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АСМР Шепот, 📌 Канцелярия 📐📎 и Игрушки с AliExpress 🎒 | ASMR russian whisper

АСМР Шепот, 📌 Канцелярия 📐📎 и Игрушки  с AliExpress 🎒 | ASMR russian whisper

Hello-hello Hello-hello In today’s video We’re going to look through a huge amount of Aliexpress stationery Pens, pencils, markers, sharpeners notebooks and toys and even more I’ve bought it as a gift for my cousins But, as it was in the last video you’ve probably watched it it was long time ago and it was on a stationery theme too So I’ve decided to record a video Firctly, ’cause there’s a lot of cute stuff and it can be trigger stuff as well So I hope it will be interesting I still adore all of this sketchbooks, pens, other cute stuff It’s so nice and cute and it always make me happy Maybe somebody will give you some stationery as a present as well I don’t know Maybe you’ll buy a funny pen on your way and it will make you happy So? Let’s actually start, I don’t even know with what we have to start We can start with bags So the first one is the small one And yeah, all the stuff in this video is from the Aliexpress It’s not and ad, I’m just addicted on the Aliexpress that’s why I have so many things from it so today’s stuff is not an exception This bag is for lottle things actually another one it’s small and cute too Its only disadvantage is flattened wings It was delivered like this already and I hsve to fix ot in some way but it still looks perfect I guess girls will Just… It’s very cute It shimmers so hypnotizing some more bags these are more serious, I don’t know But they will be able to put all their textbooks into it Or they won’t So this is the first one I like it the most visually with a pocket and You might have seen them in the previous video where I help you to get ready to school Red and black I like this sound so much the strap’s sound and the blue one It supposed to be a gift for the boy and that bags were for the girls But in fact Boy may like the red one as well My bag, by the way I mean, this kind of bags Mine is completely grey It’s a few years old already, but everything’s okay Look at this decoration and… they are so cute I also have a couple of them Let me put all this right here To avoid a mistake Look, it’s with dogs then the star one and let me show you mine too so I can show you how does it look like on a paper Some of them were defected on their way But it’s not a big problem The stuff is okay actually But I don’t think it would be good for a gift This is the kitten one And another one with hearts and there are some bugs and other little animals something like that I have this one with the leaves So how does it work Let our camera focus Then open it And here are the leaves It looks like this but somethims there are just pieces Maybe I do it incorrectly or something I will try to make it better Okay, it’s almost straight So you have to get used to it too Don’t push so hard And then you will have these funny things it’s perfect to notebook decoration close it This is mine and also some kinds of white-out It looks like a milk It’s heart-shaped Such a funny idea I have a white-put too And here it is like the candy Here is nothing And here is the white-out I’m going to write something Like this Let’s take the white-out I hope you can see it Okay It’s how does it hide notes It’s comfortable to use but you have to do it on a table so the result would be better I like them, they are really comfortable Let’s move to pens These are all of them Some of them repeat each other some of them don’t For examle, these pens with the nice hats you can do it by yourself Firstly you make a hat, then you glue it and here the nice pen with the hat is So cute Looks cozy Okay The next one with a hamster or… I don’t know who is it It has ears and a horn? But it’s still nice It’s just a miracle, but I don’t know what is written here But it looks like a dart Where does it open? It’s not here, I see Here you can change the pen Okay It opens here Who wants to be attacked? When someone asks you a pen in school You can throw it with a ‘Catch it!’ screams I think it’s pretty funny It looks like a bamboo with a bear It looks beautiful Let’s make it in this way so that you could see pens better this is so cute as well Magic powers! Sword-shaped pen It’cool for girls as well as for boys ’cause you can fight during the breaks Such a fun But I don’t think it ‘s comfortable to use such pens are more like an element of the decoration It’s the best to make you happier Here is the peppers for those who love heat It also has a magnet so you can hang it somewhere they will be look beautiful Such a knife with the pen These are with crystals It associates ith the Sailor Moon to me Don’t know why Here is another pen It’s pretty unusual and cute I guess I also guess this video will be pretty long video hope you like watching it For you to not be bored Tell me what pen you