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📱 Google Play Privacy Policy and the Advertising ID

📱 Google Play Privacy Policy and the Advertising ID

Hey this is the daily overpass. My name
is Eric and I make apps. Now today, I want to talk about the Google Play privacy
policy and the advertising ID. All right, so today, I want to talk very
quickly about a problem a lot of developers have been having the last couple
of days, with having their apps removed from Google Play because they don’t have
a valid privacy policy in place . Now I first heard about this a couple of days
ago from Rodrigo who’s been doing some work with our team. Rodrigo Graça, he’s
always in the comments, he’s always on the live streams and he sent me this
email that he got where he had all of his apps removed from Google Play, but
because he didn’t have a valid privacy policy in place. He
wasn’t doing anything sensitive so previously if you did anything like
collecting information, or video, or audio, or camera, you needed to have a privacy
policy in place to say what you’re doing with that data, but all he was
doing was was showing ads. So he got this email here, which says that issue violation of
usage of Android advertising ID and section 4.8 or the developer
distribution agreement blah blah blah. It says if your app collects the
Android advertising ID you must provide a valid privacy policy in both the
designated feel in the play console and from within the app, so, he went through
and made those changes and had them back. It was a removal and not a suspension, so
that you could always just go through and fix that. However this is something
that I haven’t really heard of before, whereas the advertising ID is is the
cause of that that removal. Now the truth is, I’ve already put privacy policies in
place for all of my apps last year, because I got an email back in February
of 2017, where I got a similar thing, saying because I have some sort of
policy I think it was allowing them to. I think I was accessing the phone state so
that we could pause the game if they got a phone call or something like that, and
because I had that in there, I had to have a privacy policy and I got an email
like this saying action required provided a link to a valid privacy
policy statement on your website and also included it within the app. So
we did it in two places. We did it on the privacy policy place, the privacy policy
field on Google Play console and also within the app and you know some people
even put it in the description of the app but that’s the the
all the places we did. And I’ve been asked whether or not we have one for
each different app and no, for me I just have one privacy policy for all
applications where I don’t refer to a specific app in general but I do refer
to all the things that we do. So most of the time is just collecting ads and
doing analytics firebase analytics and Google Analytics or different types of
apps so that’s what we’ve done. So I think this is one of the reasons I
haven’t been affected yet, either that or I’m gonna get hit with it eventually
because something’s missing somewhere, but that’s something that we did.
It’s getting to the point now where you should probably start thinking about
putting a privacy policy in place, regardless of what you do, just so you
don’t get suspended in the future. So like I said, this is something that
hasn’t affected me, but I wanted to let you guys know about it in case it does
affect you in the future. Now Rodrigo was also saying that he
went to a URL called free privacy policy dot-com and he
said did you use that? He said oh I looked at your privacy policy you’re
using the free policy.com2 and I said no, actually I paid like a hundred pounds
for our privacy policy and it’s the same results as you can get from that. So I’m
gonna include a link to that in the description too and let me know if
you’ve been affected by this because it’s that changing landscape of things
going. To be honest with you putting the privacy policy in the Google Play
console, that’s no big deal, you don’t have to go through and put it in there.
It’s putting in the app and redistributing the app, that’s kind of a
hassle. So what we do is on our settings page or our about page, whichever one it
is some different apps just have a little link in there saying privacy
policy so it takes them out of the app into the web page if they do. So that’s
how we’re handling this at the moment so I haven’t been hit by it yet, but let me
know if you’ve been hit by it and if you don’t have a policy privacy policy in
place and you serve ads, just know that this is something that could be coming
and just to watch out for it. It’s like I said, it’s it’s a removal
it’s not a suspension. It’s not like they’re saying you’re doing anything
wrong, it’s just you have to go through and resubmit it. Anyway, let me know how
it’s affecting you or if it’s affecting you and that is it for today. I’ll talk
to you guys again tomorrow.

