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📱 App Developers who Defraud Advertisers

📱 App Developers who Defraud Advertisers

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, I want to talk about how I’m very angry about
developers who try to defraud their advertisers. Okay, so today, I got an email from
someone that I’m gonna read to you. It actually makes me a bit angry and a bit,
a bit – I’m a bit frustrated with it. So, I’m gonna read it to you and so you,
guys, could see what I’m talking about. So, it says, “Hi sir. I’m an Android developer from India. I have a question about AdMob VPN clicks.
AdMob VPM click exchange is safe or not? Or please suggest me other
earning method from Android apps.” Okay, so, I didn’t know what and what AdMob VPN
click exchange was. I did a quick Google of it just to make sure that I – it was
what I when it sounds like, which is fake clicks on app. So you know, if you go
through and just start, if you put an AdMob on your phone and just start
clicking it all the time, thinking you’re just raking in the money, you know, and
just doing fake clicks that way, they’re gonna shut you down. And they should, right? So, apparently, this is – some people out there have these
services that you could have VPN network, so you have the fake clicks and you
could get around the system or whatever supposedly. And he’s asking me
whether or not it’s safe. And the thing that frustrates me about it, the thing it
makes me angry about it is that I have no idea, I would never do anything like
that. This is not a victimless crime. Is it safe? God, I hope not. I hope
it get shut down. I hope they all get shut down. I hope Google does their job.
The thing is, a lot of people get their AdMob accounts
suspended before for too many clicks or excessive clicks in a development
environment. Like they don’t go through and put the ad test device in there. Or
you – like for me, I’ve never had my AdMob suspended, oh, except for placement
issues. Like I said, you know, you can’t have it when it opens up here, that kind
of stuff. It’s usually really simple It’s just – it’s like an honest
mistake or I’ll just go through and readjust that ad. Move something over,
that kind of stuff. But I’ve never, I’ve never been done for fake clicking
cuz I could I never have. So, and I’ve had friends who said to be like, “Oh
hey, I was using your app and I was clicking on the ads for you.” And I think,
‘Yeah, please don’t do that. That’s not – that’s not helpful at
all.” One of the things to be really careful about when you’re in development
is sometimes like you’re using a test device and like a lot of times that test
device ID, it changes. Like for me, I got so many different test device IDs
and it’s all for the same phone, because when I test it again it does it. So, as
soon as I see that I have a live ad on there, then I’ll go through and put ad
test device because, you know, because they do – they do crack down on that. Did
you think about it, this kind of thing? And the thing that bothered me the most
about it was, cuz I spend money on ads too, right? I’ve gone through and spent money on advertising. Some of my apps I’ve done it through AdMob, I’ve
done through Facebook. I’ve done through lots of other networks trying different
things, so you know, so basically what this person is doing is like taking from
me. Not just taking it from me, it’s taking from app developers all over the
world, or small businesses all over the world. So, it’s not a
victimless crime. It’s not just you taking from the big faceless Google. it’s
taking from them and all these other people put their hopes and dreams into
I’ve got this, I’ve got this app, or I’ve got this product. Or I’ve got
this website and I just need to get people. If I could just get people to
find it, I’ll pay. I’ll pay a few cents to get some eyes on it, everything like that.
and that’s who you’re taking away from. And it just it made me angry. I
always say that if you plan on making money from ads in your
application, you need to take out some ad yourself. So, you understand the whole
process. You need to understand the impressions versus impressions
versus clicks, you know, the different ways people pay, the way they monetize
the different areas and just go to understand the process. So, you know, how it goes. You can optimize your your app for that and always hear
the same thing from people. When I say you should create some ads, see
what it’s like, oh yeah, but Eric I don’t have any money for ads. And the
thing is, nobody has money for ads. That money could always be spent on
something better. Every time I spent money on ads, it’s been, you know,
I really don’t want to do this. I’d rather spend this on improving the
product. I’d rather spend this on on doing something like hiring somebody or
getting- getting some new graphics, all that kind of stuff. But no,
we need to get this in front of people, that’s our media concern. So, we’ll spend
a bit of money on ads and then of course, apparently there’s services out there. I know there’s people out there who are trying to fake the
system all the time. And I know when you get all those clicks, we put out
an ad, you know, a lot of the clicks might be fake. This is why I always
go for the lowest bid price possible. I will go for one cent and if
if that’s too low to get any impressions, I’ll go for two cents and I’ll go for
three cents, which is terrible because on the other side of that, I make
revenue from that. And then the RPMs keep going lower and lower and lower. But
that’s because your faith in the system goes down. Because there’s people out
there who are faking the system. So, it’s a – it’s like that email that I just
read. What it does is – what it shows me is that there’s this – there’s still
this mentality out there that there’s free money available with apps. All you
have to do is be smart enough and they just like – Dude, apps are just
like everything else just like your job, just like everything else. it’s an
exchange for goods or services. People are either gonna buy your product, they’re gonna buy your app and they’re gonna pay for the good. You’re gonna pay
for your product or they’re gonna pay for your service. So you know, what
advertising is doing is that what you’re doing as an app developer is you are
doing something you love. You are building a product, you are getting an
audience and you’re doing – you’re building something. Getting an audience
and as you build that audience, people are paying you to send a little bit of
that audience over to have a look at their product. The ads don’t run
the application. The application runs the ads. Same as a television show, you’ve
seen television shows which are all about ads, you know, they’re just
completely concerned with advertisements and not about the story. Pretty soon
people don’t go to those because because it’s that way. And you see other things
that are just all about the story and they work so well and do such a good job
that eventually they can charge a lot for ads, because they’ve built
that audience. So anyway, I’m angry that I got that email. Just to make the record
clear for anybody else who wants to email me about how to fake the system in
the future, I don’t believe in it. I don’t do it and most people
who watch this channel, most developers I’ve ever spoken to don’t do it. If you
want to make money there are better ways to do it than through AdMob. There are
easier ways to make money than through that method. So anyway, that’s – sorry
for a little bit of a rant today. Let me know what you, guys, think. It might – it
might just be too sanctimonious today because of the sounds. I think I just got
a little riled up. So anyway, let me know what you, guys, think. That’s it for today.
I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “📱 App Developers who Defraud Advertisers