like the most Which one do you want to have? Here are the owls But this one has a bruise under her eye Some more pens with animals, but this is pigs It’s not really high quality I guess Let’s wait for focusing But they are cute anyway and they have different faces It’s cool You can take it off here You can put it on another pen I like them so much too It has multi colors so they slowly change Let me take my notes Now it’s blue then it will be an other color So nice Rainbow pens Flower pens You can put it on your table like a grown flower So beautiful Flowers are defected a little bit too So nice And these are keys from your heart and here is a little hole So you can hang it or to wear it and then write with it Look at these pretty cats they even have tails it’s so awesome A pen They have different faces too Ta-dam! Guns, revolvers but it’s still pen You can open and use it So cool But i guess it’s more for fun Another gun And another pen, they write well, by the way and another one and they have magnets too Yes You can hang it somewhere to pin it somewhere You can’t live without a carrot-pen I have it too You have probably seen it in a video It’s cacti-pen, I adore cacti I think they are awesome Another one And it’s defended here It’s a regular cap, you can take it off Really nice Cactus-fans, sen a cactus smile If it exists, if it doesn’t, it’s sad Some more cacti It’s keychains Do you see its package? There is ‘thank you’ is written on the other side So cute, let me show you They look like this I admire keychains, but I have fluffy ones But you can take some kind of this And hang it on a bag Bag owners do you love keychains? if you do, what kind do you like? Usually I have something like this Little fluffies with cat or rabbit ears or without them I’ve ordered a few Yeah I’ve taken different colors kids can choose what they like There’s red one right there Animal-pens A seal You won’t focus, camera? The seal, a mouse, panda and a pig I guess the seal is the cutest It has its own shape But these are with ears And here is defense too It’s just Let’s try Mister Pig It writes perfect Some ordinary pens and a lost bear They are simple but still cute They are really cheap on the Aliexpress It’s wonderful So Another panda It has problem with an eye and an ear too But it’s still cute The other By the way, it moves I’s glue problem I guess Look how cute they are It’s a dragon It’s a miracle, he’s so nice Want to tap on his belly And a beautiful flamingo And this I just want to take this keychain off and hang it on my bag and I can do it, so it’s comfortable You can replace it if it’s annoying Look at this cat such a cute cat Wonderful cat Here is the defense but it’s really cute I admire everything cute It’s like a plum, but not the plum Just a pen but still beautiful Watermelons-watermelons Oh Have to be careful Like this It reminds me a termometer for some reason It’s one of the most exciting pens The fish Who has created this? Even the cap is tail-shaped this cap it’s tail-shaped Awesome Here are the the weapons and here is the pen Cool If I had this in my childhood I would be crazy about them One can fight for it Because… And the two long swords It doesn’t want to come out You can change the pen there and here… Oh, it’s definitely hard to write with Look at this So-so But writes well Although it’s uncomfortable to use But it’s the sword And here are two hols The other is the same but black Scooter-pen and the wheels move And here is a pen somewhere How should I get the pen? Look, it’s even… Scooter-pen I don’t know what to say it’s just awesome and funny I guess it’s okay to put it on a table and it will stand there until you need it then you just take and write I love shimmer It’s hypnotizing Wow Wonderful Unfortunately, it doesn’t make liquid sounds But it’s still cool Unicorns! Look how beautiful it is So nice And it’s movable You can always put it back, so comfortable I guess everybody loves this pen in some age, ’cause here are so many colors at once and a unicorn So cute It’s close to the white-outs such a cloud It’s the pen which can stand on the table Tank-pen You can take it A miracle But it doesn’t move I wish it could But the pen does Great A car-pen With wheels Like this It’s cool too It’s not a pen actually It’s like a pencil, but the set looks cool Such the crayons cool Okay You can take it Chick — and here it is Another beautiful pen It’s just a keychain here hanging on the pen with moon and a star and that’s why it’s not an ordinary pen Another ‘standable’ pen Don’t know what is it A giraffe, yeah? It works thi way but this part is irreplaceable Kittens-kittens-kittens Cats and paws Paws and cats Really cute With defense I’ll remove it so I guess all the pens write pretty well It’s rubbers, I guess but I’m not sure It looks like a rubber Icecream-shaped Some more cats with tails and a little heart Ta-dam! Want a chocolate but it’s a pen But I