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👆WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK 💸 Ads Monetization Policy Help Materials

👆WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK 💸 Ads Monetization Policy Help Materials

Okay, that’s plugged in that’s plugged in what’s up insiders what’s up insiders what’s up insiders actually What’s up insiders? Welcome back to yet. Another ads monetization policy video. This time It’s gonna be a little bit different than the other ones we’ve filmed together in this video. We’re specifically looking for feedback from you So that we can do things better. Hello? I’m Barbara. And I’m Connor. I work on the policy team You might be familiar with a video that I uploaded on this channel called ads friendly guidelines where we reviewed all of our ads friendly guidelines that we have listed in our Help Center well, We want to make those guidelines a whole lot more clear and that’s why Connor is here today. Indeed So the function of that page is to make it as clear as possible what cannot run ads on YouTube now That’s a fairly tough task at the best of times trying to encapsulate all of that information on one page So we’ve heard your feedback And what we want to do is provide a much more granular breakdown of what is and is not allowed to run ads And a lot of this is thanks to all of you who have been dropping a lot of comments on the videos that Connor and I have been filming Connor has been reading a lot of those. Including those that compared me to Conor McGregor Who’s Conor McGregor? He’s an MMA fighter. He’s an Irish guy Do you do MMA? I don’t so what we’re doing first is taking a look at the format right now we have eight to ten paragraphs which Highlight the general areas that are never going to see ads if you are uploading content onto YouTube However, what we want to do is take a step back and think about the different ways in which we could lay that out so one way in which we could do it is we could have a little zippy and so a fold out underneath each one of the paragraphs which would have a table in it and that table might say You know category of content within for example harmful and dangerous And then another category beside it which would say, you know, not suitable for any advertisers And actually list the different types of content that you would see bucketed into those top-level categories Which we hope would be more useful for creators than what we currently have And if you have any ideas about how we could lay this out in a more user friendly way We definitely want to hear those if you have any examples and we’ve noticed this from comments what about X Y and Zed if you have any Content areas that you’ve always wondered about and you don’t feel like you’ve gotten a conclusive answer for Put those into the comments beneath this video and we’ll be reviewing each one of those and who knows it might make it on to The actual article. And that’s why so in the previous video that we filmed together you might have been asking like how come it feels like nerf guns and video games were like tacked on to the end of the Video, that’s because we received a lot of comments and feedback from creators who wanted to know more information specifically about those topics But yeah It was like kind of like tacked on on the end there But those are the types of things that be extremely valuable so that we make sure that we put them Down on the help center for you. That’s it short and sweet We want to get feedback on what format you think would be the most valuable for us to lay out all of this information And how you’re digging the screenshots that we’ve shown for you And then also we want to get feedback about the types of categories that are the most Confusing where we can provide more clarity. And that’s in every category from controversial issues and sensitive events to harmful and dangerous to hateful Content anything that you feel should be clarified. We want to hear. please do drop comments down below I will be reading them Connor will be reading them other people from Connors team. Thank you so much. And as always Please do like this button. Please do like this video click on the thumbs button That’s how you do it subscribe to creator insider We are your informal source for information From the tech teams straight to all of you here at youtube If you want to get more information from our official YouTube channels links are down below We’ve got YouTube creators and our YouTube help channel, and we will see you guys the next video Whoa, you still here? Post-credits scene videos done. This is just for fun So tom has his thing at the end of all of his videos where he has a movie quote and he reenacts a movie scene and all of you guess in the comments What movie he is acting out I? Don’t have a thing and I want to have a thing So I posted on Twitter, asked you guys. Hey, what could my thing be and like? obviously I Love trivia. I love it so much. I run trivia on my own personal YouTube channel. I love it So why don’t we try doing trivia at the end of my videos? Let’s see how this goes We’re gonna start the first one off pretty easy rules are don’t Google you have to already know it, okay You can’t google and cheat. This is gonna be x-men themed. I’m excited for Avengers end game coming up So x-men team of Marvel superheroes. What I want to know is When did these characters first appear together? When when did that happen? So drop your comments down below and we will announce the trivia winner in my next video [Music]

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  1. There is this channel "Creator Insider" and there is one more "Video Creators". Why dont YouTube creates a central channel to keep creators along like an official channel.

