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✏️ How To Design A Modern Logo | Start To Finish

✏️ How To Design A Modern Logo | Start To Finish

Some of you asked me about my process behind creating logos And I’m going to show you that today by using a fake company and show you a basically an hour long logo design process This video is brought to you [by] Squarespace So let’s say we’re working for a company called Electro, Mass And they’re an electricity meter reading company or someone who provides electricity to You at your home? They’re from the uk, but they have been doing this for like a Few years now But they want to have a heritage feel to the logo, so they’ve been in business for quite a while They don’t have children visited field But they wanted to be a sort of standing out so the first thing I do Is that I’m going to write down a bunch of stuff in a little notepad here? You can use any no-fat that you want but fields notes are great little things to have but you can use whatever you want So I’m just going to go ahead Open up a new page here. I think is the new one it is a new one [I] want to go here and just start writing some stuff down. There’s an electricity media company I’d say a lot of blue should be used because blue is a nice sort of corporate [Colour] or green or blue Green When he’s green as well bold put as a question mark so what you’ll see is a lot of companies that have like a mark like an Icon and then they have like some nice type Below it and then everything else [falls] within that branding so that’s what we’re going to do today We’re going to create sort of like a square of mark kind of thing like this So now we’re going to go ahead and sketch some ideas down So get a little dot spread Sketchbook out now and start drawing out some ideas So I want it to be sort of blocky and this is called Electro math, so I’m going to say [C] Electro [math] at the top, and this is just going to be an idea so I’m going to draw a standard e Formation like this, we’re just going [to] go you see how rough. I’m treating. This is very rough We’ve gone either what we can do is you can make another ear right here? But this time have it cut off at these ends we’re just playing around with the words really just around here seeing what we get out [of] it because There’s so many different plays on the letter because it was going to be an icon this is a pretty easy Form of design that we’ve got going here, but the idea is just to get the ideas out when you’re drawing [them] stuff You don’t want to be precision or anything you want to get out as fast as possible to get these different flows out You’ll surprise yourself. [we’ll] just go here [and] you can create like a lowercase e if you want me to Like so you create like a brush sort of type that might not work, but it’s good to explore different options in this And because it’s electricity so I have like you know these sort of zigzags of lightning We could even have a little play on that So just write everything down get all these things Down on here the main thing to keep in mind is when doing this that you’re actually just getting the best ideas out you don’t Have to worry about it. Don’t feel pressured same time. We have like an angled E if you wanted to We kind of like angled slopes here You see how rough [I’m] being with this and that is the idea so you have these little [things] and then you can fill them in if you want to see the way in the balance of Them and stuff like that then the menu can give you a different perception of the type in itself so just fill them in lightly like so So when I’ve done that, I’m cleared all my ideas out [of] my head I’ll look at some Inspiration at some icons and there’s a great book [and] I’ll link it in the description for you to get it’s called logo Modernism’s there are tons and tons of things inside of here right inspiration So we’re just going to like literally surf this book and we can find some great inspiration like right here We’ve got a bunch of [keys] What approach to start on a so you got a bunch of ease on here and you see I’ve created? These are now some of these are [design] in 19, but you can tell if he’s all work today And that’s the idea of logo [designer] everything that worked before should work now most of the times we work season This is going alphabetical order, so when you’re looking at stuff like this, you don’t want to steal anything on here you want to actually be going ahead and Taking inspiration for it [so] or the form leads now. I didn’t [know] before that We have this sort of like lowercase [sound] sort of eat, and we can do plays on that So now [that] I’ve got that out the way I can just go ahead and start making a little plays on this Of this all [centre] of e and this is why the the dot grid Sketchbook is so important. So here’s a [Samsung] e It’s a lower case under e, and it’s not gonna be very good But the idea is just to get them out I’m going to go [ahead] and come up with a few more ideas, and then we’ll go ahead and go to illustrator So the next stage of logo design is bring it into your computer use any computer But I’m using illustrator here adobe illustrator [and] we’re going to scan those Ideas in and once you’ve created a few of those ideas that say like 10 to 15 depending on how long we spending on this Logo, I’ll suggest bringing out as many ideas as possible because just letting your pen roam freely. It’s going to read the real Mastery behind this it’s just gaining those shapes that you never thought you could gain so basically [I’m] [just] going to go through this and work out which one I like best unlike it [is] on the [computer] just to see what it [looks] like in its flat version and I’ve got a couple of ideas that [I] like I like this one here Which is an e that’s in the shape of a pyramid kind of collector of math I like this one here [because] when you flip this around the can looks like an m But it also looks like a spark plug, but the problem is it looks like a wrench and I like this one This is a very minimalistic idea here [I] was like this spark plug one here or like this American style plug Which I might go for might create a few variations of the client But we’re going to be creating more variations on the same logo within this process The way that I work is by basically creating different shapes of seeing how we go so the first thing I’m going to start off [with] probably at this simple logo here We’re going to come up with like [three] different variations of this load here quite simply So the first thing I’m going to do is just create some Mastery down here like so just quickly get these ideas into effect Really? [I] want to make sure that these look okay? and we’ll