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✔ IELTS Speaking Test Band 7.0 -8.0 || Part -3|| TV Advertising ||with subtitle

✔ IELTS Speaking Test Band 7.0 -8.0  || Part -3|| TV Advertising ||with subtitle

and now I’d like to discuss with you
some general questions related to this Topic, What types of products are advertised most often on TV? well it’s really hard to pick a particular type because almost all kind of products ranging from daily commodities to luxurious items are advertised on TV and I remember once I came across a study showing that the
average person is exposed to over 2,500 advertisements per day but then again, As far as my experience goes,  food advertisement is the most popular form of advertisement, shown on TV Do you think that people pay attention to adverts on TV? No, I don’t think so because every channel No I don’t think so,because It seems that every channel is now forcing us to endure ads. Even the ads seems to pop up on the bottom of the screen for 5 to 10 seconds while we are
watching our program so that can be really frustrating particularly if
subtitles or text on-screen are Blocked, so we often end up getting an
Viewing experience, even people chose to do other activities instead of
watching television,so, with this type of advertising becoming more common on some channels,people paying less attention to advertise on TV nowadays How important are regulations on TV advertising? Advertising must give customers the ‘whole picture but as means of earning money so even many advertisement convey false and misleading information to consumer, therefore it is very
important impose strict rules avoiding unfair business practices, it will also
help to consumer to make informed purchasing choices Do you think advertisements are a good or bad influence on children? well, i think Advertisements are a bad influence on children because they
completely believe what they see and hear so they can be easily misguided and
persuaded when they’re exposed to biased information and fake promotion ,they are more likely to want and demand more choices or products without any
reasons. In addition, most TV ads promote a wide range of products for adults
including children so children are often exposed to inappropriate behavior and
violence which are not meant for them so this can influence children negatively Thank you

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