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Арсений Триноженко – ответы на актуальные вопросы

Арсений Триноженко – ответы на актуальные вопросы

Arsenij Trinozhenko
Discussing topical issues Hello Pro100 is moving to Kharkov.
How will it affect their results? I think Danya made a right decision.
But there is one question How much do ping and Internet here
differs from European ones Previously Kyiv or Lviv was
a more preferable place for a boot camp But on the other hand Danya lives in Kharkov
so he can see the team more often It will reduce discipline problems.
They are the main trouble for many teams The team which sorts out this problem
makes fast progress and achieves great results Pro100’s roster is not bad nowadays.
They got to the final of CIS League It’s a good result. Surprisingly Avangar left
the tournament so they won’t play with them They lost to Gambit Youngsters So Pro100 have all chances to win
the League and be at the top But still it’s not a place to stop.
The main target is Minor I wish the guys good luck. They worked hard,
they know their weaknesses and strength but they need to move on Why Pro100 hasn’t shown
good results for so long? As I’ve already said
the main problem is discipline As pro100’s ex-coach
I disagreed about many things Frankly speaking, coaching should be
the priority for any future coach Coaching wasn’t a number 1 job for me
because of my media personality commenting, streaming, blogging So I had decided not to pay too much
attention to it and I was wrong because you can’t show good results with
such attitude and I had to leave my place Now the guys have a strong coach
pipson, he worked in winstrike I know him personally,
I interviewed him at Minor 2 years ago He knows what he’s talking about
and what he’s doing So he may be enough for them. But it all
depends on players and their relationship I hope flipside’s ex-players will help a lot
as they have great experience and young players like yekindar will learn
something new and improve his performance Will the team adapt to a new place
to continue the progress? Boot camps are always needed But you should understand that
any bootcamp is good just at the beginning Then the team gets tired of each other,
guys want to go home It’s easier to play at home,
you have your family and friends near you with whom you can spend time together It all depends on
whether they want to rise to heights or not whether they want to get to Major or not
and what they’re ready to sacrifice for it As I’ve said it’s good to have a boot camp
in Kharkov as there’s Zeus who can always come
and teach them something Moreover as we all know he thinks of
ending his player’s career So he’ll have more free time
which he might spend with pro100 and maybe with him
the team will play much better All in all, boot camp is not
but it’s not a key to every problem We have a lot of examples when teams had
big salaries, boot camps, they could travel But guys just lost everything easily For example hobbit in his hltv interview…
I didn’t read it all, I saw a headline He said ‘You start to understand
what you’ve lost only after losing it’ It’s not something new,
he just confirmed real life truth But I’m happy that hobbit understood it
and he has a chance to change everything How do you like pro100’s new roster? It’s not bad. I would call it
a symbiosis of experience and youth in cs They have flipside’s players – waylander and worldedit But I don’t know
how much they are motivated When you played in Flipside, at Major
and even got Legend status pro100 is regress for their career because pro100 are quite low in the rates It all depends on whether they
playing in tier 3 team with a salary lower than flipside’s one can start performing well In theory it looks nice.
They have experience They have Yekindar with unreal aim As far as I know recently he got into FPL They have a good shooter Flarich,
a newcomer Nickelback and a new coach Still there are many details
in team play when people just don’t use
the chances they’re given So if they’re unmotivated
and they play just for money thinking of pro100 as a temporary place
and hoping to be noticed by another team thinking what will, be will be If the approach is like that
they won’t succeed All in all the roster is good,
they even have first microscopic results How to boost pro100’s motivation? It’s hard for me to say it
as I had this opportunity and I didn’t do it due to some reasons.
Maybe it’s due to my leniency I tried to treat people like people
but in a CIS team only stick and carrot policy
or totalitarian regime works When there is one despot
controlling everyone, screaming at one and giving candies to another
to make him kinder I keep repeating it –
discipline is the root of all evils in cs Players should understand who they are,
