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유럽유저가 일냈다.. 미드 AD 도벽 트페로만 챌린저2등 미.쳤.다 이건 무조건 뜹니다

유럽유저가 일냈다.. 미드 AD 도벽 트페로만 챌린저2등 미.쳤.다 이건 무조건 뜹니다

Hello everyone This is Gotube and I search for MDCs and introduce them to you guys. The champion I will be introducing today is… Mid AD(AS) Twisted Fate You might be thinking “what kind of BS is this guy trying to sell?” But, as I told you in the in the Mid Nautiaus video… you have to learn to break free from those stereotypes This isn’t just some BS… There’s a person who made it to Challenger (2nd place) in the European server only using AD(AS) Twisted Fate. This is some newest of the newest meta I’m talking about. There’s no other way to put it. It’s just good. The person who used it
is currently at 1369LP. Less than 20 points
away from the 1st place And you can see his tier last season was Diamond In other words, he made some crazy progress by using AD(AS) Twisted Fate. Is it possible to make it to 2nd place in Challenger with a bad champion? I think not. To make it to 1st/2nd place in Challenger, you gotta use champs with at least some benefits I’m telling you again. This isn’t just some BS… This has already been proven to be good And guys… You guys know that Europe won the MSI, right? We need to take in some advanced culture(?) to advance. Now, I’m going to be teaching you how to play AD(AS) Twisted Fate. I’m gonna teach you everything I learned about this. First, the runes. The main runes are fixed like this: Kleptomancy, Magical Footwear, Time Warp Tonic I’ll explain why it is later on. The secondary runes can be divided into two situations… Sorcery or Resolve Sorcery, for easier opponents in the lane: Manaflow Band, Transcendence Resolve, for harder opponents or aggressive opponents: Overgrowth, Bone Plating And for the rune particles:
Attack Speed, Adaptive Force, Armor/MagicResist
(depending on the opponent) Starting item is always gonna be the Corrupting Potion. First skill to learn is always gonna be “W” (I used the runes, skills, and bought items exactly the way the European Challenger used and bought it) Since my main rune is
Kleptomancy, it’s really important that I land some autos when
situtions like this happens It’s really good when you can get some gold out of it. The skill mastery order is : Q – W – E Q: Don’t you have to learn “E” first since you are AD(AS) TF? A: The master order is always going to be fixed to: Q – W – E … If you master “E” first, you are going to have a hard time clearing minion waves… But if you learn “Q” first,
clearing the waves is pretty easy even though you don’t buy any AP items. The reason why you master “W” next is to increase the stun time for the gold card In the early game it’s important to use the Kleptomancy as much as possible At level 2, learn the “E” skill At level 2, there’s not much use for the “Q” skill,
but the “E” skill is useful because it increases your attack speed (this helps a bit with the cs) You can use Kleptomancy with “auto attack + W” Play it safe when you’re up agains agressive laners. Auto Attack + W Don’t overdue yourself by trying to use both of the Kleptomancy attacks Use both of the Kleptomancy attacks when possible.
If not, just use one and keep distance. The reason why you should “auto attack” “W” is because
the opponent is going to keep distance if you “W” first. Its easier to hit them with Kleptomancy attack when you
auto attack first, then use “W” Auto Attack – W – Auto Attack Q – Auto Attack – Auto Attack Use Kleptomancy as often as possible It’s important to buy Trinity Force ASAP The item build starts with Trinity Force… If the opponent team is not all AD champions:
Trinity Force – Wit’s End – Rapid Firecannon – Infinity Edge or Guinsoo’s Rageblade If the opponent team is all AD champions:
Trinity Force – Rapid Firecannon – Inifity Edge or Guinsoo’s Rageblade… Sometimes you can buy Gaurdian Angel or Nashor’s Tooth After you push the minion waves, always check if you can roam top lane or bot lane After playing a few games, I really felt that
AD(AS) TF is not that easy to play… but if you use it well enough it’s really helpful in winning games If I try something, I can tell if it’s good or bad I could see how the guy who used AD(AS) TF in EU server was able to
make it to the 2nd place in Challenger tier
(but it’s also important that you know how to play good to reach that tier) So if you want to go to raise your tier in solorank easier… make sure you practice AD(AS) TF and put it to use Twisted Fate was always a good pick in solorank… and it is a good champion to use to raise you tier… if you practice enough before you put it to use,
I think it will be fairly easy to reach Diamond tier First item is the phage The phage increases your movement speed when you kill a minion… this movement speed increase makes it easier to hit your enemies with the gold card. That’s what makes the Trinity Force a good item for TF. Kill a minion then run up to your enemy with the “W” gold card. alot of AD(AS) TF’s items give you movement speed:
Trinity Force(5%) + Rapid Firecannon(5%) + Wit’s End(5%) Magical Footwear and Time Warp Tonic also gives you movement speed enabling for you to use
the gold card easier (Rapid Firecannon’s additional range is also helpful) (Biscuit Delivery + Time Warp Tonic) The reason I chose the Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic in the runes.. is to heal my HP fast and to get some additional movement speed Trinity Force + Movement Speed Item + Rapid Firecannon giving me a better
chance of hitting my enemy with the gold card… This is a good reason to play AD(AS) TF
(AP TF only has one item giving movement speed: Lich Bane) With 3 core items, the base movement speed is 470 Just walking up to the opponent and throwing a gold card is hard for the
enemy to run away from even with mobility skills If you add the effects of Time Warp Tonic with Corruption Potion, it running away gets even harder Just walk up to your enemy, throw a gold card(Rapid Firecannon’s additional range).
There’s nothing they can do about it. You can even inniate a fight using the crazy movement speed and additional range(Rapid Firecannon) Your opponent has to just stand there and get hit by a gold card
thrown by TF who was just walking up to them (not even using the flash). A fight has happened. It’s helpful if you turn on your ult during a fight. (used it too early this time) TF’s auto attack motion is very good… so you can mix in alot of auto attacks while AP TF
has not much to do after using the “W” and “Q” skills. Clearing minion waves is easier than you think If you master the “Q” skill, you can push the wave
easily even though you are AD. For the boots, buy Ninja Tabi if your opponent is AD,
if your opponent is AP, buy Mercury’s Treads When you have your Ult on, make sure you look around for a chance to use it. AD(AS) TF will normally win in a fight against the opponent AD Carry (unless you weren’t able to farm well) Roam as much as possible in the early game, split push in the side lanes(especially bottom lane) in the mid-late game. Push side/back door join your team using your ult. AD(AS) TF’s fast movement speed allows him to
run away or join teammates faster than AP TF. My opponent team is all AD champions so I will buy Rapid Firecannon first. You should upgrade to Farsight Alteration… it makes it easier for you know where your opponent is
while you are pushing the side lanes. Kill a minion to increase your movement speed (Phage)
then use “W” on your enemy. You have to keep hitting auto attacks. You need to know how to kite well so you need more skills than AP TF. Evelynn’s here As you buy one or two core items, AD(AS) TF’s strong sides appear in the game. The enemy team surrenders… This time my opponent is a long range champion. To give you tip… It’s hard to use Kleptomancy against a long range champion… So, you should be looking at the HP of your minions… when your opponent comes to take the last hit… move forward. Then you’ll be able to hit your opponent while they are trying to get cs. Or if you opponent will lose their cs if they fall back. If you use this method, you can get more
Kleptomancy hits during the game. Take a look When she comes to take the last hit, move forward. Like this, you can auto attack your opponent while they take their cs. Again, when she comes to take the last hit, move forward. I think I can get a solokill if I use my ult because she has a low HP. At chances like these… wait for your opponent to use their skill. They’ll think I went back to the base so they’ll use
their skills to push the minion wave. Act like you’re going to the base.
Attack from their back using your ult. I used my ult on Zyra’s backside so she
can’t run away using her flash. It’s easier to get a kill if you use your ult after
your enemy uses a skill. The enemy is pushing our minion wave on the top lane,
so I will go roaming right away. Make sure to push the minion wave before you go roaming. WTF? (laughing) “TWO GENIUSES AT WAR” This was one of those “two geniuses at war” moments Gotube There’s a fight in the jungle. Let’s go help right away. Use the “Q” skill with patience. Nicely done. CLEAN WORK Having only Trinity Force and boots makes you move a lot faster This is especially helpful for Twisted Fate Using additional movement speed for phage to use “W” When you have your ult, always keep your eyes on the map. Filling up my low mana with a biscuit Then I get another one from Kleptomancy Don’t rest auto attacking. Even get an Elixir of Skill Having Trinity Force makes you really powerful. Biscuits are surely very helpful. It increases your mana bar. It’s a really good rune for TF. The opponent mid laner is an AP champion, so I’ll buy Wit’s End right away. Twisted Fate is a great pick to destroy the game
in the early stage using his ult. This is how you should play AD(AS) Twisted Fate. Easy win. I can guarantee that AD(AS) Twisted Fate is going to spread fast
and everyone will be using it. I’ll make sure to study and teach you guys about all the MDCs in lol.
All you have to get your easy wins is to subscribe the “Gotube” channel. “GOTUBE”

