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👀Facebook Advertising Tips For 2019 | FACEBOOK Beginners and Experts

👀Facebook Advertising Tips For 2019 | FACEBOOK Beginners and Experts

hey what’s up guys Jace over here and
this is what you ought to know about Facebook and Facebook advertising
Facebook dominates the social media realm they own Facebook Instagram
whatsapp and messenger it’s the evil empire taking over the world or for some
of us is the white knight that’s gonna save the princess it’s your preference I
don’t care I did shoot Facebook to make money you should take but how should
your business be using it like all online marketing Facebook takes time
money content and expertise it’s not a quick fix
I’m your quick fix here’s a couple things that will help you facebook
analyzes brands that try to drive users off of Facebook so keep your users on
Facebook your written copy and your images matter they can make all the
difference live video does work you just have to be consistent I kind of suck at
this but I vowed to be better scouts honor maybe scouts honor
personal brands dominate corporate brands on Facebook so find a way to
drive people to your business by using your personal brand kind of like what
I’m doing here here’s a simple hack the more engagement you get the longer your
post is going to hang around in the newsfeed so like your comments respond
to comments quickly and then like those comments unlike your comment it may look
a little egotistical but who better to love yourself then you hmm
I love myself go back to your old posts comment on those old posts and like
those comments and see if you can get some instant engagement and that’s what
you ought to know keep marketing peace

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