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📱 When AdMob Disables Your Ads

📱 When AdMob Disables Your Ads

Hey! This is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today let’s talk about what to do when AdMob
disables your ads. Okay, so, it’s a frosty chilly morning here
in England but it’s really, really nice. The leaves are really falling off the
trees and it’s – it’s kind of nice to be back. I know if I was still in Maine
last week, it would be kind of the same. But it’s just, you know, I just
thought I feel a little bit – to show you guys a little bit – had to do this one
outside this morning. So, this I got back from Maine on Saturday, so this
whole week I’ve been struggling with jet lag a little bit. I’m still a little bit,
like I’ve been sleeping in some days, some days I’ve been waking up
really early. But on Wednesday morning, I was woken – I slept in on Wednesday
morning and I was woken to the Slack message from Rowena on my team, right? She
had said, “Eric are you up yet? Have you seen the the message from AdMob?”
So, I grabbed my phone, I kinda, you know, (groans) just leaned over and look at it
and I see the subject line: “Google AdMob ad serving has been disabled in your
application” And of course, I shot right up. Now, if you’ve been doing
AdMob for any amount of time, you’ve probably gotten this message, you know
that this is serious business. This is like, you know, you don’t mess around with
AdMob. When they say they disabled ads, you got to fix something.
So, I jumped out of bed and I quickly read through the
message and I’ve gotten this message several times before in the past and I’m
reading through it and it says, “Your ad-serving has been disabled to..”
and it says, well this two characters, I think is one one com.tu. And you know
what, that’s not my app. That’s not one of my apps. It’s – this has happened to me
once before. Once before where they send me an AdMob has been disabled for an app
that didn’t even belong to me. It was like, you know, last time
I tried to email AdMob and say, “Hey, what’s going on? Did somebody stole my
app? Did somebody – is somebody for some reason using my ad ID to serve ads in
their application so I get all the revenue?” None of this makes any sense.
And of course, nobody responded. So this time, I just ignored it. And you know,
I just felt this sense of relief. It was almost like in the
movies when the doctor walks into the office and says I’m sorry you only have
six months to live and then, you know, and then everyone cries and he says,
“Oh, I’m sorry this is the wrong office.” That was kind of what it felt like. So,
it’s just – it was a few minutes of panic and then everything was fine. But if you
do get this email and if you’re with AdMob you probably will at some point, there’s
nothing really to panic about. I’ve had this
probably around four or five times in the last few years. Most of the time, it
just means you have to go through and change your ads. You have to move things
around a little bit and then just tell them, “Okay, this is fixed now. If
you please check it.” Because there are certain things you can’t do. We
talked about this before.You can’t have – basically they don’t want to have
anything like where they have accidental clicks or anything like that. They want
to have it, you know, they want to have it so that it’s like natural.
Somebody’s paying for the ads at some point. And they will disable ads like if
you try to get tricky and stuff and do stuff like automatic clicking or try to
get your friends to do it, I mean, that’s usually just a recipe for disaster.
Because they will disable it. And if you’ve ever – this is one of the reasons
why I recommend that as a developer, if you do receive ad revenue that you
should also – you should also place ads because then you have – then you kind of
know what the other side of this is. People are paying for those ads and if
they get a click-through, they want to be able to -that should result
in some revenue for them or should at least – it shouldn’t be an accidental click
because the developer wants to make a little bit of money. But anyway, so if you
get this kind of message – first of all, let me know if you’ve gotten this
message before. I’ve gotten it like I said several times before and I really
panic this time but false alarm. But if you do get this kind of message
don’t panic. And anyway, that’s it for today. That’s it for this week. I’ll talk
to you, guys, on Monday!

15 thoughts on “📱 When AdMob Disables Your Ads

  1. I got this mail 2 months before…but google AdMob team is very good… il fixed the problem and within 3 days everything good

  2. Guys what have you done with ads for iphone x? I still havent updated mine apps, i have a lot of apps. Eric did you do anything about this? Please answer asap

  3. I contacted app store support and they said if your app supports ios 11 that app will be available on iphone x. Even if you don't upload screenshots for iphone x and you can't exclude iphone x manually. So only way to keep serving banner ads it to update all apps and make "safe areas". Guys we are screwed.

  4. hi Eric! Are you also noticing a huge decrease in app installs since ios 11? I have noticed it on my new apps which are a month old

  5. Eric, I'm new at making youtube videos and recently purchased Audio Blocks subscription with the understanding "as stated by their website" that all their music is free from copyright claims.  I have two videos that are demonetized do to copyright infringement of songs I downloaded from Audio Blocks.  Is there a better place to get copyright free music?  I don't want to continually dispute claims and risk getting too many strikes. What does a newbie like me do in this situation?

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