Yuma 4X4 Videos 

A FJ40 rolled down a hill with a woman and 2 dogs in it.
This is a video Don Gilmore put together from one of our runs over Woodcutter's pass, Kit Percifield took the photos.
This is from our run around Muggins mountain on the pole line road. Video by Kit Percifield
We take a trip to the bottom of the American Girl Mine, then back up.
Toyota and Jeeps playing on a cement spill way. The Toyota stole the show!
This is one of the roughest trails in our area. It is just about 2 miles and takes about 5 hours to complete.
I was taking my 1984 Toyota down a difficult obstacle at Jackson Gulch, and when I nearly flipped, a woman that was photographing me let out a loud scream.
Cherokee XJ nearly rolls over.
This is the same near roll-over, but from another angle. It shows the guy sticking his arm out the window. The Cherokee really took a beating on this trail. The guy almost dropped hit tranny/transfer case on the way home. He's never ran with us again!
This video is of the first King of the Hammers, and it's pretty exciting! Can you smell the octane?