guess It’s not really comfortable in use But visually it’s cool Here are some more rubbers Don’t know anything about their quality Packages are pretty crinckle Do you think it’s a keychain It’s not It’s anoter pen Yeah, it is Pepsi-pen Okay It’s cool You take the keychain but when you need the pen — voila Sharpener I guess you can remember this owl I ordered it last time It’s really cool I like it Another sharpener Looks like an extinguisher Here you can sharpen your pencil It’s so unusual The extinguisher with the instructions but this is a sharpener Wow Teeth-shaped You can sharpen a pencil Here is the bigger sharpener Package is not so good, but Such keychains with cat paws and bells They are ringing Small pens are finished There will be some sets of them Let’s move to pencilcase If you are still here It sounds so nice Here is the keychain Such a pencilcase I guess I have here more than 100 triggers They are similar but still different It’s a car there’s a locker here There’s space for your stuff It’s so nice that the re’s a sponge to save the case’s ahspe I guess it can be used as a toy not as a case This cat has such a face Who has created this? So sly The fish actually is still fish inside Corn-corn-corn Cactus! Here is the zip An eggplant It’s so nice — the eggplant-shaped case corns, cacti cats, fish — really nice Look how pretty it is And there’s a huge zip Looks cute It’s nice that sponges are inside to save the shape Which one would you prefer? Tell me I would don’t even know Или рыбку, или кактус or the cat or… everything I want everything They all are cool and nice But I would prefer the cactus or the fish Waiting for your answers If you are still watching, of course What is left the notebooks here they are Tuys, art products toys and toys in boxes And that’s all Just a few moments (in an hour) And I will show everything I bought this as a toy It’s a case where you can set the figures you may see or not, but I don’t want to open Afraid to lose any detail There’s grass, rabbits I think you have to set it then glue and then edmire the view Another set is bigger It’s the house I guess so There are a huge amount of details Don’t want to open And some other models I have a model of sphere I have to set it, but it lies for a year already And I can’t shot the video But if you want to see it With a sphere or something else Write in comments and I will shot it So Don’t know if it’s necessary, but I ordered some notebooks for cousins I have the same an art notebook I was going to shot a video with them too, but I didn’t Relax coloring as it called If you want to see this kind of video with this book or another write in comments They lie, and I don’t shot I guess it will be interesteing to ASMR genre Maybe kids would like it too How do you think, what is it? It’s a pretty little notebook I don’t know is it comfortable r not but it’s so cute really cute some more notebooks but I won’t open it I have my own There’s ‘rain’, ‘moon’, ‘snow’ and something else written on them Really cute I think it’s cool for notes some other beauty notebooks 4 items with cacti More cacti You noticed that I’m a big fun of cats, cacti, unicorns I’m just like everything cute Here are some more notebooks They are black I think it’s funny for sny notes But it needs white or silver pen And it will be beautiful Looks great Such a beautiful notebook with a cat he’s cooking a fish or watching it or stealing it Such a cute style It opens here Here is the week planner and they are changing planners, grids, black sheets there’re even dotted sheets You are free to write in it as you want The cover is cool Really cool Such a cool kittens Just a notebooks with lines This sketchbook is closed But it’s pretty with stars I actually love sky and stars I love everything Little envy, ’cause some people easily choose something one I can’t do this I guess there’s a pocket or something And intersting planner Very pretty I think the older girls will like it It’s a diary too Here’s a butty, there’s a head It’s closed Really nice such Here they are sleeping So cute It looks like a book, but it’s a box Here it’s a book Here’s a key and locker I guess there’s a sketchbook inside Or some other cute stuff Looks beautiful And there’s my favorite lights I loved them even before the Rapunzel cartoon But after it I’ve crushed in lights Once I’ve been on holidays when the lights were in the sky I’ve lightened it too And I really want to visit the place where they are in the sky in a huge amount China? Don’t remember, write, if you know Want to feel this atmosphere Thousands of lightsМного-много бумажных фонариков They are so beautiful Maybe it’s not so good that they are falling on cars or somewhere else But it’s beautiful id you don’t think about it Another notebook All the norebooks are alright but it’s defected a little bit Here is the defect But I don’t know the reason of this Light is blinding a bit But