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الاعلان الرسمي لايفون 11 من شركة ابل | Advertising Iphone 11 😰

الاعلان الرسمي لايفون 11 من شركة ابل | Advertising Iphone 11 😰

Engineering ensuring it will deliver. I’m compromising performance in any situation at the core of the iPhone 11 throw The knife is a stainless steel structural damage. They treat original glass back for the tox lab and smartphone It’s not that from a single solid sheet of Course down to the atomic level and I brought the lights and run it for extra matte finishes The enclosure is designed to withstand what my can throw it Regulars happening and refining can help create a durable. Yeah water. There’s an iPhone Apple design a13 my ownership is the most ambitious today It’s the fastest ship every smartphone get more efficient than ever and with new optimized batteries picking you up to five extra hours a day You get more performance in an iPhone for longer than ever The triple camera system combines cutting edge technology with the extraordinary ease of iPhone We redesigned camera interface complements the new hardware with a more immersive and intuitive experience telephoto why a new ultra light cameras You can now view four times more teen in your photos and videos for the out your life All-new night mode allows you to capture images never before possible on iphone games rapidly really like High quality video in a smartphone is now even better but extended dynamic range now at 4k at 60fps You can recall it pro quality videos or certain frames per second Editing tools previously reserved for photos now make editing your videos a pro-level experience perfect and then play back your footage on a new super retina XD our display then if you hike pixel density on any Apple device Privacy is built into every iPhone from the ground up From Iowa’s 13 to face ID and will suit your face off at the Asian in the smartphone which now works from the greater angle Mr. Mayor my phone has inputs of chains like never before Concern any price somebody named iPhone 11

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