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📈Level Up Your Facebook Ads in 2019 With This Technique

📈Level Up Your Facebook Ads in 2019 With This Technique

Today’s video we’re gonna break down a facebook advertising Technique to go up your game with your Facebook ads and that is called flex targeting so I’m gonna break down exactly what flex targeting is and how it’s Evolved over the last several years and how I’m currently using it to see a 3 to 4x ROI with my facebook advertising ads spent, okay so basically what flex targeting is is and this came out like three four years ago is You’re able to go through and drill down deep on your targeting options with your audience So let’s say that we want to go and we want to target real estate agents so we can go tell Facebook Okay, we want to target real estate agents But we also want to drill down and only target real estate agents in Dallas And also we only want real estate agents in Dallas that like basketball but also we don’t want any of the real estate agents that like Baseball we want this to be very very specific and narrow our audience And so we can go through and set that up with the Facebook Ads manager so let me show you guys just how to do this and then I’ll get into how I have actually involved with this and What I use to get that 3 to 4x ROI with my ads ad spend nowadays So if we come down here inside the ad set level we can say okay, we only want to target. Let’s say locations We’ll say only people in Dallas right. What’s this is obviously common sense you probably already know how to go through and do this and then we come to over here to Including this detailed targeting and we’ll say real estate Agent we’ll see what pops up here. So we’ve got real estate broker that works fine So you can see how this drops it dropped to eight hundred forty thousand Which I think that’s still probably a little bit high because eight hundred forty thousand a real estate brokers in Dallas Find out a little bit hard to believe but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here so what we can do is And a lot of times people haven’t really noticed this but you can go down and narrow the audience or exclude people So what I like to do is go through and use narrow the audience and you can say hey I only want real estate brokers that also like basketball now I know guys it’s a kind of crazy example But I’ll actually show you a real case study of what I would do with my business is you’re going and utilizing this Okay So now if you’ve got the real estate brokers that like basketball in Dallas, there’s 500,000 people and then we can say hey But we want to exclude We don’t like baseball. So we want to exclude anyone that likes baseball Okay. So now you see a drop down to one hundred and thirty thousand people So with this you’re able to go get very specific with your facebook ads targeting Okay now nowadays with the Facebook pixel and look like audiences and all these different things You’re able to actually go through and use this a lot better than just Drilling down super deep because we could go down we could narrow further and we could say hey We also want old people that like football Okay and so we can drill down and say all these like detailed things and so it’s not now you’re down to sixteen thousand people which Ideally you think like well, this is going to be a super targeted group. That’s gonna be awesome for my advertising But the truth is Facebook likes a lot bigger Audiences to be able to go through and work with and optimize their pixel Optimize their targeting and it works out a lot better for you so Instead of doing all this as far as the whole Flex targeting goes What I like to do and I’m just gonna break down and show you guys exactly how to set this up Cuz I would go through and I would first I would get a list of all of my Customers, okay, and I would upload those into Facebook as a custom audience, which I’ll link a video up here as well Just go through and show you guys exactly how to do that If you don’t know how to do that already Then I would create a look-alike audience based off of those customers which basically is Facebook finding people on Facebook that look just like those customers so they’re probably gonna have the same interests the same ages the same income they buy the same things online and although Facebook took a lot way a lot of these demographic targeting They still know this information about people Okay They still know a lot of this but they’re not going to make it accessible To you as a facebook advertiser because of that massive breach that happen a few months back So now what we’re gonna do instead is instead of going and doing all this detail targeting narrowing down drilling down We’re gonna create one ad set and we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna say hey we want to just target People in this look like audience. So we’re gonna come over here and we’ll say let’s just say it’s just maybe you don’t have enough Clients to make it look like audience or you don’t have enough leads. Let’s say you’ve got enough people that have visit your website So we’ll say hey anyone that visit our website we want to target those types of people All right, and if you’re a local business, obviously, you can say Dallas but let’s say for this example we will just view the United States and So instead of going down here and doing all this narrowing of the targeting I like to just come in here and just do my look-alike audience a 1% look-alike audience But then on top of that let’s say we’re sending them to a landing page to go through and generate leads And let’s say this is the landing page right here So with this landing page right here, let’s go through it. Let’s opt in and This URL if anyone has hit this URL right here, that means they have become a lead Right because no one’s going to see this URL unless they’ve already become a lead so what I would do is come in because when you’re going through and setting up your 1% look-alike audience right here. You want to target all these people but once somebody’s already opted in as a lead we want to then Exclude those people so we’re not showing them the ad again and wasting our advertising dollars, okay? so what we’re gonna do is come over here and We’ll go through and create an audience really quick of anyone that has visited this URL on the Thank You page because if they visit that URL That means they have become a lead. And so we’ll come over here and create an audience Custom audience right there and then we will do website traffic and we’ll say hey not all the website visitors But people who visited this specific web page okay, and I usually do the maximum which is a hundred eighty days here because you know if they’ve gone through the last 100 I Want to basically collect all the data that anyone that has become a lead. Okay, so we’ll give this a name right here email template lead Okay, so we’ll say create audience. And so then we’ll just hit done And now as we come back over here what we might need to do is refresh this so that it’s gonna actually Show up but then we can get very specific with our targeting. This is what I would do as far as like flex targeting Nowadays, okay. So you go through we’ll just create this really quick and Now as we go down we’re gonna choose that same look like audience But then so we’ll say the 1% but then we want to exclude anybody Who was in this email template download? Okay, so if they’ve already become a lead We don’t want to go through and show our ad to them again and waste our advertising dollars So we want to go through and set this up and this is the first ad set that I would use With this whole flex targeting technique now There are two more Audience types that I would use with this that I want to go through and show you guys how this is all done now what I would do the second one is instead of going through and Going and hitting a 1% look like audience I like to call this my tier 2 audience and it’s basically anybody that is really engaged with my Facebook page Anyone that has opted in and become a lead because still even though they’ve opted and become a lead I know I excluded them in that first ad set but if they haven’t bought anything from me yet I Still want to show them ads to be able to have them come back into my business because these are people to basically already raised Their hand showed interest. So I want to be able to show my message to these people still. So what I would