  2. What about Youtube Animators who can't monetize their videos when they can only animate 2 minutes worth of their cartoons? I think there should be a way to have animators monetize their short videos. Like, getting them verified as a Youtube Animator?

    Now, thinking about this, I thought of a way to prevent other YouTubers from abusing the system for animators. Like, get the established animators (Chris O'Neil or Zach Hadel), who are REAL animators who looks over the creation and says "yep this is an animator, this person's verified." A sort of YouTube Animator mods to prevent non-animators from exploiting the system.

  3. Some of us have content that appeals to an older generation who are less likely to subscribe and in reality, subscriber numbers are meaningless. I have hundreds of hits a day, doesn't that mean that all of those people watching could be seeing ads? The bottom line is the content provider is penalized. How long will content providers stick around when the rules are so negative against them and impossible to learn from? You asked a question regarding how we would like to see answers laid out, and look what is overwhelmingly being said: "Stop making it hard for us to do what you want us to do". If you want content providers to stick around, give us more transparency in how our content is judged, give us real people that are not just reading script to tell us what we may have done wrong, stop shutting down channels while you "investigate" the validity of the claim, take away the minimums before monitization can occur (let the advertisers decide if they want to put their ads on a particular channel).

  4. i wish us little guys could go back to earning a couple pennies a year. It was motivating and empowering. now I just dont care to explore my creative side.

  5. How do we deal with copyright strikes with song covers/parodies? I find it becoming an issue with some of the Youtube musicians including CG5.

  6. If a smaller channel gets demonetized, don't just focus on larger channels. Smaller channels also deserve equal treatment.


  8. Yet you turn a blind eye to all the full length feature films uploaded on here and a blind eye to all the music videos uploaded onto here. Seems you just want to do over the small channels….

  9. It would be useful to have more clarification on generalized flags such as "repetitive content." I spend lots of time editing each of my videos, and I'm unsure why I was demonetized for repetitive content. Even if I wanted to delete videos which are being called repetitive, I wouldn't even know which ones since they aren't flagged – and at that – what is the proper ratio of "repetitive" vs "non-repetitive" videos.

  10. Fake blathering on without addressing the real problems with YouTube — false copyright strikes, not honoring fair use, and demonitization based on political ideology. YouTube has become very hostile toward creators. Finally, your copyright-free music is awful.

  11. Got accused of a copyright against some DJ music on a game that's in a beta phase, doesn't even sound like it, so I turned off my "interest-based ads." What a phony scam…

  12. any idea when the revenue problem will be sorted. no revenue for may showing on accounts , lots of people talking about it

  13. hello i'm just asking how do you add a channel to your channel can you make a video of this or just responed to this comment thank you for you help i screen rec on my laptop just to let you know if you need to now

  14. This video is useless to me. I made videos about cooking in a canteen cup and eating rations. I don't need high tech pages telling me if I am creating hateful content. I have been making vids for three years with zero complaints, but can't get monitized. Also, Barbara is super annoying and makes it difficult to watch the video for any tidbit of information. This should be a one minute video.

  15. Hello. I just got started, but i saw that i live in a country where i cant monetize with my channel. Is there another way or do i have to cancel? By the way i live in Albania. Thank you

  16. Youtube needs to stop censoring content creators and is engaging in a TERRIBLE DISSERVICE to all Youtube viewers. All Americans have the inalienable right to free speech and freedom of expression. Youtube's policy of political correctness is SICKENING.

  17. I'm not able to monetize my videos yet still too new, I will hit the 1000/4000 mark one day!!

    Thank you for this informative video, comments below are also very helpful and give insight of what to look for when I do monetize one day!!

