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Hello dear friends of the Echo of Petersburg channel! In the studio, Sasha Karelsky and Ivan Chervinsky.
Hi friends! We have not been with you for a long time saw each other, about a week ago, we recorded the previous issue. He was connected with the upcoming interview with Dana Nurzhigit, here. Now I don’t even know how to call her. We her
presented as a TV presenter, as journalist, and now her status has changed! Now we need this: Dana Apa! Let’s congratulate her on her new appointment! Yes! If earlier you probably could have said: “Dana Tateshka”, right? Now it’s impossible! Now you need this: “Dana Apa.” Yes, and of course it’s very cool that she now a new life will begin, a new chapter in general in her career, in her work! We wish her fruitful work,
so she does as much as possible for residents of all Kazakhstan! I think that
she’ll do a great job because Conversation with Dana, it became clear that she is a person who thinks about people! She is not pursuing some personal benefits, so I’m sure it’s right that made her a deputy of the Senate, right? Or a senator? No, a deputy of the Senate! What is a senator? Well, let the audience write, because I don’t especially versed in ranks, in ranks. At
me at all, you see, as it turned out only one higher education, and Dana has three! Yes, she gets a third now education and in general, having talked with Dana, agree that a little consciousness expanded! And somehow, in general, we began to look at many things differently, here! At Did something change for you? Week is gone. Listen, I felt, too, that a lot of space has become in my head. You know, as they say, that as soon as you start to find out something – you understand that you don’t have anything at all you know. And those who say that I’m all
I know – they even don’t know that they don’t know anything! I will also tell you that I am very happy that we started to have such
issues and such people because communicating with such people very much
horizons and thinking increase, they’re just giving you some
directions and arouse interest in them. AND so I looked a lot from
creativity of those people whom Dana called on the air and I can say that I didn’t know much yet and very great we don’t plan on this
direction stops, and we will invite more and more new
interesting people to our interviews! Yes! I really want, of course, that we have even more guests. Yes! But everything is ahead, especially since
us such a beautiful studio appeared. There is even a microphone and several cameras. Now we can turn to our subscribers, viewers – let
will write whom else would they like to see in our
studios. Because we already recorded for ourselves and Sergei Sosedov – put in notes until he answers, but we do everything possible for him to turn on us
Attention. We have many by the way, there are questions and, by the way, to
to the participants of the “New Wave” about whom you wanted to tell. Absolutely right! You
touched on an important topic! “New Wave” in Sochi will be held from August 24 to 29. The jury selected 13 performers who will represent their countries in the final. Let me remind you that this is an international competition of young performers. And before he went to
Jurmala, now it takes place in Sochi, Russian resort city. Will gather
all the stars, conceivable and inconceivable, on this celebration. The king will come, I heard! King queen prima donna of the Russian stage,
natural blond – everyone will be! Well here is a natural blond
I am sure that many in Sochi love to listen! The only thing I want to note is I
when studied information about the New Wave, looked at many sources, newspapers and magazines, who write about this event and
mention to Dimash Kudaibergen was very modest! Straight very humble! Because officially Dimash declared a little if not in every day of this festival, and I
I saw literally some scraps: “and that day Dimash will perform there
Kudaibergen. “I do not know what is connected with this misunderstanding and lack of desire
mention a person who is already famous all over the world, which conquered the contests of “The World Best”, but for some reason in Russia are silent! Maybe the ceremony needs to be done somehow? In Russia for a long time show business traditions only if there are special honors order bearers and honored performers! So I think of course not fair in terms of talent and
mastery but on regalia of course you need to declare
precisely those who several times maybe
I’ve even won a prize dozens of times “Song of the Year”, “Golden Gramophone” and so on. Well, maybe it’s connected again, you know, with advertising! That when you write famous names and surnames – people pay attention to the event! Strange, then I had to write … well, it’s obvious, what if on the poster you write Dimash
Kudaibergen … by the way, many are so now do it! For example, I saw a poster, we
sent her in the comments with a question – will to perform there Dimash? Poster –
