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बिहार वाला Love Part1 | Double Entertainment | Funny Video

बिहार वाला Love Part1 | Double Entertainment | Funny Video

Ladies and GentleMan.. To watch more funny videos Subscribe to Double Entertainment and press the bell icon so that you can get all the notifications Hey Guys.. its Free Subscribe it It is said.. if there is a sense of doing something then, even thousands of problems can not stop you to achieve your goal. Something similar is done by our Bihar's dignity Mangru Yadav Who has Been Topper of UPSC exam in year of 2050 So let's talk straight away to Mangru Yadav what is the secret of his success Mangru Ji.. Tell the people How You did this This story is from the time when my love was with me.. Hey's Sunita How are You? Don't Talk to me.. You did't call me since last two days.. Ohh.. She Got Angry.. I am taking the promise of 'Deeh Baba' and 'Kali maa', Network was not coming since last 2 days Hey Sweet Heart.. don't get angry I am still angry Don't Get Angry Come we will go for movie of my favorite hero.. Dinesh Laal Yadav(Nirahua) At Midnight, who sleep on foothpath after drinking pauaa(a quarter) My child.. My name is Nirahuaa Hey, I will not go Ok Let's go to park Ok I will be there in Half an hour (Singing)..
Your eye mascara took my heart Are you still angry? What's Happened? I have headache That's all?? I have treatment for this..come close.. Mmmmmhhhhh Are you Ok Now?? Yes SweetHeart I am Ok now Dear Son… Do You treat piles also? Hey Uncle these type of people have treatment for all the disease because they have done that course which course? You have seen, there is a line written on wall.. Venereal patient meet me on every wednesday, Hakim am Jubair Hey, you do not care about me Hey do not get angry please understand my problem. The enemy of our love is not just your father and my father but also Airtel and Vodafone when phone does'nt get network.. I think to jump into the pit and die They don't understand feelings of lovers I sold 4 kg rice and bought a night free pack recharge. but.. uff this network.. sometimes I think that I should sale 2 acre land and put a tower in front of my house so that
I can talk to you whole night you love me so much? yes, that day, You came in the marriage of chadaniya. I saw You were looking so happy In black suit you looked like a cauliflower, You know?? Looking at you.. I danced like snake till 2 hours Do you know the air is fluttering and you do not get out of the house Here the leaves of gramme and Barley are rustling.. cajanus indicus and Letri are talking to each other I feels like I should sleep in the field and get up after Holi You are talking too many things tell me when you will marry me? On 13th there is recruitment in Varansi.. If there will be blessing of bramha baba then I will Get selected and marry with you I don't want that you marry with a B.Tech Person Hey mangru forget me my father is decided to marry me with other people (song).. We will not talk to each other.. Listen my Sweet Heart hey Sunita How can I believe you don't love me now? Remeber 2 years ago When u came to my house and spit on the wall of patio while eating Gutka and I decided not to clean up the sign of your love. now I cleaned it with cow dung (Song).. Remember when you were unmarried.. you were mine before your Husband after avoiding my love now you will see the revenge Then I decided I am Bihari, and when any girl break heart of Bihari Then He crack the UPSC exam

50 thoughts on “बिहार वाला Love Part1 | Double Entertainment | Funny Video

  1. Bihar hi aisa state hai jisme India ke naam aata hai .B- Bharat, I- India,H-hindustan,A- aryabhatya,R- regu .

  2. बिहारी के दिल तुटेला त सीधा यूपीएससी निकलेला

  3. Yaa ..i am also bihari …breakup se pahle 60% tha …or break ke baad enginner final sem me direct 79%..aaya

  4. "बिहारी है हम", जब किसी बिहारी का दिल टूटता है तो UPSC टॉप करता है

  5. जय हो इंडिया का इकलौता राज्य

    Jio Bihar ka Bihar😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Koi batawega ka ki kitne bihari ka dil tuta h aur kitne upsc top kiye 😋
    Hm to u tupe pe bihar ke upsc topper dhundh dhundh kr tha gye koi nhi mila kiso mila ho to hme v bata de name unka dhundhe h unko🤣🤣

  7. Very motivating video for civil service
    That way most candidate in civil service for up and Bihar because behind one reason of love ♥️ breakup 💔💔💔🖊️🚔🚨🚨🚨📝📝🖊️🖊️

  8. बाह गजब कर दिया बिहारी बाबूवा टॉप कर के दिखा ही दिया लगता है कि अब सबका दिल टूटना चाहिए तभी सब टॉप कर के दिखाएँगे 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌

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