do and this is the Second ad set that I would create and this is what I call my tier 2 right so we come over here to custom audiences And we say hey We want to target anyone that has become a lead and then maybe anyone who has viewed a video on my website visitors then view my Facebook intro video and so I go down here and I just click on all of these custom audiences that created a People that have visit my website or like right here engage with my Facebook page. You see there’s 40,000 people right there And so now this is where I’m going through and doing the Flex targeting and drilling down and saying hey Here’s all the people that I want to go through and use so guys nowadays you really want to stick with the custom audiences section as Opposed to the detailed targeting because you can go through and create all these little custom audiences of people that have visit your website or people have opted and become a lead or people that have A product from you or people that have engaged with your Facebook page and these people are a lot warmer and a lot more Specific as opposed to just saying hey I want to target real estate brokers in Dallas that like basketball or that don’t like baseball or anything crazy like that Okay, and then from here if you’ve created an audience of anyone that has bought your products, let’s see I don’t think I have one of these on this demo account but you would exclude you would exclude anyone that has already bought that specific product that you’re showing an ad for because obviously They don’t need to go through and see it now for the third type of ad set once you’re really going through and starting to Expand your audience Starting to expand your advertising spend and guys just a quick note here I want to really do this technique and tell you’re spending at least $2,500 per day which equates to seventy five thousand dollars per month, which is almost a million dollars per year so this one you probably most people can just ignore this right but what I would do if you’re really trying to go through and Expand your audience Expand your advertising budget and everything is now you’ve got the one percent look like audience Excluding any leads and then you’ve got the Tier two the second ad set of going and targeting me But it is already engaged with your Facebook page your website or anything like that Now we want to go through and expand a little bit further. Okay So what we would actually do here is we would come and create let’s say we’re gonna create a look like audience right here So we’ll create a two or three percent look like audience. So if one percent look like audience like I showed you guys earlier It’s gonna create about two million people within that audience but If we want to expand that even more we can go and create a two or three percent look like audience Now because this is a bigger audience it’s got millions of more people That’s where we might want to go down and drill down a little bit more with this detailed targeting I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do that. Okay? So if we go click on the email templates right here and we’ll say actions Create a look like and now we want to expand our advertising So let’s say now would just start out with a two percent look like audiences right now. They will say the United States So a two It look like audience which is gonna give us about four million people. Okay, that’s a pretty big audience right there So we’ll come down here say create audience and it’ll start populating this as obviously this is below a thousand right now But it’s gonna start populating this audience And then what we’re gonna do here is just refresh it so we can actually pull this audience up so I can show you guys and we’re gonna go back and We’ll say start over traffic Continue and I’m just choosing the traffic campaign objective just to kind of get through I’m not saying that’s the one you for sure should always use okay so now we come down here to custom audiences and I would choose the 2% email templates, but I would still exclude this audience of email template leads because Still I don’t want to include those in this audience. I want to have them automatically go to that tier two ad set Okay And then because this is such a massive audience and this is showing Unavailable because it’s still updating and populating but what I would do is because there’s not like let’s say I’m tardy real estate agents There’s not four million real estate agents in the United States Okay, so they’re just saying hey, these are people that look like them but they’re not necessarily all real estate agents So what I might do is come down here and say hey I want this I want a two percent look like a people opt-in to become a lead, but I also want to target real estate Brokers, let’s say right here. So the National Association of real estate brokers. Let’s just go back and say Agents right here. Actually, I want to do the National Association of Realtors Okay, so we’ll come down here. So that’s about five million people right there And so now obviously it hasn’t fully updated and populated So that’s why it’s showing unavailable still but you would see that that 4 million size audience would drill down a lot more And it would be a lot more specific now you could go through and say I want the National Association of Realtors and then real Will say realtor and see what it pops up right here. We could say real calm real estate broker realtor We’ll just say that you could drill down more But typically I drill-down too much. I usually get a broad Aspect of this detailed targeting right here, but maybe I’ll do one or two right here, but I only do this On the detail targeting when I’m going through and targeting a larger look-alike audience So a 2 or 3 percent now if you guys are spending anything less than a million dollars per year on Facebook advertising You don’t really ever need to go above a 2 or 3 percent look like audience and if you are you’re most likely wasting your money I would stick with the 1% look like audiences for the most part and then once you get above about 2500 to $3,000 per day then at that point You can start thinking about going to these 2 or 3 percent look like audiences. All right so anyway guys this is a breakdown of flex targeting and how to actually implement flex targeting today with Facebook’s all their new algorithm updates with the pixel with Look-alike audiences with all this good stuff that we have at our fingertips Because their algorithms are so good now that they’re a lot better than anything You could come up with as far as detailed targeting goes and the biggest mistake that most Amateurs make and they make it because they just don’t know is they don’t utilize the Facebook pixel as well as these look like Audiences so you have all of these Facebook Advertisers coming in here and just targeting real estate agents and Realtors and all this stuff So this is a massive bloodbath of everyone fighting over these same exact people. Whereas if you create your own look like audiences You create your own custom audiences then you’re able to stand out above the crowd because your audience is very specific to you and your Business and that’s why I have no problem going through and breaking all this down and sharing with you guys because everyone’s custom audiences Everyone’s look like audiences are gonna be a little bit different and unique to them and their business and that’s why they work so well All right. So anyway guys hope this video was helpful And also if you guys want my hundred percent free Facebook Ads mini course I’ll add a link down below in the description as well as in the top comment And if you guys found this video helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that and also draw but comment down below. Let me know what you guys think of my new glasses These are blu-ray light blocking glasses. So I’m just trying them out I’ve got them on a Black Friday sale and we’ll see if they actually help my eyes out since I’m in front of a computer Pretty much all day long. So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching Hopefully this video was helpful. If it was share it with some friends share it with other people Give it a like also if you’re brand new here the channel be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell because we launched new Videos every single week to help you guys generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, I will see you all later