“skating”! Screenshot can to do? Yes! Insert a screenshot. Ice event and it is written in large: “Dimash Kudaibergen” or just Dimash. Now the picture will be visible. And it says that come skate. Like this! That is, it turns out that if the organizers of the New Wave would simply have written that there would be no one there, then … but most certainly would have offended honored performers. Yes, but what’s especially nice what the broadcast of the “New Wave” will be! Her
will lead, in my opinion, Channel One Or the TV channel Russia. Nevertheless, the majority of viewers cases, hear and see Dimash Kudaibergen! I’m sure many for the first time! And this
still there will be a victory! Victory in the sense what not to notice on
today is such an artist just impossible! In fact, now I thought you know what? Maybe well, that so many eminent
performers will be in the competition because since the competition of young talents, then
experienced talents meters … can I call it? Can! Not
will be too modest for them? No normal! .. meters will be able to speak there to convey their experience! Basically, what they should do. they must educate the younger
generation but now the truth is a little they, it seems to me,
late because now they need to educate their grandchildren, and someone
great-grandchildren! You know what I think – that they after Dimash’s performance on New Wave, they will want to do duets, now it’s very fashionable! Due to what – it’s like a collaboration bloggers. Young and not so? Yes, here Philip Kirkorov will come up and say: “Come on we’ll do it! ”After all, he takes all the hype ones and does them. Just because to propiarize themselves and
say such an “injection”. Listen I would not like such a duet, but
can viewers write to us with whom they wanted would have been a duet from the participants of “New Wave”. By the way, a good question! Write just for fun! Let’s dream up on this subject! Why not! I want to go straight to another piece of news worth discussing. This is a clip. We are waiting for a new clip from Dimash Kudaibergen to the song “Know.” As you know, the shooting took place in Iceland. Incredible beautiful views, waterfalls
volcanoes, lots of greenery, lo! I saw that many viewers and fans of Dimash
scolded Alana Badoeva, you know why? Do not catch a cold, they say, our sun! Because it’s very a lot of filming, where Dimash on the background
waterfall, and there – you understand, there is an opportunity, a chance to catch a cold! Care so fans! Well, I think there was a warm blanket or hot tea. I think yes there Dimasha warmed after filming. Filming
quickly passed, in my opinion. This suggests that Alan is real
professional! I did not delay. We really hope that they will quickly mount and release the clip somewhere. Because you remember how long we
waiting for the “Love of tired swans”? Yes, there was still a delay. But, you know what, here we are in a hurry,
in a hurry and Alan too hurried, they said – Alan, come on, come on! And maybe a little bit hastened? Maybe yes! Now, if they gave him another year to mount .. ..maybe a better clip would be. Because I read the comments and myself too
looked and such is the double opinion! I even
it seemed like you had a different song take Alana for this clip. Because we they put a song under these pictures
Daididau. And nothing has changed? And it turned out more interesting! The song is very good! And so now the song “Know” is
world hit! Yes! This is a very cool song! We are waiting, in general, with impatience, we hope to get a good job! Everybody craves fans are fans, so that there is more Dimash, so there are more close-ups. Everything admire his acting.
We hope that Alan listens to these wish! Well, anyway, I hope that he monitors the feedback and draws conclusions. You know what, Alan – he has a huge video library, he is a clip maker with great experience! I
looked at wikipedia – there, I don’t know, maybe even more than a hundred clips,
which he was shooting! And there are very different performers. Max Barskikh, in my opinion, there’s your favorite! Yes Yes! Then, it seems there was even Lara Fabian! That is, he made clips to many people and I am sure that he will experience will tell. If the first pancake, as they say, wasn’t the most successful, maybe he overcooked, then now the Icelandic clip should already work out very good! Generally hold
cams! So you said you watched on wikipedia his video library,
and I watched the rally before the program with Alan Badoev, where he participated. I really liked the funny video who doesn’t saw – look! Alan is there too
such an unusual situation. He’s so creative
creative person he did just such a rally, where he showed himself as
honest man! Therefore – well done! I him I remember how the leading “Eagle and Tails” and all. And now we are well We know Alan, the truth is in absentia.
We move on. I propose to discuss more one sensational movie now, in
Internet walks. Channel “ZhekaKZ”. Two young guys went to Almaty Arbat with a poster that read: “Give five if you think that Dimash Kudaibergen is our pride! “And a very positive response this caused among residents of Almaty. Everyone came up, hugged, shook hands that suggests that popularity and
respect for Dimash Kudaibergen in Kazakhstan at the highest level! It’s great! And it is constantly growing! Because if you remember, we were
at the concert, it was a month ago and I remember that
