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what’s going on guys my name is Jesse if
you’re new to my channel welcome I’ll be releasing weekly content in regards to
e-commerce Shopify drop shipping and everything online entrepreneurship if
you haven’t started Shopify store yet be sure to check the link in the
description I’m giving free audits for anybody that
signs up using that link and purchases a plan so be sure to take advantage of
that you guys believe it or not there’s actually Facebook Ads support chat
nobody really knows about this because it’s hidden you could actually talk to
live people on a chat that work at Facebook they’re gonna give you Facebook
Ads support and even if you know where to go it’s kind of difficult to find
they make it really hidden so let’s go ahead and jump into my computer and I’ll
show you guys how to access the Facebook ads support chat all right let’s go
super quick video we’re gonna show you here Facebook ads support chat so you
can kind of have access to you know live support when you’re working on your
Facebook ads and the event that you need to speak to a human so you’re at
facebook.com slash business and then in the top right corner here you go to
support then you might be able to find some support about the certain topic
that you’re looking for but if not you’ll scroll down to the bottom here
and click get started next to fine answers and contact support and then
you’ll select the category that you need to chat about
let’s go ads here you might be able to find that answer here but if not you
click here chat with the representative and then you fill out this information
and you click start chat keep in mind that sometimes they are not open they’re
not open 24 hours 365 days a year but in the event that they are not open you’ll
be able to send them an email so a lot of people don’t know about the Facebook
Ads sport live chat so there it is it’s super simple I just want to show it to
you guys so I hope that quick tip was helpful

11 thoughts on “👻HIDDEN FACEBOOK ADS SUPPORT CHAT ( Facebook Ads Help )

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    – How to contact facebook support –
    A lot of people are always looking for a facebook customercare number, but I have something that is just about as good! It's not quite facebook customer care phone number , but what's really the difference? In today's video I hook you up with quick steps to get facebook ads help from people actually at facebook. It's a facebook ads support chat that isn't very publicized and difficult to find. For some reason they make it next to impossible to find facebook support chat. So I want to share it with you guys. There's even a facebook ads support email if facebook ads support live chat isn't available.. This facebook ads support contact is better than nothing…. and that's all people have been working with in the past: NOTHING! lol. Enjoy

  2. I spoke on the phone with someone from facebook ad support chat, I've saved it so I can talk to them regularly, I also talk to shopify chat so they can tell me what they think is best as well!

  3. facebook are taking money from my account monthly and i dont know why, i never asked to advertise, i look up promotions and advertising and there are no ads running, so why i they taking money, how the hell do i contact these theiving idiots, all that money and they cant afford to pay someone to help with telephone enquiries, i will have to delete my pages and go to linkden or somewhere else,

  4. At least as of April 2019, there is no longer a chat support option anywhere on Facebook. I swear they have the most irritating and frustrating support of any service I've used.

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