  18. i believe like many aspects of technology it needs management. not just to stop all advertisement. but remote use not so good cause that tech having that back door may open up that can of worms when someone else is ghosting or shadowing and with tech development moving as fast as it does today in this fast pace life we live no possible way anyone could stay ahead of it all by their self but but we could have people or experts but yo watch every corner and aspects of all technology along with ai management, military machines built with ai or automation cause we might be making it easy on those clerking in the background

  19. I would like to ask a question from you. Why my YouTube Analytics revenue is from 1 to 4 is still zero USD dollar beside i have more than 304k subscribers??? What happened?? is this an YouTube error?? or this can be return to normal soon. Please answer my question Thank you.

  20. give the small creators a chance. Show them your willing to work with them and not some crazy 4k hours and 1,000 subs watch time which will take forever

  21. its to hard to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours i dont know how people do it

  22. I almost quit doing my channel a year ago when you slapped my views down, saying they where bots. I'm a poor homeless dude. I can't afford to buy bots. My income went from about $140 a month to $30. THAT SUCKS

  23. "Your account is not eligible for monetisation" – after being monetised for 1.5 years. I appealed, got the same response with no extra details. YouTube stinks as a platform.


  25. I think that You Tube needs to be more supportive of channels who provide copyright free music to creators. The music they provide is an essential part of good film making. The new policies have hit some of these channels with content reuse claims and the channels were initially demonitized which either led to the channel or some of their featured artists starting to monetize their work. This is going to lead to copyright ID claims on videos where “copyright free” music at the time the film was created has been used. Can You Tube give more guidance or reassurances to creators on this subject. You Tube creators need to know that the status of “copyright free” content that they use will not change later, otherwise I think it is going to put a lot of creators off creating future content. You Tube do provide good copyright free music but there hasn’t been enough and the range needs to be greater.

  26. I don't understand why you guys took away partnerships from those of us who meant the requirements before the change came about back in 2018… I made partnership in 2016…. I was going to let it go, and not say anything about it. But that was really discouraging for me…. Why did you all do that? That's like taking someones trophy away they won from a race. When that clearly deserved it, or else they wouldn't have never received it to begin with!

  27. you should monetize dance video doesnot matter song of which creator, Original dance videos should monitize

  28. I have add in my videos but no earnings this started only in May … why

  29. Please decrease the eligibility for monitization (watch time) its too high for small youtubers. Thanks

  30. I have one request to YOUTUBE team,please allow to add name on creator award…there are so many creator who works alone & it is so inspiring to see name on the award too including the channel name.
    The main reason is parents/family members are happy specially those who dont know much about youtube thing.

  31. i want views on my channel but i didn't get even 50 views which type of algorithm youtube put

  32. So is the platform forgiving? I am very new creator who really didn't understand TAGS at all and while I didn't misuse them I certainly didn't get it right. While the algorithms search my content and realize that my revised tags now describe comedy? Also will the platform understand subtlety? I want to place things like comedy, humor, and funny in my tags but I don't want a Title that shouts COMEDY in it as some of the value of my humour comes from subtle pulling the reality out from under them.

  33. I Got False Demonetized For Reused Content! LOOOOOOOOL!
    And i make all videos and record them by myself!
    i want the real reason that got my channel demonetized!

  34. My channel is a small channel still begging, how hard i tired no one see's my videos no traffic to any of my videos 🙁 HELP

  35. IN MY You Tube is what I get now 2019 before I could fix a shaky camera in selections where did it go?

  36. BARBARA GETS A VERIFICATION BADGE WITH 16K subs on her other channel. I m working from 2016, 28K subs, 2.2 million views. Barbara – 16K subs, 4lakh views, Barbara = 1 , Hardworking yotuubers = 0, Youtube's inside scam = 1 haha sad yet funny.