we Hamse asked him as well walked around and asked for opinions. And then the opinions of people were a little restrained. And now they directly expressed their opinions openly. Maybe because summer? Especially know that nice – that there were young people and
Adults! Which suggests that and Dimash’s audience is constantly expanding! And it’s great that young people pay attention it is on Dimash and they take from him
many example, like vocals, and in general in the manner of education, in
restraint, according to the intelligentsia, here! This, on my opinion is also very cool! So, well, since we talked about bloggers, I want to about our dear Hamse
to tell. How do you think? About his new video? Yes, he got a video on his channel “The Road to Akmol Shrine / Mausoleum of Niyaz Bi”. I rode bicycles, showed ours already favorite city of Astana, showed
beautiful sights a bike path that is just perfect! We do not have this in St. Petersburg. With us, you saw how the tracks are built? I’m not at all
saw us bike lanes. We have there is even a circuit of bike paths on the Internet. And of course we really tried and thank you very much to our “akim” (governor)! thank huge for being located
lanes are very convenient for cyclists there really is real torment! We have
so the tracks are located that always you have to do extra circles if you want to drive straight ahead somehow. therefore Of course, great fellows! It’s on
health has a positive effect! You can drive more, you plan to drive there 10 kilometers, and you drive 12, it’s super! Finished well done guys! Vanya, as a person who often moves on a bicycle he loves
sport – he, I’m sure, with envy looked at the tracks that Hamza showed. I even wanted to … so I watched the issue and I wanted to take it straight bike and go around Kazakhstan, by
all over Kazakhstan to ride a bicycle. And especially go to the south of Kazakhstan,
because it’s very interesting how it is! And me really wanted to get, you know where? Where? Now, despite the fact that I was on team building and they tried to recreate the culture of Kazakhstan and show the very thing for which many go to see the famous
Kazakh steppe that’s just
Khamze – it turned out to be done! because that when they came to this
a mausoleum, so very small neat and beautiful building, that’s
and most importantly, it stands right in the middle the steppes and there it is just – you look into the distance and there is nothing on the horizon, except where heaven connects to earth! Very beautiful view! Well, you have to go there then electro-bike or moto-bike, because the expanses are endless! Highly endless! But probably on a motorcycle
cool! I imagine when a person let’s say one or two, imagine, you are standing in the middle of the steppe, you look – around you in general nobody is there, and you are alone in general alone
by nature. These places are probably now very hard to find.
Quickly put a yurt, right? Yes, a yurt! They said that one person in one and a half hours can put together a yurt! Well, then that’s it! And fast installed a satellite dish,
I connected the benzo generator and that’s it – go online, make releases. I will now share what I am studying the book that we were advised is Mukhtar Auezov’s “The Way of Abai”. And there it’s just very it is well said that the Kazakhs
there were winter yurts and there were summer yurts yurts and here they are in a great hurry from winter, warm, equipped with a furnace yurts go to summer yurts,
to sleep open the sky. To breathe fresh air –
for them it was directly the most important thing pleasure, here as soon as possible to leave wintering there. And by the way, you know what I’ll tell you here is the circle itself, in the shape of which it is made yurt … how right –
yurt? Yurt! Someone needs to tell us
probably we are wrong. And this one circle, it is not made with simple
this form! Because there is a special energy inside and
accordingly, the person who lives in such conditions he for example
may open some additional abilities can live longer than people who live here in our usual houses, concrete boxes. I absolutely agree! They have such thing, “tunduk” is called. Leans back at this yurt and as I understand it above them also made a hole. Imagine you are lying in the open air! In Kazakhstan, night is seen stars, fresh air, odor hobbled,
romance! Eh, what? Koumiss swallowed for the night! Drank and enjoy! By
more that koumiss is not only a means for a good mood, he is still
has a relaxing effect. Yes, and even evening songs! Because i
realized that for Kazakhs a song it’s like for a Russian person –
bedtime story, and they have songs! They sing these songs and
and they’re telling the whole story directly. Therefore it is not surprising that in general
Kazakh people are so talented in plan exactly vocal performance.
Because songs for them is how a piece of bread. Well, I think our release was not too long, thanks for watched to the end! But wait, this is not the end. I have a surprise! I want you all to him
show! I must say that who regularly watching our issues – you probably know that there is our wonderful friend in Astana, Roza Anasovna. That’s it from her you Now you will see a surprise, look at the attention!