see how this looks further down with skew these in and Like so so that’s kind of what I wanted to go for there, Electro bass So what we can do here is create another duplicate of that and just go straight in with another variation of this [if] you go for that Kinda like Fuckin s though But we’re going to deal [with] that later And you can see here all things play around these different shapes seeing how the room of each other Seeing what you can do with them just keep creating different ones that you like I mean that one looks much better than this one. So what I’m going to do is just Swing this back here Create a new different one. I’m just pressing alt command or drag Just because then you can create like a new copy But the idea is [that] you can just create all these different shapes getting them out of your mind And seeing where you want to go with them. It wasn’t going to go ahead and like create a duplicate of this one, so [I’m] going to do this that’s going to create namal ear itthere everyone’s if I do this [Kanaka] weirdy going on right there not too sure about all them. What would do this the Baseband is up like so and create like a a Little diagonal flow going on here, and there’s been quite real fear. I’m not getting the finalized logo down I just [want] to create something that looks half decent Something that I can show to the client see whether they like it or not see what happens of that You’ve got little shapes going on there, so you can see variations of that single shape right there? So the next version of this I’m going to do is the one down here on this part here. [you] can see it It’s like a circle would like these deformations inside it and you can see that they sort of been circled off [so] the basically the idea of loads [lines] keeping very simple so this might even get simpler as we go along So I’m going to create like an o here or like a circle just holding shift and create in that then the next thing I’m going to do is sort of like divide these off so this could be done probably better in a grid system To get grids up here And make sure that this is like on a grid We can make [sure] that by going to outline mode this is the way you do it. You know logo That is simple keep it simple all done Then the next time we’ll [use] you just [making] sure it snaps to get a grid Just so it’s a lot easier [when] [I’m] creating like these different shapes There you go. It’s going to snap those grid points right there like so I’m going to copy. This is well Just in case you get rid of it because I’m going to just put it in white and see what we got going on here I Mean it doesn’t look too bad. I’ve got like another idea as well that I could like implement. I’m sure We’ve got this which is kind of like an e, but looks a bit strange We’re not looking for perfect ideas here. We’re just looking for an idea of where we can go with the shapes in themselves But [I’m] not going to get rid of these ideas It’s going to like keep them if the client asks if I’ve been doing any work on the logo has taken a while Then I’ve got something to show them in the end all [go] do is create a couple more of these create this one is black again So I’m happy with it. It’s just a very [sweet] looking design that [we’re] wanting here So that’s another design. We’ve got going on there. [I] mean that one’s okay It’s not my favorite and there’s not the best, but you can see well again We can do it into the different colors that we may use for electricity and stuff like that which commit you know blue Doesn’t want it’s blue in there. Let’s get rid. I will change this color to this green as well like right Yeah, so the things we’re going to do is a pretty simple one. Which is one that I think we’ll use which is an E formation, so we’re going to just do it like this We’ve got snap to grid on again so we can just let go ahead and snap this into place where we [need] [it] to be And I’m going [to] eyeball [and] I’m not really too fussed at the moment Exactly where they should be so there’s an ease very basics and sophie that but the difference with this is that these are going to sort of like come into [the] center a tiny bit so we’re going to move these into the center a Tiny bit whether it’s just one square or whatever and so slightly [scorners] out as well as of it fix itself And here. This is me manipulating tight quite little just manipulating the type And with this we’re going to create this little square Arc on the right, which is basically just filling it again so we can like go ahead and Swing go ahead like bring this out Ever so slightly like so and get them to meet actually she sketching takes time But the actual real side of it is you [know] getting in on this computer here and making other ideas happen From this now if you know me. I’m more of a vintage style designer but I’m I love grit and I love big fat logo design and I love the a Vintage aspect of it. I’ve got this book called logo Modernism Which is all about the vintage style of modern logos which is logos [I] created in the 1920 to the [9] 70s or 80s, and there’s a bunch of different shapes in there And that’s what really challenged me so guys I want to see what your logo designs are like it’s going to be hilarious to see You guys are Absolutely going for it in a good way And just to know this isn’t a real logo design that I’m working on right here for a client. You know This is just me playing around with a fake company, and you know what I’m actually doing it. I’m spending a bit more time Creating the logo getting the idea isn’t the hardest part I normally know the idea Roughly within the first day And it’s all about telling the client why they should have this idea and because those are designers know it to the best So we treat it like so guys thank you so much for watching this I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to our sponsor Over [at] squarespace if you don’t know I use squarespace on my website because they are awesome [you] don’t have to be a web design wizard to actually Understand how to use squarespace basically you can choose from a bunch of templates, and you have your website there. It is customizable You can have a shop on that and sell things people like clients can contact you and it works really well It’s so beautiful and elegant to use and for the customer too if you want 10% off Squarespace click the link down in the description below and let me know what you think of the squarespace platform? Tweet at me. Get me on Instagram and let me know about your website and your squarespace platform guys Thank you so much for watching this video, and I’ll catch you in the next one. See you soon

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