looks pretty It’s a year planner It has a nice color But it’s defected a little You can never guess Talking about the Aliexpress You can never guess will your parcel be alright or not Often it’s okay But sometimes bad things happens These are small notebooks with lines It looks great So beautiful sky and lights there are trees and lights on this side Picturesque Another one sketchbook It has rings so you can change sheets inside It’s comfortable to use with flowers Really nice I guess this yellow one is the last It has rings too There are some pockets Do you see it? There are paper and decoration as well It’s stickers, fish, pins, unicorns and so on You can use it make a chain or decorate in other way I guess it’s funny for adults as well as for kids But I think this phrase about kids and adults is not the best Every person can enjoy this it makes you happier if it really does, it’s cool But if it doesn’t, then find your inspiration So What’s next? This is Mr Giraffe He can be sticked to somewhere This is Mr Cat He has a bell He is so cool So fluffy and big Really wonderful And this is a spider from the Aliexpress Those, who follows me in the Instagram, know how does it move He really crawls over the walls But not so perfect His butt is heavy And if you make him to move forward it falls because of the heavy butt But it still crawls over the walls He works like a vacuum cleaner that’s why he doesn’t fall from the walls and he’s really loud It perfectly runs on the floor Cats are scared of him so much приI had to calm them down after that But the spider is cool It was even delivered in a normal package Don’t look at this box It’s terryfying Don’t know what do they do with it I’m scared to open it ’cause I don’t know how to act Here is an awesome robot You can rule it with a joystick It can follow you and dance do something else It should be really cool bot the box makes me doubt Do’;t know how to act Want to make a present to brothers or sisters but if the box is defected it’s awkward to make such a present So I’m thinking And if it’s a birthday, it’s especially awkwarding It’s just a box, but on the other hand… You’ve come with the defected box It’s not a tragedy, I wouldn’t be even upset about this I don’t care about it Don’t know But giving a present by myself So,here here are theart products Here is a car which turns into a robot It’s lightning up as well And here is a styrofoam airplane It has LED I think Let’s take it Funny toy Talking about cars This is another one It’s awesome I guess It has big wheels And moves really well I’ve checked it already It is more solid, everything works, everything is fine And it comes with a remote control Hope they will like it sisters as well as brothers Do you have cousins? I don’t have brothers or sister But I have cousins Mister Shark And it’snot from the IKEA, but from the Aliexpress And I think it’s not worse than from the IKEA Such a handsom Mister Shark Original one probably has other color I don’t know about the rest I saw it in the shop But didn’t touch it so much I really like Mr Shark Do you know how difficult to give it to someone when you keen on such stuff It’s really hard This is Mr Pig Toys from Aliexpress are really beautiful And if you think about quality and prica comparison No matter that prices are growin on the Aliexpress it’s still cheaper than in other shops It depends on exact product though some of them are not cheaper Everybody fallen in love with this guy on the Instagram stream Somebody asked me to keep him home And I really want to do it, but I would better buy another one He’s so beautiful So cute Do you know you’re wonderful? Mr Octopus So cute TentaclesI will show you stickers Наклейки я вам просто покажу without any comments ’cause every of them is exciting Here are another stickers It’s cute animal Plants, animals Pigs Dolphins Kittens, phrases, food More cats More plants More hamsters Plants, unicorns and so on Stickers are awesome Everyone excites me If you want, I will show you me stickers collection It’s mine exactly It’s even getting bigger I can sort it and show you If you want to see it, write in comments Write everything Если вы, конечно, еще смотрите это If you are still watching, of course I’ve also ordered this from the Aliexpress Pastel set Don’t know how good are they But the box is nice 48colors Looks beautiful Another set Мне очень понравилась мягкая I’m fond of this soft package When you open it You see this metal box It is beautiful as well Here is the paper And there’s even a brush Colors itselves I would order such thing for video shoting it could be realy aesthetical and thematical But I can’t judge the quality But visually you can rate it yourself And this is a huge pencil case this is how does it look like My cat is waking up Foxy is sleeping but Kenya is awake now I’m recording viedo for too long time Here is some more art products It looks really cute Another