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Раскопали Брошенный Немецкий блиндаж, куча находок, поиск с металлоискателем

Раскопали Брошенный Немецкий блиндаж, куча находок, поиск с металлоискателем

— Look at that helmet, guys. Balaclava survived. — My goodness, it’ so deep, I wonder if it’s long.
— It could be simply hidden by someone. *advertisement* — So guys, he have a little blindage here, we’re going to exhumate it. There’s some stuff at the edges. Oh, it’s a container for fats. It’s broken lid, to be precise. Guys, look what is here, right on the positions where somebody has worked already. A submachine gun. Right on the surface. — Damn. — Unfortunately, there is only a barrel. — A part of a frame. — Unfortunately it’s not a whole MP. — We need to search the ground around it.
— You could put it on the wall. Guys, it’s a German helmet in a flawlessly perfect condition. They always are when they’re taken out of blindage. Go on. Disembowel it. Maybe there is a balaclava. — There definetly is. — And you’ve already torn it. — It’s still attached on the right. — “Still”. — It soon won’t be. — A balaclava will be in quite miserable condition, I’m afraid.
— Can’t you just shake it? — Yes, gently. — Yeah, that’s it. Come on. — You are so cruel. — Look, there is still leather. — It’ll be in a poor condition anyway. It was in sand.
— Sand is good. — For coins. — Well, okay, there is a balaclava.
— The strap itself is fine. No, it’s not. — Look at that helmet, guys, there is balaclava, it’s even still brown. And where was the stamp? It was a number. But the helmet itself is really bad. All that sand. There used to be a number somewhere. Sand has erased it. When we were washing it. It was somewhere there. Guys, look, it’s a bayonet! Still in the leather suspension.
— It used to be in a sheath. — How can you know?
— Well, suspencion should be attached to a sheath.
— Right. And it’s Czech, look, there is a-
— Ring. Shall I take it out?
— Go on. Careful.
— I am, it’s just tight. — Jiggle it back and forth. And then open fron the side. — From the side is-
— Not from here. From the side.
— It’s fine. I’ve opened it. Leather lining. — Do you want to take it out? Look, here was sheath. — I’ve taken it out. Let’s rinse it.
— Alright. Here is a leather suspension, it survived nicely. A German pipe! Can you imagine? It’s wooden and it survived here, in the blindage. It’s a frequent blindage finding, but it’s rare to find it in one piece. Usually it’s either just a mouthpiece or just a pipe itself. Nice carving, looks hand-made. It’s not really old tube, toothpaste “Debe-” or something. “Dr. Bernam”. Zahnpasta. Comrade Gazayev have found a travel mug. Yet another one. He’s gonna drink from it again… — Those mugs are all nice and handy, but, you know it yourself, hot water from them burns your lips. But they have probably been drinking only schnapps from them, as far as I understand. And what did they say? *untranslatable German memes* — Oh! — What’s there? Rounds or what?
— No, it’s something like- — It’s a piece of an exploder. The one with a ring. I think it is. — Yes, it is. — But it’s already exploded. I wonder why it’s here. 1942. An interesting tube, I think it’s not toothpaste, which is rare. Larick thinks it’s paint.
— I just said it without thinling, I just saw the word “art”.
— “Fabrika Art” — It’s too big for paint, if you think about it. — It says “natural”. — And here is some unintelligible picture. — “Sard-”
— Yeah, I’ve been thinking it too. — What, that it’s sardines?
— Yep. — A tube of sardines? “Can I have two tubes of sardines, please?”. — Maybe it’s caviar. — Actually, there-
— This looks like a fish in a barrel.
— Yeah. And there was also some kind of barrel. — It could be… fat? Fish liver oil? — Interesting. Maybe the Russian word крем (cosmetic cream) derives from it, it is also based on some fats. I don’t know. But there also was red and a fish in a barrel. — Yeah?
— Yes.
— Then probably you are right. Some sterlet swimming through a barrel. — Aha, here it is: “Sardeltenpasta”. Paste made from sardines. — So it’s food.
— Yes. Quite rare. Another lid from German kettle. I’ve noted that there are ten times more lids than kettles themselves. — It’s a shame that the lid is made of steel. — Well we often get the later versions now. It’s all deformed. Water probably squeezed it as it was freezing.
— Yes, most likely. — Or explosions. — Or maybe it’s just more convenient to drink that way. — Or maybe his comrades bent it.
— Yeah, so that he didn’t eat that much, didn’t get too fat. — Katya has dug up a lovely little bottle. It’s like an inlwell. No, too tall. A can opener. — It still works probably.
— I doubt it. The guys have found a huge box. There are obviously German regalia, what else could there be? — -over there, where I was digging initially. — It’s an ordinary box for 80-millimeters mines, it was just compressed by an explosion. — Yeah, life has been harsh on it. It’s not even a box, it’s half a box.
— For 80-millimeters German mortar mines. So zinc has completely rotted or what? — Yes. Turned into something else. — Guys, look at how much stuff we’ve found in the trench. Piles of barbed wire, mortar mines. Some quite rare findings. Lucky chance for every explorer. Round casings, carriers, German foldable flask, something horrible happened to it. It got run over by a tank, didn’t it?
— No, it got squished by soil it has been like this in a box. One of the box’s frames compressed it. And then later something ran it over. — Yes, most likely. Maybe it was when they were levelling out the fields. — Oxides are right across the numbers. I can’t read it. Give it to Gazayev so that he cleans it with a brush. — Lid from a German kettle. — It’s signed. — What do you have here, comrade?
— Something shiny. — Gold. Is it also a kettle?
— Yep. — How many of those are there? — I think it’s from that lid you’ve found. The kettle itself for the lid. — It’s compressed too. Something must’ve drive through here, like tractor, like when they were levelling those fields out. — We need to straighten it. — It’s scary what had happened to it. Look. By the way, guys, there was a squished grenade in the kettle, TNT is pouring out of it. It was probably Stielhandgranate. By the way, we can look and see i it is painted.
— Nah, here it is. — Well, yes, somewhere there. German Mauser pouches. — Empty. — I can hear Gazayev putting bottles in water. Those are mortar mines. And I can see Mauser there. What happened to it? Everything here is run over. What happened to this Mauser? Here it is, what the surface exploratory activity is like. “Whe do you dig in the swamps?” they say. We got a dangerous finding — jet missile. German. — It’s not dangerous.
— It’s not whole after all. — And why isn’t it dangerous?
— There is no tactical part and no engine. — So it’s just a nose that flew to here?
— No, hold on. There is supposed to be a jet engine, but there isn’t. — It’s the one with holes, right?
— Yes, with nozzles. — So, it’s exploded?
— Somebody put it in a camp fire and it blew up. It burnt in a wrong way, see — a crack. — What is this finding? — Did you get what it was?
— No.
— Come on. Look, it’s riveted.
— A spade?! — It’s Fiskars’! — Truly shocking. Oh my, it’s so overgrown. — It’s an old version. — And you often say it’s like you came from war, so here it is. — I agree sometimes. — Oh my goodness, it’s so deep. I wonder if it’s long. — Someone could’ve just hidden it. No, it’s short.
— I doubt someone’s hidden it. — I tell you, they cut moss little, stuck the spade under it and moss overgrew. — So that they can’t find it anymore?
— Well, as you see, someone didn’t come back for it. — You are so lucky with Fiskars’. You’ve found one in the river. — I tell you, I’ve already found such things. It’s kind of too short. — No, the short ones are really short. — Lucky chance for every explorer. — It’s a short one with a long *something*. It’s just a really early version.
— Really-really early. — Look, it’s so rusty. — Well it’s fine.
— Yes, you could work with it. Look. It’s been a long time since I dug out something I can properly dig with.

