United States Imagine if you were targeting the UK or Canada Imagine if you were targeting all four of the top tier countries at the same time. You can make a ton of money So and then the CPC is like so freakin cheap. This is just crazy So if you’re tired of struggling with your drop shipping business I want you to click the link in the description so that you can get more information on how you could use Google Shopping ads to absolutely explode your business in the fourth quarter and beyond So click the link right now in the description so you can get more information on Google shopping We also have some proven results here as well as testimonials So go ahead and click the link in the description and we will hop right back into the training right now I’m gonna show you Another way that you could promote these with Google ads so I’m gonna type in ugly Christmas and right here is what we have Called shopping These are actually the best type of ads to use with Google ads These ads are very high converting and they lead to high conversion rates Like I said and high sales Volume because you’re able to show the customer a picture of your product before they even click on it They’re able to see what they’re going to click on whereas right here These are text ads you can’t see what the actual product looks like before they click on it these are shopping ads and these result in a very high conversion rate because people are able to see exactly what type of Shirt or whatever product they want first before they even click on it and it’s highly targeted because they’re searching for what they want. So How do you actually find? Good designs to actually promote and sell on your store Well, I’m going to show you a cool trick where you can be able to find Really really cool designs that are actually selling and you could actually get similar designs made So that you could explode your sales as well. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to I’m going to go to Etsy now Etsy is a marketplace where a lot of handmade custom items are sold and I’m gonna Show you some of the Christmas sweaters or ugly Christmas sweaters that are being sold on Etsy right now So if you look at the results that came up for ugly Christmas sweaters you’re gonna see that a lot of these sweaters here have a lot of reviews and what you want to do is When you’re looking for what kind of designs to have made for your ugly Christmas sweaters or Christmas? T-shirts or long-sleeve shirts, whatever you want to sell. I would suggest selling all of them you just want to make sure that you are finding really great designs that have a lot of Reviews and you’re not going to take their designs You’re actually going to take ideas and have your own designs made and I’m going to show you how to do that So like this one right here is a good example. This one is a good example They both have over 500 reviews and that’s what actually I would look at is designs that have over 500 reviews and you would actually Take your idea and you would go over to a website called Fiverr and what you would do is you would type in ugly Christmas t-shirt design or ugly Christmas sweater design and You would come over here and sort by best-selling cuz you want the best designers and what fiber is actually is a Website where you can get a lot of things done for you or your business at a very cheap price so As you can see a lot of these designs are five dollars or they start off at five dollars Some of them are ten dollars. You want to pick the sellers that have good ratings and high quality Designs, so maybe like this one right here. This one is ten dollars, it starts at ten dollars and these are actually pretty good these look very professional and you would just look at their work and see if you like the way they design their t-shirts and You would actually come if you would like this design and say for instance I would want to go with this designer then I would just buy this particular gig I would hit continue and once you buy the gig you would actually tell the Designer that you want a shirt made similar to the one that you found on Etsy or wherever you find your designs at Etsy is a really good place. So If you would like say for instance to have a design like this made you would tell them Hey I would like to have a lead Christmas sweater design made similar to this use the same type of slope slogan But change up the actual colors in it. You can put ask them to put different Clipart in it you’re gonna ask them to change the actual like right here. It has like Hearts and I believe that’s a Christmas tree They could put like snow fly or something now they want to make you want to tell them to make a design That is better than this one. But use the same type of slogan when this would actually require two designs because this is actually one for a husband and the other one for a wife so that Is what you would do you would come over to fiber and you would buy a gig for a t-shirt design and you have your t-shirts made your t-shirt design made and you would go over to Shopify and You would Have those designs uploaded to the print-on-demand company of your choice And I’ll actually show you some of the top print-on-demand companies real quick So I’m going to do is I’m going to type in top Shopify Print-on-demand and You would just come to one of these articles and look at the reviews. I would personally suggest using Either T Launch or print fold principle is actually kind of expensive you would just want to go with the one that would Give you the best margins and the best quality these particular Articles are going to give you a layout of which ones would be best or which ones they think are best for prime demand So right here they’re listing print full and print if I as the top and then T launch is a third so Shopify actually has a ton of print on demand Companies you just want to go and look at the reviews and see which one would be best for you and your business So that is it for this video. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like also subscribe And hit the bell icon so that you could be notified when we drop new videos We will be talking a lot about Shopify and Google ads all November and December Because this is the fourth quarter and it’s this is the Christmas season, and I want to help you Explode your business and make a ton of money. So stay tuned for the next

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