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  28. Наконец то Иван! Уже скучать стали! Всего наилучшего, ребятки!

  29. Я так рада ,что Дана Нуржигит стала депутатом Сената. Надо обновить весь состав Сената.

  30. Димаш!!!Ты такой умненький,мыслящий,рассудительный,думающий,-просто прелесть!!!Всё твое нутро пропитано добротой и любовью ко всему живому и окружающему тебя на Земле!!!Я восхищаюсь тобой!!!Умничка!!!А еще я тебя боготворю,за такую твою большую любовь к своей профессии!!!Это величайшее счастье заниматься любимым делом и получать плоды от своего труда-всемирную любовь твоих поклонников-фанатов!!!Что отдашь,то и получишь!!!Ты соткан из музыки!!!И свой Божественный Дар ты без остатка отдаешь своим любимым и дорогим твоему сердцу  фанатам!!!А взамен получаешь их безграничную любовь к себе!!!Это же так здорово!!!Я тебе желаю на твоем творческом поприще большой УДАЧИ!!!Живи миллиарды лет,но никогда не изменяй своей любимой профессии,своей любви к ней!!!Не засоряй её всякими мелочами!!!Аллах очень сильно любит тебя,потому так щедро одарил тебя космическим, неземным талантом,твоим удивительной божественной красоты и чистоты,ласкающим слух каждого голосом,которым,ты,как магнитом притягиваешь к себе каждого слушателя,влюбляя в себя,в свой голос!!!А еще,ты настолько красив ,как внешне,так и внутренне,что от тебя просто невозможно отвести свой взор!!!Тебе просто нет равных на нашей Земле!!!Ты выше всех присуждаемых  мест по красоте!!!Ты у нас с другой Планеты,где царит КРАСОТА и ЛЮБОВЬ!!!Ты ПТИЦА большого неземного полета!!!-17.08.19 г.
     👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👏 👏 👏 👏 💋 💋 💋 💋 ❤ 🌺Голосуйте за Димаша!!!

  31. Хорошо вписались в уютный интерьер новой студии! Отличное решение. Интересно вас смотреть и слушать 👍🏻

  32. Не хотелось бы никаких дуэтов с представителями шоу-бизнеса, Димаш ценен сам по себе.

  33. Здравствуйте если насчет дуэта то Димаш сам хорошо поет но если так сильно надо то Анной Нетребко

  34. У нас еще есть розовые Фламинго а на закате солнца очень красиво

  35. Ребята, не надо фамильярничать!!!! Надо назвать Дана-ханым!!! Апа, татешка- это вульгарно неэтично к официальному лицу!!! ЗАПОМНИТЕ это и не раздражайте нас!!!