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  1. Камары летают можно было подумать что у меня так и хотелось его прихлопнуть.

  2. Все остальные:МП, скары, склады, прочие нештяки
    Я: 2 гильзы от мосинки и куча консервных банок

  3. Спасибо,так получилось часть дедов воевали за Германию,другая за СССР. Поволжские немцы.

  4. А кто то сейчас смотрит это видео узнает свою лопату и ….

  5. Якшо фіскарь нашли то значіть десь може буть і камрад рядом . Шутка.

  6. Вот копаете, молодцы. Докапайте так, что бы найти золото партии и бабули получать стали нормальную пенсию, не 13 тыс руб. за 45 лет отработанную, а 90 тыс, на 2019 год. Удачи вам дядьки !

  7. Была бомбёжка всё засыпало землёй, потом проехали танки, вот всё и подавленно

  8. Интересно сколько лет Фискарь там пролежал ? Поржавел немножко . Даже после всего найденного , вы сами иногда охереваете .

  9. 21:04 скажу больше. Таком фискарсом на огородах работаем, только титановые. 20 лет, износу нет. Повезло вам😊

  10. не забываем Ставить палец вверх и делится роликом с друзьями! Это полезно для канала

  11. МОЛОДЦЫ!!! Но психи ))) Я бы моток с колючей проволокой откопал – Бежал бы дальше чем видел!! А они сидят все в снарядах-и жгут ещё чего )))))

  12. Молодцы друзья вам респект и уважения вы просто зачётные ребята

  13. В августе на ВАХТЕ под Ржевом поднял царскую саперочку в краске с пулевым 1915 года с клеймом "ЗАВОДЪБИЛЬНЕСЪ" – сейчас это "ФИСКАР" … УДАЧИ ВАМ РЕБЯТА !!!

  14. Газаев,если у тебя отобрали паспорт,заставляют копать, жить в лесу и участвовать в сомнительного вида рекламе,в следующем видео два раза моргни.

  15. Этому долбоебу усатому, за рекламу хоть кусок хлеба прилип?

  16. На суше у vас яvно интересней получается, Михаил как vсегда рулит.

  17. По поводу находки лопаты – это конечно просто нечто . Даже слов не подберу )) Еще немного поднатужится, и предметы из будущего полезут из под земли !!!!

  18. Кто то утром в лагере – "Где моя зубная щетка?"
    В этот момент Газаев стоит в блиндаже и чистит котелок "чьей-то" щеткой

  19. говорит бухта колючей проволоки мечта каждого кладоискателя. а нахрена кладоискателям бухты ржавой колючей проволоки?

  20. Ребята, скем можно лично пообщаться, хочется с вами, все смотрю, сам случайно пару раз находил в Тамбовской област побные вещи, есть некоторая информация, киньте ссылку пожалуйста, или номер телефона, у самого есть пропавшие безвести родственники. Давайте пообщаемся, распирает интерес.

  21. 18:12 это экспериментальная модель маузера дл стрельбы из-за угла

  22. Там квадрика рядом с фискарём не было,у меня такой же фискарь с квадром ушёл ((

  23. Юрик ,та отдайте уже Газаеву пасспорт ,а то в его глазах просмаиривается безисходнодность когда Виолити реклвмирует )

  24. Друзья мои, перед моим домом есть поле. Говорят, что есть много немецких мин. Но у меня нет металлоискателя для расследования. Не могли бы вы прийти и изучить это лучше?

  25. 10:40 надпись на тюбике: Sardellenpaste, что в переводе " паста из анчоусов ", а сардины по-немецки так и будет Sardinen

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