Club Information 

Howdy and welcome to the Yuma 4-Wheelers 4X4 Club (Yuma 4X4)!

History -
Yuma 4X4 is a private 4x4 Club that was founded, in March 2005 with a simple goal in mind - to have fun and to promote safe, responsible 4-wheeling with a group of like-minded 4-wheel drive owners.

Who we are -
Our member base is a random collection of 4X4 owners and enthusiasts of all ages, from all across the U.S.A.

What we do -
We enjoy the simple pleasures of the outdoors, the wildlife and the occasional challenges a trail might bring. Most of the trails we do are rated "MODERATE" and are suitable for stock 4X4's. We strongly believe a little common sense goes a long way out on the trail, but if you have trouble, we will all be there to help. What Yuma 4X4 offers it's members is a good time and a lot of rides. We will generally have at least two (2) events a month.

There's some debate about what 4-wheeling really is. My favorite definition is, "4-wheeling is the practice of creeping about on abandoned roads that are in the process of returning to nature." - John Stewart SEMA (Read more on this article at

Just so you know -
Yuma 4X4 is NOT an "extreme" off-roading club. Most of us drive stock to slightly modified 4-wheel drives and we use the same rigs to get us back and forth to work. We DON'T go looking for that all but impossible trail to conquer. We respect our 4X4's and we have fun. We DON'T want show-offs, or anyone showing us how far they can go up that hill to "no-where". If this makes you feel uncomfortable, or driving a highly modified trail rig makes you feel superior, then you will need to find another group to run with.

Participate at your own risk!
Driving off road is dangerous and there is some inherent risks, including bodily injuries, death and damage to vehicles. Drivers assume responsibility for themselves, their passengers, pets and vehicles. In simple terms: If your friend gets drunk and causes trouble, YOU will be responsible. If your child throws rocks and causes damage, or bodily injury, YOU will be responsible. If your dog bites someone, YOU will be responsible. If you are involved in a vehicle-on-vehicle accident the person who is at fault will be responsible.

IN ADDITION, officers, directors, promoters, sponsors, members, and agents are not responsible for any of the views or advice given on the Yuma 4X4 Forum. If someone tells you to weld on your gas tank, and it blows up on you, that's your own fault. Use your head.

Join us?

  • NO membersihip fees, or annual dues!
  • NO club politics!
  • NO meetings!

Member & Vehicle Requirements

To join us, all you need:

  1. To register on the forum. You will need a computer and have a valid email address (We do all of our communicating through the Yuma 4X4 Forum).
  2. To be a licensed driver, 18 years old, or older.
  3. To own a 4X4 that is in good mechanical condition, (tires must be in good condition) and licensed for highway driving under Arizona laws and regulations.
  4. Seatbelts for all passengers.
  5. Spare tire (full sized is recommended).
  6. Properly secured battery (no bungees, baling wire, rope, ect.) Loose batteries and bumpy roads leads to vehicle fires!