  1. Thanks Eric for this video. These kinds of bad practices hurt everyone in the business. Being a developer and an entrepreneur myself, I totally agree with everything you said. Love from India.

  2. I recently started experimenting with adwords campaigns for my apps, based on your continued suggestions of 'if you serve ads you should also run ads'. I fully agree with everything you said in this video!

  3. can you do a tutorial for MoPub ? im still confused by its system thanks…. by the way AdMob suspended me for 30 days for invalid clicks which i did not do knowingly..

  4. They take from everyone because if ads on the whole have less return because of fake clicks, they will pay less for them

  5. they work in teams to make clicks on each other ads, now i am afraid google may introduce new policy for amortization like youtube , user should have 1ksub and 10k view before monetized there videos

  6. Fake clicks, fake reviews, ripping and copying an APK file then calling it yours. These people should remember one thing, when Google terminates your account for fraud its terminated for life.

  7. Hey Eric, I am about to launch an app company doing honest business and making fun apps. There were some things I wanted to learn about users before I dive in developing my app, so I created a survey on SurveyMonkey, its only 5 questions, I would love it if you can answer it and ask your followers to answer it too – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LC5GD36


  8. Hi Eric, speaking of ads, do you think spending a portion of an app's earnings advertising it – forever (as long as it is earning something) a good idea? Like if my app is earning 50usd per day and i decided to put 20% or 10usd per day advertising it (without setting an end date for the campaign) a good idea? Only tried to advertise 2 weeks ago and still checking the results. Thanks!

  9. Doesnt he realize he would need a trillion bots clicking ten trillion times just to make one dollar with admob?

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