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  1. great video Jason thanks a lot for all this valuable information… Also more videos on the facebook ads and how to convert thanks

  2. Hey Jason how's it going buddy?
    Right, I am seriously considering your fb ads masterclass/ 6 figure fb ads for $47 as it says on the website. Do you also teach messenger bots etc with manychat on this course?
    I have watched many of your youtube videos which provides a lot of value so how is this course different than your free videos?
    I mean you have already provided tons of free value hence trying to figure out the main key differences.
    I am looking forward to learn and work with small businesses as their fb marketer for the start.
    Also do we really need clickfunnels software or can use wordpress I think with thrive themes or an all in one top marketing software called Kartra?
    I need to learn wordpress though :))
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  3. All of this info is just basic info, it doesn't address the recent issues with Facebook. Tell me what sets you apart. What do you know that others dont that will help me get the same bang for the buck I was getting last year. They have tweaked the algorithm over the last 2 months to the point where it has destroyed my ads ability for the first time in 5 years. I built my art page, devinrobertsstudio up to a big following of over 30'000. I was able to take an image of a painting, spend 10 dollars to boost it, tweak the specs just right and easily get it up to 1'000 plus likes and a hundred or so comments. Within a two month period I can spend 200 dollars boosting an image and it freezes around the 500 likes mark. It will continue saying its showing to people, sometimes it will be a reach as high as 30'000 with only 400 likes and the specs are really specified down to make sure its showing to people interested in my kind of art. So either facebook is messed up, lying or they dont realize their algorithm is showing false numbers.

  4. Can you do all of this in Europe, too? What if you're starting out and don't have customers to create a lookalike audience from yet?

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