art set Everything is so pretty It’s probably paints and this is how do they move Here is colors are illustrated This is a tablet and a case for it But you have to take it from box to put in case Case sound well by the way It reminds me the snow’s crinckling sounds Flying airplane don’t know is it cool or not It is how does it look, here are some ribbons And the airplane is made of styrofoam I guess but painted Here are some cogs and the instruction Such a big There are a few sets and one is mine other 4 will be gifts It’s the sea theme Leaves Flowers More flowers And moon one is mine I haven’t open it yet Such a pretty sheet Wow This is a bookmark cute stickers Look how beautiful they are Cats in space another bookmarks Lots of stickers, it’s so cool Wow There are some other stuff in other sets Bookmark-ruler Bookmark with cats Кажется, это моя новая любимая I guess it will be my favorite More stickers Here is Some kinds ogf pins And here is decorating tapes Hereare a few notebooks Kenya, please don’t pack yourself into box She tries to pack herself into a box How does it open It is on an elastic But I can remove it here and get three beautiful notebooks With a girl With the stars and snowflakes And this one Cool with grid They are completely different The first is empty The second is a planner Here are the week days I hope you can see the upside The red days is the weekend And the third one There are another option It’s separated on the 6 sections and it has grid Cool You can remove all of this and get three notebooks Or you can keep it together It’s made perfectly But these sets have one disadvantage Do you see? Boxes are defected Angles are crashed Not so aesthetical But the inside content Cats I adore all the cute stuff I have also ordered three bags for girls and one for myself too This color is mine Here is the pocket It is helpful when you don’t want to take a big bag but you have to take passport and phone This is it and a little bag inside Another set of markers The pen set number one with 100 colors And the second set with 120 colors There are not only one sister but more To avoid arguing between them there are two big sets and they are looks good awesome Another two sets of markers Such kind of markers It can be a highlighter for texts And they also can draw with them There are different colors According to numbers And there’s a pencil set With 150 colors But it’s closed And I don’t want to open to save the box’s beauty It’s alright Hope pencils are too There sre some cute paper cases And some more a few items Different stickers This is with flowers Check-lists week planner The other stuff These moon ones are especially nice My cat is drinking water Can you hear it? These are even more cute stickers These are beautiful Some more Pins They have different shape One fell Like this Very cute Additional color pens Another pen set Elastics sound nice There are some more Rims And that is all, I guess In fact not really, ’cause I got not all the orders which I have bought as a gift Not everything is delivered I’va been asked about time of dekivery on Aliexpress Parcel can be sent and delivered in a week or two — it’s the most fast option Once it was delivered in 4 days But it takes 1-2 weeks more often 3-4 weeks approximately Month or two Sometimes items can be lost And you have to wait until 3 months It’s more connected with small itemswhich cost 10-30 rubles Big items are being delivered better and faster But not always In sum, I’m just fan of Aliexpress I admire all of this And I hope my cousins will like it too but we don’t keep in touch so I don’t know their preferences That’s why here are so many different things Maybe somebody will like something Would you like to get something like that? or not? I will check your comments What bagd, pens, cases and so on have you chosen What did you like the most I hope this video was pleasing for you cute and exciting as well Hope you watched it ‘Cause now I can see the time of recorfdng… it will be smaller after the editing, of course I will delete moments with opening and so on But anyway The video is really long So if you are here right now Send a heart in comments So I will know you’ve watched it completely But send it only if you have really watched it, without scrolling and listening to me only at this moment I hope you the beautiful mood and all the best wishes Hope your life is full of cute stuff All of these pens, notebooks and so on make us happier and it’s so good I’m talking to camera so long that I can’t stop and I don’t want to stop Okay Thank you so much for watching, see you very soon in the next videos Please click on the finger up and don’t forget to subscribe if you still haven’t to turn on the bell and check it work don’t forget about my social networks Thank you for watching I’m going to clean and pack everything Hope they will like it

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