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[реклама] Инстаграм paintrain.ru

[реклама] Инстаграм paintrain.ru

A person bought an ad on my channel. Although I wasn’t selling it. They just asked me if they can buy an ad and I said “you can”. So now you watch this video and I have money to pay my bills So. Today I promote an Instagram account paintrain.ru The slogan of this account is
“Look at Russia and it will look at you” It consists of photos of Russia
that seem to show its essence Every country has a gist Although some countries are so
similar it’s almost indistinguishable When looking at these pictures I came up
with an idea of an Instagram acc To take pictures of some country
and pass them off as Russia For example, taking pics of America with comments like
“Damn Roshia, why are you so ugly?” Or vice versa, taking pics of Russia and commenting
“God bless America” That’d be funny Anyway, pls follow this account I’d follow if I had Instagram

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