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Реклама в мужском туалете

Реклама в мужском туалете

No matter how we grumble at the ubiquitous advertisement, which catches our attention either on TV or from the monitor screen in the queue to the supermarket checkout, but if you look from the point of view of profit, this is one of the most profitable types of business.
And the very City site, offered by franchise, the main income is from advertising.
The attention of advertisers is easy enough to attract. It is enough for them to show that by investing the Nth amount, they will receive a much higher income – and they are ready to pay.
But to make advertising attractive to its consumers – you need to try. Today it’s not enough just to place a banner or an ad somewhere (because there are plenty of such advertisements and thousands of advertising agencies are engaged in it). We need to look for new ways and new forms.
One English company (captive-media.co.uk) managed to surprise both advertisers and consumers. She came up with the idea of ​​making interactive advertising in the men’s room, on the screens of monitors located above each urinal (having calculated in advance that the attention of English men was not occupied by anything for 3 billion minutes a year in the toilets).
Everyone entering the toilet as they approach the urinal displays ads and is invited to play a game.
Monitors cannot be touched by hands (it is not controlled either from the screen or using any buttons). The role of the joystick in this action plays … something that only men can create. This video shows how they can do this:
It turns out that the person is first drawn into the game (and you know how difficult it is to break away from it), hold his attention for several minutes, and then show him exactly what the advertiser so passionately wants – advertising. Moreover, it is really difficult to get rid of it (it’s not for you in the queue of bored people to show something on a high-hanging monitor).
And they show exactly what is needed (that is, the male audience is clearly separated from the female one) – beer, gadgets and so on (which is interesting for most men).
Since the company offered the market something revolutionary (in my opinion, it even patented its invention), it has practically no competitors in the world. She has already installed 200 such urinals with monitors in the UK and is planning to expand her business in the USA and other countries of the world.
Can you imagine what level of income it will reach soon?
Therefore, if you want to have a stable profitable business – go to advertising. Come up with new forms and types of advertising, help commercial enterprises get even greater profits. The better and more efficiently you do it, the more your income will be.

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