40 thoughts on “📱 Google Play Privacy Policy and the Advertising ID

  1. My game is also removed today
    I have added privacy policy in my game and store listing
    But it is showing violation for content rating but my content rating is alright
    I have sent request to support team but my app is still removed
    What can I do

  2. the email notification really shocked me. two of my apps were removed. all my 20 apps do not have privacy policy so i guess Google is randomly removing app and i assume an advertiser triggered that sensitive user permissions. so i removed ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and ACCESS_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. luckily my apps were reinstated. Im surprised the ads that appeared in my apps after removing sensitive user permissions were good quality ads. weird

  3. I got the same email but they gave me 7 days to add a privacy policy rather than remove the app straight away. It was only one of my apps that got flagged. I think its because of Crashlytics which I used this in this one app (which also uses the advertisers Id). I decided to add a privacy policy to all my apps regardless, as eventually they will be flagged…

  4. for best results and gdpr compliance what I do is : 1) privacy policy link in the store listing 2) privacy policy inside the app 3) popup when the user launches the app for the first time with a link to the policy with a checkbox saying you read the privacy policy ( also a "decline/quit" button) 4) inside the actual privacy policy in the app, an additional tracking opt out button ( many ads sdk such as unityads, chartboost, applovin have an option to opt out so that button toggles em all and the app saves this choice also for the next time you launch it). An easy way to make the privacy policy is to copy from other developers policies and just change the name 🙂

  5. Hey Eric Unfortunetely not every time removal also I got 1 of my app Suspended 🙁
    3 apps was removed but I recover by adding privacy policy bu till working on Suspended app…

  6. I'm using this generator(https://app-privacy-policy-generator.firebaseapp.com/) to generate and publish at google sites (https://sites.google.com/view/petraapps/privacy-policy)

  7. Erik i am looking everywhere on the web but i cannot find any info on this i want to personally select or prioritize what ads are played in my app ,i know for a fact and i am 1000 percent sure thag i know the correct products that should be displayed to give me extreme clicks ,its absurd that i have to display everything when i know for a fact what is going to work

  8. My apps only have basic permissions like storage,location, camera. And i do not collect any data from user end. These permissions are needed to run app smoothly.
    Should i worry?

  9. Eric trying to collect feedback on the language game how do we coordinate that ? Which screen should I place this ? https://developer.cloud.unity3d.com/share/Wy6ZeST0RQ

  10. Last night I spent a lot of time working on this. Besides submitting a privacy policy there is one more route, which I ended up taking as it was easier. The video solution is up on my channel. Interested parties can watch it on my channel. Thanks again Eric for this daily content.

  11. Have had privacy policy link in play console for all my apps but not in the app itself. Haven't gotten removal yet. I don't collect any sensitive info but do use ad id for Admob ads.

  12. Hi,Is it a good thing to convert blogger(contains adsense & youtube videos) to android app,finally submitting to play store . How that app will be treated?.And how to hide adsense code on converted blogger android app?. Awaiting for reply. Thank you.

  13. Your wisdom has shone through in two places today. I have had my first app removed because of the no privacy policy violation. I thought I would search the channel to see if you had covered it and here you are with a solution. I'll try the website out, thanks.

    I also need to do some git back-pedalling as I broke another of thine holy commandments: always keep your app ready to build. Got halfway through a feature and now my app is in a mess if I try to build it.

    I won't make these mistakes again (hopefully haha)!

  14. yesterday I had the same problem reported in this video, and i received the same email, my app dont use microphone, camera, dont need login… nothing, it´s a simple game, the unic thing is that my game use ADs of ADMob, but do ADMob use user data? for show a specific advertsiment?

  15. If anyone is wondering still, Unity Analytics shows this ID for apps in the play store. Remove it if you don't need analytics and the issues stops.

  16. I was hit by this twice, took me forever to find out why…my app didn't have any ads nor did it collect user data, I did however have firebase to store predefined locations but that was pretty much it. Apparently firebase has the id thing turned on by default

  17. I have one app that keeps getting removed for privacy policy. I've added one from the web site you suggested in the video but it keeps getting removed. All my other apps worked fine with it. The app just has ads and nothing else.

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