  36. А мне бы хотелось увидеть и услышать дуэт с Дианой Анкудиновой!

  37. Красоту хотите увидеть приезжайте в Алмату!!! У нас горы!!!! В Казахстане кроме степей есть горы красивейшие в мире и каньоны!!! Не огон надо в каждом своем выпуске формально молоть ступу в воде о степи!!! Ребята, вы формально тупо в погоне за лайками мелете одно и то же!!! Прежде потрудитесь изучить географию, историю, а если замахнулись что-то по-казахски произносить, то поинтересуйтесь переводом!!! Слово апа в южных регионах означает бабушка!!!Татешка- так не позволительно кому попало говорить, это слово означает тетя и для близких людей!! Ребята, по началу я вас уважала, а теперь вы чисто на Димаше хапуетесь, противненько становится!!!

  38. Александр и Иван, я очень очень советую и желаю вам провести хотя бы одну ночь в степи, пока тепло. Это невозможно описать словами, вас будут переполнять эмоции, вы очиститель и отдохнёт, успокоитесь и наберетесь новых сил!!! Я счастлива, что родилась в выросла в степи, она меня воспитала матушка- природа! А ещё отнимите все или прямой эфир , это будет супер!!!!!

  39. А в рекламе Новой волны на канале Россия, Димаша не показали!? 🤔
    Хотя кажется, количество зрителей ныне увеличится именно в дни его выступлений! 🤗🙌✌

  40. Здравствуйте! Хочу отметить вашу тонкую иронию, которая присутствует в ваших видеобеседах, в том как вы обсуждаете новости. Но она как-бы никого не задевает и не обижает. Очень точно подметили особое отношение к Димашу со стороны российских СМИ (хотя одно его присутствие на любом мероприятии гарантирует аншлаги организаторам). По поводу первого клипа ЛУЛ тоже выразились очень изящно, тонко, но вполне определенно….

  41. Ребята вы такие хорошие, искренние! Спасибо вам за ваши добрые отношения к Димашику и к Казахстану, мы вас любим!

  42. Рахмет Саша ,Иван за подробную инфо про наш !Казахстан!!!Спасибо,вы молодцы!!!!Алға Димаш!!!!

  43. Пригласите Светлану Сурганову для беседы, если получится… Она петербурженка во всех смыслах этого слова 🌹

  44. Зачем за димаша другие решают пусть он сам и его родители есть а мы слушатели только должны поддерживать его,не надо переходить границу наверное всем

  45. Привет ребята 👋Интересный выпуск получился. Я считаю не надо Димашу дуэтов, вся уникальность и магия его голоса исчезнет, ему нужно будет подстраиваться под партнера. Студия супер 👍👍

  46. Оооо, Ванюшь, привет. Наконец-то… прям переживали.. потерялся..))) Сашеньке отдельный респект и приветик! Любим,счастливы видеть вас в добром здравии!!!!🥰

  47. Думаю Дана- апай будет более правильно. Апа, Аже- это обращение к бабушке. Татешка- это больше подходит обращение на бытовом уровне.
    Что касается, дуэта с кем – то, НУ ЗАЧЕМ?! Димашу в" нагрузку" кто-то, пусть даже и из народных.
    А в гостях у вас… – я бы вам посоветовала пригласить нашу Айман Мусоходжаеву – скрипач, педагог, профессор и просто красавица. Ректор Каз.нац.университета искусств. Обладатель звания ЮНЕСКО с 1998г -" Артист Мира". Тем более ,что она непосредственно связана с Димашем.
    Пожелаем и нашему Димашику быть обладателем этого почетного звания – АРТИСТА МИРА, т.б, . что по категорию ,по которому его присуждают – Димаш вполне заслуживает.