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  5. 이건 원래 트페를 잘하던사람이 해도 평타정도 치는 메탄데 트페 딜도안나오는 누커 씨벌 이걸 왜하냐 하던 사람이 이 영상 하나보고 하면 ㄹㅇ 개똥쌈 ap로 설계된 챔프라서 ad는 훨씬 더 어려울텐데 지속딜이랑 골카적중 하나보고 ad할 빠엔 ap가는게 훨씬 안정적임

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  10. 형 이런것좀 하지마 제발 뉴메타가아니라 헥암걸려 무슨 겜돌릴때마다 미드 트페인대 존나나와
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  23. 제발 영상 내려주세요 이거때문에 개벌레같은 미드 만나서 3일동안 랭 이길거 4판졌어요

  24. 시즌 4부터 트페모1인 유저인대 상당히 좋네요 트페는 이속과 맵리 빠른빽업등이 가장중요한대 이속+골카사거리까지 줘버리니.. ap를 간다고해도 타 미드챔프처럼 극딜이 나오는것도아니고 초반 6렙 첫궁로밍때 ad라 그런지 골카날리고 씹노딜땜에 스트레스도 안받고ㅋㅋㅋ

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  26. 개싯팔좆같은거 요즘트페20판정도본거같은데 2판빼고 다도벽가더라 근데 다똥퍼질러싸더라

  27. 제가 도벽을 터뜨리다가 자주 죽어서 그러는데 도벽대신 봉풀주 들어도 되나요? 질문이 너무 수준 낮죠? 죄송합니다… 롤 잘 못해서요..

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