why they are here and what they’re looking for I wish pipson good luck because he’ll
definitely face the same problems I faced but maybe he’ll be able to solve them
and they’ll succeed Few words about Zeus’s book I often recommend this book at my streams,
I’m one of the first readers Zeus’s book is the first
and the only book of the kind apart from fnatic’s player on Lol
who wrote something, too so why not buy it? He combined all his life,
all his thoughts into 250-300 pages and told us behind the scene details
which we couldn’t even imagine Thanks to this book you can understand
how the team works how people communicate,
who gives himself airs and so on If we had 10 books like this
it’d be more difficult for me to say what’s so good in this book
and why you should buy it As his book is unique, you should buy it,
especially if you’re from CIS because he’s one of us, a simple guy
who’ve been in cs for 20 years and he described all his life in this book I don’t see why you shouldn’t buy it.
Well, it costs a lot if we compare it with other fictions but it’s the same as going to the cinema
twice and eating one big mac You can save some money to buy it
and put it on a shelf and then admire it for the rest of your life Yes, there is a lot of advice but I’d pay
more attention to things happening in teams It’s easier for you
when somebody went this route before For example, now for new players it’s easier
than for those who started with me We played and we didn’t know if the tactics
work or not, where to aim and so on I often tell this story. It was one
of my first times in the computer club There was a team and they were the first
who knew that you should aim at head Know it’s out of question,
you should aim at head in any game Back then it wasn’t obvious.
It was one of the first games with hit boxes There was head, legs and body. For example,
it doesn’t matter where you shoot in quake Just spray and that’s it.
The same was in other games Those guys knew.
It’s just the most basic example Those details make gamer’s path People passed through a certain period
and we know how certain things should be done So you just read this book…
it takes about 2 days to read it and you learn in 2 days what
took other people a lot of years to learn You buy all this knowledge for $10 or 15 What do NaVi lack today? Now they lack skill, motivation
and eagerness All those problems I mentioned for pro100
must be in NaVi, too I’d advise all 5 of them before Major
to think of the reason why they’re playing Forget about the financial question
and dedicate their life to this championship and try, yet again, to win it Time is running out…
I’m afraid that… it wouldn’t be easy for them
without Zeus if he finishes his career They’ll need a new player. I don’t know
if Boombl4 will handle the situation His performance is questionable
as we saw just one tournament with him It’ll be hard but I think now
NaVi have all chances to win Major Then it will become more difficult for them
because the competition is high If we speak about Liquid
and their players’ individual level it’s much higher. Yes, NaVi have s1mple
who can be compared with elige or twistzz but other players’ skill level is lower Anyway NaVi had good chances to win last
matches against Liquid but for some moments What was your reaction for NaVi’s roster change? Changes are needed in every team I was surprised it’s Boombl4. Yes,
he’s popular and profitable for organization but his individual skill… I don’t know how much Boombl4 better or worse Jame from Avangar,
for example Yes, they needed a certain role,
not a sniper, for example But they could change their game.
Jame would be awper and s1mple second awper a very strong second awper Of course it’s just mentioned him offhand Or even Yekindar
if we speak about young players As I understand they chose Boombl4
because he can be an igl in the future I don’t know if he can be good at it.
Sure, he’ll try to learn zeus’s experience some features, capacities and style but… I said NaVi have all chances because
now they have a full complete roster After Zeus leaves the team they’ll have to
find a new one, adapt again And now players have motivation
and then they may lose it and so on The team constantly faces difficulties.
Speaking about Edward, I said it in my vlogs they could remove Flamie but they decided
Edward doesn’t deserve to be in the team bit if we look at the recent stats then… The team knows better. Maybe someone
behaves wrong and strayed from the team Maybe at some point Edward strayed from NaVi
so the players decided to replace him So in my opinion Boombl4 is a rather good replacement but is it the most right? Is he the one to be chosen from
this wide variety of players we have now It’s all in question Don’t forget to subscribe!

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