  37. RE UPNEXT Ads Id love it to be moved under the comments, forcing our viewers to read or interact thumbs up others comments to ready them before asking that repeated question that has already been addressed if a question. OR make the thumbnail ads just above this section in comments and the actual video. LESS IS MORE< OR PUT ON SIDE OR BOTTOM ? IN live chat it would be helpful or if comments disabled will just right to it tell us before the adds that it has been disabled… OK Thanks for listening to our Feedback and helping in all ways possible in your power. YOU would say in the links below past the comments is all it would change. example the way it was setup on the replay video of live stream: Live Stream – PAX East – How to Earn Money and Grow Your Communities on YouTube

  38. I have noticed that lots of my favorite YouTube channels have been terminated and I really want to watch them. Is there a way I can buy the videos from you guys?

  39. You can't just demonetized channels without any warnings . At least YouTube can send a warning email so channels can look into it and resolve any issue with their contents .

  40. So you want feedback, then I do have a question for YouTube: Do you like it to demonize reborn christians?
    Are you dare to admit it? Will remind you that there will come a tribulation and guess what: God knows already and for your interest, the tribulation for the world is 33 years… for the one whois demonize I wish him or her a very healthy life for at least the coming forty years!! Isn't that kind of me or not??

  41. Its not a platform anymore..Its a business now….I prefer better platform need to come…If u r creator stop upload and wait for a better social media

  42. Stop moving the bloody goalposts as soon as I make the bloody mark! Then stop giving us less money for more work!

  43. I have complete 1000 sub and 4000 views 3 months ago but its still under reviews please tell me what to do?

  44. Still no follow up to this video to address the Reused Content issue?? It's clear that YouTube is simply purging the channels and content they don't like and simply using Reused Content as an excuse. Try asking exactly what it means and you get no clear explanation, Try contacting YouTube (Oh you can't they take that away from you too) Tweet them and you get a generic response, Email them and you get a generic response. What happened to YouTube? Please at least rename the platform to Tube or UsTube as it's no longer about the creator it's simply a cash cow for Google.

  45. Give out a YouTube Help Center phone number. We want to talk to actual people, not a barely-relevant article or a copy-paste Twitter bot.

  46. Maybe make the ads friendly guidelines page more similar to the page that advertisers get to determine which content their ad won't be shown on? As far as I'm aware, the latter is much more descriptive, and the uploaders' page should be more like that.
    Really anything you can do to un-simplify it and let us know the exact details of how the systems work as much as possible would be great. (Source code maybe?)

  47. We still haven't gotten a conclusive answer for why Casey Neistat's Las Vegas shooting charity video got demonetized but Jimmy Kimmel's Las Vegas shooting monologue never got demonetized.

  48. I know this isn't really your department but PLEASE make dislikes actually work on comments. It could be a much easier way to hide potentially harmful, hateful, or predatory comments.

  49. I have a legal education channel, I talk about penal laws, among others, would that get me demonetized?


  50. Screwing over content creators is one thing, but don't patronize people by pretending like you care about them.

  51. 36,127 views? That's it? For some reason I feel like YouTube doesn't want this video to get too much traction because the amount of displeased comments will overwhelm the comment section.
    You don't have to go far to find similar dissatisfaction either, a lot of big name YouTube stars are all having the same kind of dialoge about the issues with demonetization.
    Also, if you search for these kind of videos I imagine YouTube also "adjusts" the search results. Before you think I wear a tinfoil hat just look up and read how vauge the rules are that YouTube posts and see for yourself how unclear they are.

    YouTube is literally taking away people's only source of income and removing their ability to contact them about it.

  52. I would like to know why you brand me and my content as "hateful" and removing my ads without pointing out exactly what I did wrong. You think that kind of bully behavior i acceptable? I can't go through 200 videos and guess what you or your algorithm can't tolerate.
    I know the reason you act like this. It is because there isn't anything you really can point to as "hateful", but you want to hurt people and their business to silence them for political reasons. If not, you would had pointed out the problem instead of insult us with that kind of slander.

    This must be reason enough for suing you.

  53. My channel patnership and AdSense disabled by YouTube. After this action I have filed an appeal for the last three months. But till date, no information has been received by google. So, how to solve this problem. Anyone Help me

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