  48. Мне очень понравился дуэт Димаша и Супер Вокалс, хотелось бы классику, совместный дуэт, И конечно же Андреа Бочелли и Лара Фабиан, это моя мечта, которая скоро на половину исполнится, Лара споёт в дуэте😍😍😍

  49. Мне очень понравился дуэт Димаша и Супер Вокалс, хотелось бы классику, совместный дуэт, И конечно же Андреа Бочелли и Лара Фабиан, это моя мечта, которая скоро на половину исполнится, Лара споёт в дуэте😍😍😍

  50. Наша Айман Мусоходжаева получила это звание 7я по счету. Зашла в инет, думаю кто еще из достойных за это время получил и кого я там вижу- низачто бы не подумала – наша "легендарная" Алсу., дальше смотрю -Зара. Р/s. Даааа уж … 😏… .

  51. Ему не нужна реклама ,тем более в России,пусть слушают своих фанерщиков 'короля,примадонну и т.д.👎👎👎😞

  52. Ребята, всегда с большим удовольствием вас слушаю. Благодарю вас!!!!!

  53. Привет! Вас приятно слушать в такое время,время полных завистливых мутантов.Вот слушала Димаша, а после ваше рассуждение,так приятно стало на душе.Спасибо вам ребята!👍


  55. Слушать вас одно удовольствие браво вы стали интереснее

  56. Дана Нуржигит стала сенатором. У нас сенаторами и депутатами становятся, также, как и у вас, люди, удобные власти. Она – человек власти, что очень сильно огорчает, так что ваши надежды, что она будет работать на людей, призрачны, она будет работать на власть. Дальше, ваши многие соотечественники всегда очень сдержанно относятся к талантам из других стран, поэтому вы сильно не удивляйтесь. Про дуэты, – вы же сами понимаете, что Димашу не нужен никакой дуэт, он сам за всех споет. Конечно, у него есть желание спеть с кем-то, но этому кому-то будет не так просто. И еще, – казахи летом жили в юртах, а зимой в обычных домах. А юрты ставились на летних выпасах, куда откочевывали для ведения хозяйства. По-казахски вообще-то юрта называется Кигіз Үй (Кигиз уй, нужно произносить очень мягко), а слово юрта, по-моему, татарское. Забыла еще кое-что. Да ладно. Удачи вам, наши позитивчики! Если бы люди были бы такими как вы, мы жили бы сейчас в очень добром и красивом мире!

  57. Ха – ха " орденаносцы' рассмешили ребята. Они же не дают дорогу молодым талантам. В России тоже много талантов.

  58. Кумыс не только расслабляющее средство. Он очень богат витаминами, повышает иммунитет, имеет лечебные свойства. В Германии уже запатентировали кумыс и продают как лекарство. Это постарались немцы, которые переехали из Казахстана)) А наши еще хлопают глазами, хотя…. Думаю вряд ли наши станут их покупать в аптеках. У нас очень много кумыса. Даже сейчас у меня в холодильнике около 20 литров)

  59. Добрый день!!! Спасибо большое за репортаж 👍👍👍👏👏👏💕💕💕

  60. Не думаю что с кем либо хотелось бы видеть мою Звезду. Рядом с Димаш все меркнет. Наверное и другие кто поет понимают это

  61. Я помню, ранее, Димаш хотел сделать дуэт с российским певцом и композитором Дмитрием Маликовым, было бы интересно послушать двух талантливых людей! Спасибо за видео!!!

  62. Нет ни с кем не хочется Димаша видеть, он ГЕНИЙ !!!!!!

  63. Димаш Великий личность..
    Димаш гордость ПЛАНЕТЫ!!
    Привет из Башкортстана!!

  64. Ассалау-магалейкум, Иван и Александр! По ходу, вы скучаете уже по Казахстану, это здорово! про Димаша, слов нет, он уникум!!!

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